Fairs & Festivals in India

  • In INDIA there is a festival for every reason and for every season. Many festivities celebrate the various harvests, or simply the bounty of the earth and the life-giving properties of sacred rivers. Others commemorate great historical figure and events, or even virtually unknown teachers and priests, while a vast number express devotion to the deities of myriad religions, including Hinduism, Jainism and Christianity. But whatever the content of the festival, or 'Ustav', it is certainly a very significant part of Indian life.

    January     February  
    1st Jan.2003 New Year's Day   13th Feb.2002 Ash Wednesday
    13th Jan.2003 Bhogi (S.India)   6th Feb.2003 Basant Panchmi / Sri Panchmi
    14th Jan.2003 Mahagi, Makara Sankranti,  Pongal (S.India)   19th Feb 2003 Shivaji Jayanti
    15th Jan.2003 Mattu Pongal (S.India)   12rd Feb.2003 Idu'z Zuha (Bakrid)
    9th Jan.2003 Guru Govind Singh Birthday   16th Feb.2003 Guru Ravidas Birthday
    23rd Jan.2003 Netaji's Birthday      
    26th Jan.2003 Republic Day      
    March     April  
    1st Mar.2003 Maha Shivratri   2nd Apr.2003 Gudi Padwa
    18th Mar.2003 Holi   2nd Apr.2003 Chaitra Sukladi (Gudi, Padava, Ugadi, Cheti, Chand)
    21st Mar.2003 Jamshedi Naoroj (Parsi)   14th Apr.2003 Vaisaki (Punjab, Haryana, HP, Delhi & Orissa)
    14th Mar.2003 Muharram   14th Apr.2003 Tamil New Year's Day
    17th Mar.2003 Holika Dahan   14th Apr.2003 Dr. B.R.Ambedkar's Birthday
    17th Mar.2003 Dola Yatra (Observed in W. Bengal)   15th Apr.2003 Vishu(Kerala)
    18th Mar.2003 Holi, Good Friday   15th Apr.2003 Vaisakhadi (W.Bengal) Bahag Bihu
          5th Apr.2003 Gangaur (Gouri Trithiya)
          11st Apr.2003 Ramnavami
          15th Apr.2003 Mahavir Jayanti
    May     June  
    12th May.2003 Meenakshi Kalyanam   14th Jun.2003 Vata Purnima
    15th May.2003 Milad - Un - Nabi or Id - E - Milad      
    9th May.2003 Birthday of Rabindra Nath      
    16th May.2003 Budh Purnima      
    July     August  
    18th Jul.2003 Nag Panchmi   1th Aug.2003 Teej (Madusrava Trithiya)
          15th Aug.2003 Independence Day
          12nd Aug.2003 Raksha Bandhan
          20th Aug.2003 Shri Krishna Jayanti / Janmashtami
    31st Aug.2003 Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayak Chaturthi
    September     October  
    01st Sep.2003 Rishi Panchami   2nd Oct.2003 Mahatama Gandhi's Birthday
    7th Sep.2002 Vaman Jayanti   5th Oct. 2003 Dussera (Dasahara)
    9th Sep.2003 Anant Chaturdashi   9th Oct.2003 Sharad Purnima
          13th Oct.2003 Karva Chauth
          25th Oct.2003 Diwali
    November     December  
    5th Nov.2003 Pushkar Fair   24th Dec.2003 Christmas Eve
    8th Nov.2003 Guru Nanak's Birthday   25th Dec.2003 Christmas Day
    17th Nov.2003 Bhairav Jayanti      
    26th Nov.2003 Idu'L-Fitr