5 memorable experiences on your South India Trip

With a raging pandemic and a series of lockdowns, monotony and stress have become synonymous with living. To break this box of work-from-home tensity and explore your body, soul, and mind, what would be a better way than a peaceful stay in the ever so inviting and levitating landscapes of South India.

From hill stations like Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu with cloud-capped mountains and retreating valleys to Paradise Beach, Karnataka with exotic palm trees and waves crashing to the majestic Jog Falls, South India embraces the best of nature. Apart from this, if your soul longs for some divine peace, you have a diversity of old, carved, ecclesiastic temples, one of them being the Mahabaleshwar temple in Karnataka.

Come with me as I take you on a journey through the southern body of the peninsula, relishing the wind, water, land, food, culture, and people. We will greet giant waterfalls, sleep in the most alluring valleys, and have food that hugs us with warmth. Words will never be able to do justice to the emotion, so while I talk about the memorable experiences you need to set out for in South India, remember, it would be an even relaxing affair once you transit to the actual soil of South India.

  • Scenic Heritage

Culture and Diversity blow in the winds of South India. The enormous and well-carved temples of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu are a pleasure to the viewers’ eyes. The grand Mysore Palace and temples of Mysore with the legacy of Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore spread all over the place. The best time to visit this place is during September and October, when the people celebrate the festival of Dussehra, and the palace is beautifully illuminated in sparkly lights. Another such heritage that South India boasts of is the Chola Temples in Tamil Nadu, built in the 11th and 12th centuries; it is a pride of the Tamilians even today. The South India Heritage Tour Package fits in as the most adequate when it comes to planning your excavation and quest of history. It takes you through the most astounding places that take you for a ride in the past. Including Monuments of Hampi and the old dating city of Pattadakal, one might customize it to one’s flavours.

  • Dwelling in wooden abodes in Kerala’s backwaters

The “Backwaters” are tantalizing palm-lined freshwater lakes and lagoons in Kerala, previously used for transporting Kerala’s richness of spices and rice and are a major tourist attraction today. Traditional boats called kettuvallam, made from wood ropes made out of cotton fibre, are now used for houseboat tours.

As the boat embarks on a journey, it takes you into a surreal place with warm homes, flourishing fields of paddy, old churches, and wildlife. Words can’t describe the peace in the sunset one views during the stay and the oh-so-tempting, home-like palatable food. And while this is a walk into the past, the houseboats are quite comfortable with large rooms, modern amenities, and ensuite bathrooms. We suggest a Kerala Backwater Houseboat Tour as a don’t-let-go experience.

  • The Sand, the water, and you

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Let your mind drift and go on a date with the Sun as it lights your body with orange and red rays, and you smile, showing your gratification, the soft breeze waves your hair over your cheek, and the Indian waters gently wash your feet, welcoming you to their humble abode. This is what the beaches lining the shoreline of South India present to you, love, warmth, affection, and belonging. The Marari Beach and the beaches of Gokaran take you closer to nature. Sit by the beach, relish exotic coconut water, talk to the Sun and get a bit closer to yourself. If you are up for some more fun, enthusiastic beaches of Goa are inviting you for a stay in beautiful waterfront houses and enjoy some rich Goan fish curry or have rager on the beach with your friends and treat your youth.

  • Discover Scrumptious flavours unknown to you

While eating local cuisine is an automatic addition to your bucket list while setting out on an adventure, Indian food will be more than an experience. It is a memory that you will carry, well placed in your heart, on your way back home. Let your South India Trip flow through the city culture and exotic food. An extensive food trip in Chennai is a must. Chennai’s culinary map is an eclectic mix of the old and new, from the alleys of Mylapore, where eateries like Mami Mess churn out the best filter coffee and afternoon snacks (aka Tiffin) to iconic Andhra-style restaurants like National Lodge in the old ‘George Town’ area. Don’t miss the street food carts along its beaches, where you may crunch on fresh seafood. Pack some goodness of spices from the Western Ghats and the Malabar Coast to cherish this stay back home too.

  • Befriend the diverse wildlife

South India’s dense forest covers make it home to diversified fauna.

Wanna see a herd of joyful elephants enjoying themselves in the water they spurt from their trunk? South India awaits you with a wealth of wildlife sanctuaries inhabiting species of all forms, ranging from jolly elephants to colourful birds and peacocks to the ferocious Kerala Tigers. A few famous ones being the 

  1. Bandipur National Park, home to nearly 500 mammals and bird species, jungle fowl, and green pigeons.
  2. Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, boasting of preserving several endangered species of tigers and elephants.
  3. B.R. Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, abode to gaurs, sambhar, leopards, wild dogs, and chital.

Besides these, you might want to enjoy Campaigning at Coorg, Tadiandamol Trek, Banana Boat Ride at Gokaran, Yacht sailing at Kavaratti, and every possible adventure on South India’s Landscape. With this, let us bring our wandering minds back to this place, but we do this only to pack bags and get the next flight on our way to the delightful culture, people, mountains, beaches, wildlife, and all that South India furnishes. South India awaits You.

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