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India is a country where a person can find each and every aspect of his/her life. In other words, on one side it opens the gate of spirituality for you where you can find the peace and positivity in your life. On the other side, it amazes us by offering us a lot of adventurous activities.

Here in this blog, let’s find out some breathtaking activities which you will love to do while travelling in India.


If we are talking about Rafting, the first place that comes to my mind is Rishikesh. This beautiful city is in the state named Uttarakhand where the holy river Ganga is spreading the beauty at its fullest. On one side, this river is famous amongst the people of India for its stories of spirituality, On other side, this river is famous for an adventure sport named River Rafting.

There are around 13 river rapids in Rishikesh which starts from 9 km to 36 km. You can enjoy this adventurous sport throughout the year except in the Monsoon as the river flows faster at this time. I explored this sport in the month of September and it was full of adventure. I had so much adrenaline in me that while doing white water river rafting that I can not express in words.  I went there to camp for the long weekend with a couple of my friends and camping near the river bedside in Rishikesh is still one of my favourite university memories. 

Note: Monsoon season starts from July to September every year in Rishikesh. Also please be informed that August is the month in which Rainfall is at its maximum point in this city.


If you love to fly or are affectionate towards speed, then my friend India introduces you to an adventurous sport which offers you both.

Parasailing is an adventurous sport in which you are hanged and attached with a parachute and there will be a boat which is also attached with you. As the boat starts moving, you will float in the midair and will experience a different kind of experience of your life.

According to me, if you want to enjoy this sport, then I must recommend you to experience this activity in the city named Goa. This city is famous for its nightlife and happening beaches but also famous for its adventurous sports. Witnessing the beautiful view of Arabian Sea and the beaches of Goa while hanging in the midair is a worthwhile experience. I still have to overcome my fear of height and try this sport out for myself. 

Scuba Diving:

This sport is unfamiliar to many people but this activity is a fast growing activity in India. Scuba Diving is a tranquil adventure sport. In this sport, you spend some quiet time underwater where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and marine life. While doing this activity, you also see some species of fishes which we have never seen in our life.

You can enjoy this activity in Goa, Pondicherry and Andaman Islands. In my opinion, you should try this activity at Andaman Islands as it is the best destination which offers the scuba diving experience. My love for water can not be expressed in words. Growing up close to the beach, I have learnt and tried every water sport possible. In my view the water of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are great for beginner surfers. If one wants to witness aquatic life without venturing out too deep in the waters, these islands are the perfect place. I enjoyed every bit of my stay in these islands while exploring every tiny corner of the sea as well as its beaches. 


Skydiving is a prominent adventure sport amongst the people who love adventure sports. This sport does not require any introduction. In this sport, you will be falling from thousands of feet in the sky and will be able to land by the help of a parachute.

You can enjoy this adventurous sport in Aamby Valley, Maharashtra as it is considered to be the best spot to experience this activity. You can also enjoy this activity in the following cities: Mysore city in the state named Karnataka; Dhana (town in Madhya Pradesh); Deesa city in the state named Gujarat. One day when I’ll overcome my fear of heights, I will try this sport. I have seen videos and photos of my friends and the aerial view of these cities looks breathtaking. 


Skiing is a sport in which a person sliding down a snow covered hill with the help of skis.

The best time to enjoy this sport is the winter time. There are so many cities in India who cover themselves under a heavy blanket of snow. Best spot to enjoy this beautiful activity is Auli (A hill Station in Uttarakhand).

Cities like Jammu and Kashmir, Manali, Kufri also offer this adventurous sport.


Caving is an adventurous sport to those people who want to explore the unexplored places. India is a place where there are so many Caves. Also so many caves who are undiscovered. Reaching to the bottom of the cave is a different kind of experience.

This adventurous sport is handled by certified professionals which makes this sport completely safe. In my opinion, Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharashtra; Aurangabad Caves in Aurangabad are some best spots to experience this adventure sport. The thrill and the excitement that one gets while being underground, surrounded by nothing but a cave is an experience worth taking to your grave. 


There are so many Paragliding sessions which are held in many states of India which makes this sport safer and enjoyable. You can now overthrow your fear of heights by enjoying this adventurous sport. If you love to fly, then this sport is a good sport for you as you will be able to fly with all the safety measures.

Bir Billing is a village in Himachal Pradesh in northern India where you can enjoy this activity in India. In Bir Billing, you can enjoy short, medium and long flights to enjoy this adventure sport.

Rock Climbing:

It is one of my favourite adventure sports in India as it helps me to stay fit when I get bored of my daily routine of gym. India offers you a huge variety of landscapes where you can enjoy this adventure sport. In this sport, you need to climb some big imposing rocks. If you want you can be connected with a rope for the safety measures.

If you are willing to enjoy this sport, then Himachal Pradesh or Sikkim are some best places. Here you need to mount some imposing rocks. Also try this sport at Mahabaleshwar (town in Maharashtra). My anytime time drop in is the artificial rock climbing wall as i live in the plains but it helps me to keep myself fit and ready for as and when i get a chance to try my skills on a rock wall. My personal favourite rock climbing destination is Himachal pradesh as that is close to my city ( Delhi). I can always go away for the weekend to test my strength and enthusiasm. 

So here in this blog, I tried to provide you some information about the adventure sports in India. The list of adventure sports in India contains a lot of activities but these are some of them. Some of them have checked on my bucket list but still some are yet to be covered.

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