How to travel in India with a low budget?

When someone asks us: Why don’t we travel often? Most of the time we have the same answer that we don’t have a lot of money or enough money to enjoy a relaxing and satisfied vacation and I think the majority of the people think in the same manner. Well now this excuse will not be a part of your life after reading this blog. Here I want to share my experience regarding how you can travel in India with a low budget and can witness the glory of this alluring country and can also enjoy plenty of activities.

Well I believe that there are many ways to save your money and spend it on some treasured experiences.

1. Travel during off- season: India is a country of five seasons: Summer, Spring, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter. Most of the travelers prefer to travel to India during winter season (October to March) as it is pleasant weather from the traveler point of view. Because of the high demand, the cost of all the stuff related to your travel, is comparatively high during these months.

So I would like to suggest you to travel to India during off season (April to   September) as it is a period of less demand due to which the cost of all the stuff (hotels, transportation, other activities) are low. Besides this, you can find cheaper fares of flights (especially of Internal flights.) Also you can enjoy the monuments or other places without any distraction from other people as at this time period (April to September), there are less number of people.

2. The North part is cheaper than the South Part: Yes, it is true. India’s north part is cheaper than its south part. So if you want to make a budgeted plan to travel to India, then North India is standing in front of the queue with his open arms. The most famous sector of North India is Rajasthan. This sector is mostly famous for its tradition and culture and undoubtedly for its forts and palaces.

There are a lot of activities which will give you a memorable experience for lifetime like Elephant Ride at Amer Fort in Jaipur, Boat ride at Lake Pichola in Udaipur, Camel Ride in Jaisalmer, Camping in the lovely desert of Jaisalmer and Bikaner. You can also have a closer experience of Havelis (mansions).

3. More number of people = Less amount of money: Not only for India but for any part in the world where you want to travel. It is one of the best ways to save your money. Besides you can enjoy a lot of activities with a lesser amount of money if there are more people with you or in your group.

As we all say: Sharing is Caring, this line fits here properly. As you can share your room, your bills or any other expenses with your travel companions. For example, if there is a group of 3 people, then you all can accommodate in a triple room instead of staying in 3 single rooms or in 1 single and 1 double room.

4. Have your meals outside instead of having them at Hotel: Here I am not saying that the hotels serve bad food or the food is not worth eating. My only motive is to save your money here and spend it on some other activity which will give you an unforgettable memory about India. You can enjoy your meals at local restaurants. There are a tremendous number of restaurants which offer you a huge variety of food. Whether you prefer spicy or non-spicy food, all you need to do is order the food and it will be served at your table.  

The best thing about these restaurants is they offer you best quality food at a very reasonable price. Also I would like to give you a personal tip: As you are ordering food at these restaurants or anywhere, prefer to have a buffet instead of Ala carte as Ala Carte is a little bit expensive in terms of money as well as in terms of quantity.

If you are a non-veg lover, then you can read my blog about Old Delhi, where I have mentioned a lot of shops which serve you mouthwatering food (Non – Veg especially).

5. Avail the benefit of discount cards: If you have a student/ teacher or any other discount card, Use that card to redeem your money on flights, on your travel, on your entertainment and on your shopping as well.

6. Use Public Transport: While traveling to India or in any other country, you may find the cost of transport a bit expensive. To lower down this cost, I would like to recommend you to use public transport as it is quite cheaper. Also you can use Uber taxi instead of using private taxis to reach from one place to another.

7. Stay in basic accommodation: We all want to stay at luxurious hotels during our travel period. We all want to avail the extravagant services of these hotels such as big swimming pools, massage and spa. You can stay at a basic 3* hotels. In my opinion, to save your money, it is better to stay at a basic hotel and spend that savings on some thrilling experiences.

8. Take the help of a travel agency: Yes. You read it right! Take the help of a travel agency to book your tour. As we all live in a competitive world, these travel agencies try their best to give better rates to their clients. Also they have some special rates with the hotels, transporters. If you book a hotel and transport on your own, you might need to pay a huge amount of money but if you contact a travel agency, they will help you book these services at a very affordable price.

9. Be malleable with your plans: When you are traveling to India with a budget, you may find that everything may not be in favor or things didn’t happen as we thought. You need to be ready for these kinds of situations as well. You might get stuck in a bad situation or might not get a refund of any kind of services. In these kinds of situations, you must grasp changes and adjust them accordingly.

So here are my tips for you to travel to India with a low budget. Don’t think that money will be a barrier in your way to travel to India. There are a lot of things by which you can make your travel cheaper and convenient as well.

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