Ranthambore – A green luscious paradise

A green luscious paradise amid the dry state of Rajasthan is our very own and beautiful jungle of Ranthambore. It is one of the biggest national parks and was declared a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1957, and in the year 1981 it got the title of ‘National park’. One can plan a trip to visit the park by travelling either through flight, train or road.

In my opinion, the park is a treat to all the wildlife lovers and bird watchers as it is home to a variety of animals, birds and reptiles. It has many water bodies that provide relief during the harsh dry summers of Rajasthan, to its travellers as well as to the host animals. During summers, it becomes easy to spot an animal near the water body. Another hideout area for the animals are the different ruins of the bygone eras which you stumble across every now and then in your journey. These ruins along with a fort and the greenery makes the park as one of the most visited national parks of India. 

Ranthambore National Park is a like a dream place for a wildlife photographer and for a wildlife enthusiast. It provides excellent lodging facilities as well as internal transportation. Every year the park is operational from October till Mid June, the remaining months the park is closed and under no circumstances the authorities permit anyone to step inside the park. 

How to get there ? 

One can fly to Jaipur and from there drive to Ranthambore. The flight to Jaipur will take about an hour from New Delhi, and the drive from Jaipur to the park is about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

You can also choose to reach the park by train , the nearest train station is Savai Madavpur. Different trains connect from the capital, New Delhi to this station and depending on the availability, you can opt for the ones you wish to reserve for your travel.

One can also choose to drive from Delhi (the capital of India). It is about an 8 hour long drive (380 kms approximately).

Is photography permitted in the park? 

Yes photography is permitted in the park but stepping out of the vehicle is not permissible. 

Can one take their personal car to visit the park ? 

No you can not drive around in your personal vehicle around in the park for safety and security reasons. One has to reserve a place in the designated vehicles to visit the park.

Can one see a tiger ? 

Yes , one can spot tigers if you are lucky. In my three visits, I got lucky two times. I had travelled in the month of January for the first two times and the third time in the month of March. I was able to spot tigers at multiple locations. There is no guarantee but the local guides there know the spots and can help you locate them. 

Is there any accommodation in the park ?

Yes there are multiple lodges at the national park. The price can vary a lot as some of them are luxurious five star hotels while others are just budget hotels. 

Is Ranthambore famous for bird watching ? 

Yes indeed it is famous for birds and every year it receives quite a number of bird watchers from across the globe.

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