Shopping for Artefacts on your India Tour: Things you must know

India, a country with numerous nature delights, has amazing artifacts to offer its visitors. Many tourists visit India every year to witness a perfect blend of taste, culture, religion, and climate. There are many unique aspects of this country that attract the tourists as it caters to various fancies to provide them. The shimmering sea views are a true soulful treat to the eyes, soothing sunny tans are a boon to absorb in vitamin D, and the cool breezes are indeed a blissful feeling. Paying a visit to this divine and cultural country is totally a once-in-a-lifetime experience that all of us must consider. 

There are ample activities that you can do in India, from tasting food from different states to enjoying cultural or religious treats. Shopping is also an amazing thing that most tourists love to do on their tour to India. India’s local markets are loaded with handicrafts that are exceptionally mesmerizing that you cannot resist buying them. However, it is important to be in your senses and make the right decision to avoid the ill incidents and carry sour memories along. Here we present a few things that you must know before you begin with the shopping on tour: 

  • Search and Research the element that attracts you

Research is probably the most important part of shopping, no matter what kind of item you are looking to buy. The same applies to the unique artifacts which are found exclusively in India. You must consider knowing the facts about them from various sources. You can search on the web, as there is a lot of content available on the internet irrespective of its product. You can even think of asking your friend who stays in India or to the one who has just been to this country. It is important to research the texture of the handicraft you wish to buy, as the same one would be available in different textures. Also, the same item you would find in different colors too; thus, you must do the proper research beforehand if you wish to buy the authentic one. 

  • Do you have appropriate space in your house to fix that handicraft? 

Imagine, you buy some expensive artifact from India that is bulky, larger in size, which gives you a bit of trouble to carry in flight along and all over your destination. What if you realize that you do not have enough space in your living room to display it? Then it would make no sense to buy it. Also, you liked some handicrafts from the Indian market, and it was so tempting that you could not do anything else but buy it. When you reach home, your wife tells you that there is no sufficient place to keep it. Thus, you must look or think of your house area and its structure once you buy any handicraft. One condition can also be that if you have small kids in your house, you must avoid buying delicate handicrafts. Further, along with considering your house, you must also consider how you would carry it and reach there. Will the handicraft remain intact and damage-free during the travel? As in such questions to yourself would prevent you from spending on things you do not require. 

  • Does the price of the artifact fit in your budget? 

Though some of the artifacts might look incredibly simple and sober when it comes to talking about their crafting, they are made with extreme care and the artisan who made them hold the expertise for several years. This is why even the simple appearing handicraft might be expensive due to the material used in it, and the experts invested their time crafting it. If you choose such artifacts and do not fit into your budget, it might sound illogical to spend time and energy on them, as you cannot afford to spend the money. If you think of buying artifacts from India, it would be better if you know details of it before visiting the stores. You must know what kind of items would cost more and what all would suit your budget. Decide on a fixed budget to be spent on shopping so that your finances stay in order during the entire tour. 

  • Do not settle for one shop; roam around and explore more 

What if you bought all the items only from the first shop you saw in the market and then when you moved ahead you found something more interesting? Won’t you have regrets then? If you wish to have no such regrets over shopping, it would be better to look around the various stores in the market. Another advantage of doing so is, different shops would have different offers and different discounts; thus you would be able to make a better deal. There are high chances that you would be able to buy your favorite item at the lowest price but with the best quality! 

The handicraft articles or the artifacts made in India are popular worldwide and are even being acknowledged as given a special place in the international markets. However, when you buy these articles from your local market, you doubt that they might not have the actual Indian origin. Same way, you might even indulge in fraud if you are not alert enough to know if the products sold in India are authentic or if they are just sold on namesake. Understand the story behind a particular artifact along with applying proper logic so that you can make out whether it would be worth buying or not. 

Indulge in the blissful culture, experience this divine land, and take away to home the pleasant memories and classy handicraft delicacies! 

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