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Rajasthan is the most admirable and royal destination of India . Rajasthan is remarkable for its stunning palaces , forts , traditional cuisine , traditional art forms etc . Cities like  Jaipur , Jaialmer , Jodhpur , Udaipur are the most popular among everybody but there are endless fascinating places in Rajasthan that you are yet to explore by the travelers where you can experience Rajasthan’s tradition and culture. These are the top splendours of Rajasthan that can be a perfect spot for your vacations. In my opinion , these are some hidden destinations of Rajasthan that will give you unique experiences for your lifetime. 

  • Churu 

It is a small yet beautiful town in Rajasthan. It is recognized as the gateway to the Thar Desert of Rajasthan and lies in Bikaner region. Some of the spectacular places to explore here are Hawa Mahal with 111 small doors and windows , the Bangla Haveli , an ancient reservoir known as Sethani ka Johra. It is said that this reservoir never dries during summers aslo which I think is a very interesting feature . You should experience the beauty of Rajputana havelis and unique mural paintings in the lanes of Churu . Also you can come and seek blessings of god in Salasar temple and Khatu Shyam ji temple where you will feel divine and magical. Churu also has Tal Chhapar Sanctuary and is famous for Wildlife activities. Come and explore this undiscovered gem of Rajasthan. 

  • Bundi 

Bundi is a fantastic city and an awe-inspiring gem of Rajasthan . If you are tired of traffic and busy streets then this is the perfect getaway for you as it is very peaceful and filled with colorful buildings and great architecture which will surely make you amazed . Best places to visit in Bundi are Bundi Palace which is a very beautiful and a great place to explore , Garh Palace , Moti Mahal , Tara Garh Fort and Lake Jait Sagar . This lake has a perfect view and you will love spending your time here as it is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan . There is also a stepwell which is quite unique and  amusing to explore. The cuisine of Bundi is typically rajasthani and vegetarian. The main dish of bundi is Dal – Bati which is a dish made of wheat and filled with lentils. You will definitely fall in love with this city . So whenever you plan to visit Rajasthan don’t miss out on this marvelous city . 

  • Barmer

Barmer is an ancient town located in western Rajasthan and covers a part of Thar Desert. It is popular for rich art and crafts , such as pottery , wood carving , embroidery work and many more. Barmer has numerous gorgeous temples and mud houses . Kiradu Temple is dedicated to Lord shiva and its sculptures and designs are very attractive. This is one of the top places to visit and you will feel really calm here. You can also come by Barmer Fort and Garh temple . You can enjoy a camel safari to visit these places as it will be a good experience for you. According to me you should visit here in the month of March and April as this town organizes many festivals and one of the most famous festival  is Mallinath Cattle festival . 

  • Nagaur

Nagaur is a small town located between Jodhpur and Bikaner. Here you can explore beautiful monuments , historical forts , spice markets and the most famous Salt Lake known as Sambhar Lake . You must visit this lake and it should be added to your list . While in Nagaur , visit Tarkeen Dargah and the Jain temple. The temple is very famous and its design is very nice as it is made of glass also and looks really astonishing . You can have the experience of staying in camps also and relish the rajasthani dance and songs which is indeed a wonderful experience. Nagaur Fort is also a famous attraction here as it organizes the world sacred spirit festival every year. This town also holds a very famous festival known as Nagaur Festival and it is the second massive fair in India. 

  • Kuchaman 

Kuchaman is a historical city situated in Nagaur district . It consists of heritage havelis and stunning mahals. It has many charming places to offer like Kuchaman fort which is now converted into a heritage hotel . It has stunning displays of glass , paintings and stones and its serene beauty is unmatched. This fort was also shown in many bollywood movies . Another top tourist attraction in Kuchaman is Sheesh Mahal which will make you fall in love with its beauty . If you are a lover of handicrafts then you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful markets. Kuchaman city will give you an unforgettable experience. 

  • Banswara 

This city is located in South Rajasthan and is renowned as “Land of hundred Islands” because it has numerous islands on the Mahi River also known as Chachakota . Chacha Kota is the best tourist attraction in Banswara .It is surrounded by hills and its view is so pleasing and will undoubtedly give you a great feeling . Banswara is covered by so much greenery , lakes and forests . So , if you are a nature lover and want to spend some good quality time in nature then you should clearly visit this place . Other best places to visit here are Mahi Dam , Anand Sagar Lake , Tripura Sundari Temple . 

  • Osian

Osian is a small village near Jodhpur and is surrounded by Sand dunes . To experience the life of a rural village you must visit Osian. Osian is well known for several Jain and Hindu temples like The Sun Temple, Sachiya Mata Temple , Jain temple etc. Great architecture is a common feature in all the temples and is totally a treat for the eye. While in Osian you can also enjoy camel safaris in the desert . As it is not so crowded you can relax and have a great time here with your loved ones and also stay at Desert camps which is quite interesting.

These are some of the places that are beautiful in every aspect and while visiting Rajasthan you should definitely explore these places and experience these splendours of Rajasthan with your friends and family .

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