Top reasons to visit Kerala – God’s own Country

Kerala is a state which has peaceful surroundings, rivers, beaches, mountain places, serene backwaters, culture, delicious cuisine and more. It is a wonderful place which deserves all the attention of the travelers where they can have magical experiences in their life. Here’s the list of top reasons why you should visit Kerala for your next holiday. 

Art and Culture

If you love dance, drama or music then Kerala can be perfect for you. In Kerala, you will see so much passion towards art and culture. Art forms like Kathakali dance, Kalaripayattu martial art, Mohiniyattam dance are really famous and people from all across the globe visit specially to watch and enjoy the art. One of the best shows in Kerala is the Kathakali dance show which is just incredible. Sharp makeup, vibrant dresses, killer expressions and the dance moves will definitely win your heart. 

Beautiful Backwaters and Houseboats

Kerala Backwater Tours

Kerala backwaters is the most important reason people prefer traveling here because you can hire a houseboat and relax. Houseboats will take you through the blissful locations and you can also indulge in some mouth watering food on board. I have also stayed on the houseboat and had the most amazing time with my family. The fresh air, pleasant atmosphere, so much greenery around you will ensure that you have a relaxing holiday. Also, I believe that nothing is better then spending a romantic evening on a floating houseboat with your partner while cherishing the beauty of kerala. If you want to know more then do read my another blog where I have shared my Houseboat experience. 


Top 9 Cultural Attractions in South India

Come to Kerala if you want to understand the culture and witness the most special moments. January to March is the time when the state celebrates its culture and traditions by organizing many festivals. The most popular festival is Theyyam. You will see many dance performances during this festival and it is a unique splendour to watch. I can say that it is a festival of dancing and performing rituals. Plan your vacation to have an enriching experience.

Rejuvenate yourself with Ayurveda

Kerala is the home of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a traditional medicine which focuses on one’s good health. Kerala has various resorts and ashrams where you can try traditional ayurveda methods. It offers massages, yoga , meditation, applications of oils and much more for you to feel relaxed and stress free. Many people come to kerala with particular probelms and explore ayurvedic treatments. You should also have these treatments for your well being. 

Attractive Beaches


Kerala is brimming with charming beaches and picturesque views. The perfect way to escape from your worries is by relaxing at the beach under the sun. You can enjoy fresh coconut juice, sea food, or take a small walk around the beach. Laze around and witness the spectacular sunsets and click stunning pictures. These beautiful beaches are waiting to get explored by adventure lovers because it offers water activities like diving, parasailing, boating. On your trip, visit any of the beaches of kerala to feel tranquil and enjoy yourself. 

Kerala’s Delicious Cuisine

Why Ayurveda so popular in Kerala ?

You can’t miss the traditional and yummy Kerala cuisine. It usually has a hot and spicy taste with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. A visit to a spice farm is also a nice option to have a different experience. If you want to satiate your belly, then do try the most delicious rice and fish dishes because Kerala people are fond of them.

Enjoy Kerala’s backwaters by staying at comfortable houseboats or explore famous places and share your travel moments with your friends and family. 

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