Trekking in India

Trek in India

If you are looking for wondrous spots to spend your time away from all the work tensions of your life. In this blog, you will find the top ten places to trek in India.

1. The Frozen Zanskar River Trek – Leh & Ladakh:


The Frozen Zanskar River Trek: Ladakh is also known as the “Land of High Passes”. It is surrounded by the Siachen Glacier and the Great Himalayas. Many people visit this location for rejuvenating their mind. The Frozen Zanskar River Trek is a location in Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir. Here, you will find panoramic views of mountains that are covered in snow and valleys. It is a winter trail that offers marvellous treks all season. The distance is around 105 km, and around 15 km are covered by tourists or trekkers. The best time to trek in this region is between the months of January to February. The duration is around eight to nine days usually.

2. Gangotri Gomukh Trek – Uttarakand:


Gomukh is also known as Gaumukh. It is a region in Uttarakand. It is the place where the river Bhagirathi originates, a river part of the Ganges River. It is one of the largest part of Himalayas. The name literally means “Mouth of a Cow”. The place is also surrounded with beautiful mountain ranges, glaciers and other views. Tourists often visit this location for experiencing the best trek in their lifetime. The duration of the trek is around twelve days. The best time to visit the trek is between the months of May to June. It is also ideal to visit the place between the months of August to October as well.

3. Markha Valley Trek – Leh & Ladakh:


The Markha Valley Trek is hosted in the region of Ladakh. It is one of the least populated regions in Jammu and Kashmir. It also has unique cultural significance from the Tibet region as well. This trek in the region is filled with rivers, brooks, streams, villages, and wildlife. Here, you trekkers will also find numerous Buddhist monasteries. The trek can go up to a maximum altitude of 5140 m. The duration can last around eight to nine days. The best time to trek is between the months of June and October.

4. Kuari Tapovan Trek – Uttarakhand:


The Garhwal region of India is located in Uttarakhand. The people living in this area are called as the Garhwali people. It is surrounded by Tibet, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. Hence, it is host to several adventurous activities. One such activities is the Kuari Tapovan Trek. It is pretty easy trek where you will find numerous wildlife, peaks, passes, and culture. The duration of the trek can go up to five to six days. The best time to trek is during the months of April and June. It is also ideal to trek between the months of September and November as well.

5. Nanda Devi Trek – Uttarakhand:


The Nanda Devi Trek is conducted in the Garhwal region of India. It was ruled by the Mauryan Empire. Some scared shrines such as Badrinath and Kedarnath are also part of this region. In this region, get to beautiful and breath-taking views of majestic mountains, small rivers, and spectacular glaciers. Apart from being an ideal photography place it is also a great location for trekking as well. The duration of the trek can go up to 10 days to cover the region. The best time to go on a trek is between the months of May and June and also between the months of September and October.

6. Goecha La Trek – Sikkim:


This trek is located in Sikkim in northeast India. Sikkim is a state that shares its borders with Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and West Bengal. It is also one of the smallest states in India. It is known for its diverse flora and fauna. The state also offers a subtropical climate as well. The state is famed for its highest peak of India, Kanchenjunga. Going on this trek, you will come across the third highest peak in the world, the Kanchenjunga. You will also get to see sere Himalayan lakes and hills. It is a moderately difficult trip that can enjoyed between the months of March and June. It is also ideal to go on trek between the months of September and November.

7. Valley of Flowers – Uttarakhand:


The Valley of Flowers is situated in the state of Uttarakhand. It is located in the northern part of India. It is also called the “Land of Gods” due to India’s majestic temples being present there. The state is surrounded with the Himalayas, Bhabhar, and Terai. Going on the Valley of Flowers, you will get to trek at an attitude around 3,650 m. It is little difficult and can last around five days. From the peaks tourists get an overlook of the city and mountains. The best time to trek across this location is between the months of July and September.

8. Roopkund Trek – Uttarakhand

9. Dodital Trek – UttarakhandThe Roopkund Trek is conducted in the region of Uttarakhand. It is a great pilgrimage location. Several devotees visit the glorious temples here at least once in a lifetime. Apart from the majestic temples, the area is also known to provide the best trekking experiences as well. On this trek, travellers get to see a breath-taking views of the nearby villages, cities, and countryside’s. They also get an eye over the international bounded mountains as well. The tourists also get to trek at an altitude over 4000 m for about six to eight days. The best time to go on a trek in this region is between the months of May and June as well as months of September and October.

9. Dodital Trek – Uttarakhand:


Uttarakhand was previously known as Uttaranchal. It considers of two major divisions which are namely Kumauni and Garhwal. The name literally means “Northern Land”. Travellers who are going on this trek can have marvellous time feeling the cool breeze, freshwater lake, mountains, and culture. The trek is comparatively easy and can last around a week. The maximum altitude one gets to cover is around 3,300 meters. The best time to go on this trek is between the months of April and November.

10. Stok Kangri Trek – Leh & Ladakh:


Apart from being a district of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is also place with spectacular facts. The region has the highest bridge in the world. It also has a Magnetic Hill or the Gravity hill that is mysterious. The place also has significance in astronomy and astrophysics as well. Trekking in this region is difficult however the best too. Here, wanderlusts can avail the perfect trek that lies on an altitude of 6100 meter. The trek can last more than week. The best season to avail this trek is between the months of July and September.

Overall, tourists and travelers can avail the perfect trek experience at these top 10 wondrous locations that are situated in Uttarakhand, Ladakh, and Sikkim.

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