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An Island or Isle is any piece of sub continental land and surrounded by water. Well being an avid traveller, beach lover and explorer for new places, I usually wander around south east asia a lot. Most of the people like me love to travel to an island and you know which country in Asia has good beaches ? Yes the answer is correct, it is India that has a good number of Islands where tourism comes from all corners. 

In this blog i am going to share the little knowledge i have about the most beautiful islands of India that i have come across over my frequent journeys to the beaches of India. I am sure that after reading my blog you will be all ready to pack your bags and leave right away. 

Lakshadweep Islands : Lakshadweep Island is located 300 kilometres from the coast of Kerala, it is best for those  who prefer a holiday in remote locations. Normally people define this white coloured gem on the world map, with green hues of palm trees and turquoise of the sea, but its beauty is more than just picturesque or scenic. Out of 36 equally attractive islands there are only ten inhabited, primarily by local fishermen. It consists of astonished gifts of nature along with a simple and traditional lifestyle led by the locals. Go scuba diving at Kavaratti and Kadmat. It is imperative that you keep a camera handy at all times because you never know what might catch your attention here and take your breath away.

Majuli Island : This island is known as one of the world’s largest river islands, Majuli lies on the Brahmaputra River in Assam. The entire part is known for its scenic charms, which steals away the prize for being probably the most serene destination.  It is a safe place for around 100 species of birds, the island is also a dream come true for bird watchers. Majuli will also take you into the soul of Assam. You will definitely forget seafood and indulge your taste buds in the authentic Assamese cuisine here. Do not forget to capture the scenic view of the sun rising and setting in the dreamy horizons of this idyllic island.

Diu Island : Diu island is known for its Portuguese flair along with being a tropical heaven. Take a break from your boring life and come to this tiny island to enjoy in a memorable style. The cleanliness of the city will certainly surprise you while you will visit the monuments from the time of Portuguese rule. Diu Fort which is surrounded by the sea, will give you a spectacular sight. The fishing village of Vanakbara is one of the special and charming parts of Diu Island with its vibrant-hued boats and bustling pier.  

Andaman and Nicobar Islands : When I hear the name of the Andaman, it reminds me of the Cellular jail often called ‘Kala Pani’ where all the political prisoners/freedom fighters were tortured, starved, humiliated and isolated till their last breath by the Britishers. These are the two different emeralds in the Bay of Bengal are just the perfect setting to do so. Stunning sun, glimmering sea and shining beaches are an attraction of this Island, also sun, sand and seafood will make your day memorable.  Here you can visit the Cellular Jail National Memorial, Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Mount Harriet And Madhuban where you can enjoy Elephant Safari, North Bay Beach where you can walk Under The Sea, Diglipur a Famous Turtle  Nesting Site etc.

Pamban Island : Pamban Island is also called Rameswaram Island because the holy city of Rameswaram is found in this remote location which is connected to the Indian mainland by bridges. Lord Rama built a bridge to reach Sri Lanka from Rameswaram in order to save his wife Sita.  

Here you can visit a place called Dhanushkodi, it is an isolated place, also it is called an abandoned ghost, where you can visit beautiful beaches, temples, churches and ruins. On 22 December 1964, this place was hit by a cyclonic storm and all were left in a ruin. The Madras Government quickly called the town as ‘not fit for human habitation’.

Divar Island : It is an old charm of Portuguese culture located in Goa. It is over the meandering Mandovi River and picturesque in Old Goa. Here you can visit old churches, one of the churches is on the hill and earlier the hill was occupied by two Hindu temples. Divar Island is one of a peaceful area where you can spend peaceful time. You should not miss the chance to explore the surrounding countryside. 

Munroe Island : Munroe Island is situated Kollam, Kerala in the southern part of India, also it is located at the point where Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada River converge of God’s Own Country, Munroe i the best destination where one can imagine experiencing on a relaxing getaway while enjoying an authentic Malayalam cuisine. Here you can enjoy a boat ride on the backwaters. If you really want to enjoy its peaceful life, just leave your companion for a while, see migratory birds and do fishing with locals. These activities will relax your mind and you will feel energized.

Bhavani Island : It is known as one of India’s largest river islands, Bhavani Island lies on the Krishna River in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. It is a popular picnic spot with lots of fun where you can enjoy boat rides, fishing and multiple water sport facilities which will make your holiday perfect. Since This is pretty commercialised and vibrant, this is one place where you should visit with family or a group of friends. It is full of rolling meadows and lush rainforest which will soothe your eyes.

So what are you waiting for, call your friends and colleagues and make a plan for a wonderful holiday place in India.

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