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Pushkar Fair Tour Package

Known all across the world, Pushkar Fair is a vibrant affair full of fascinating events and exquisite representation of the Indian culture. This fair is also known by the name of Pushkar Cattle Fair or Pushkar Camel Fair. Due to being the gathering spot of large no. of camels, it is the world’s largest camel fair. It receives thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

When and Where?

Pushkar Fair 2019

This annual fair is celebrated every year in the holy Hindu month of Kartik. The celebrations of this grand event are initiated on the day of Kartik Ekadashi and culminate on the day of Kartik Purnima full moon. The closure day of the fair is consecrated with great pomp and show. The fair is observed in the small town of Pushkar, which is nestled in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. The Pushkar Fair 2019 will be hosted from 4 November to 12 November, 2019.

Why Pushkar Fair?  

Why Pushkar Fair?

Despite the fair aims at demonstrating the camels and livestock, it also holds religious significance and is popular due to the numerous activities organized at the event. The events and competitions add to the charm of the fair, making it more desirable among the visitors. It gives nearby villagers the chance to assemble together and rejoice in the contests accompanied with their camels, sheep, cows, etc. The Hindus consider this fair as a holy pilgrimage and indulge in the holy bath at Pushkar Sarovar and offer prayers at the only existing temple of Lord Brahma.

How is Pushkar Fair celebrated?    Excellent


The event is commenced by the grand entry of of camels and horses adorned beautifully. People dressed up in traditional attires of Rajasthan are seen riding the animals. Then, the ornated camels are made to run in the races and dance in the contests. Several magicians, musicians, folk dancers and snake charmersglorify the fair. In addition to all this, local people and visitors are also allowed to participate in the contests and races, making the fair a catchy sight for the others.

What are the Highlights of Pushkar Fair?  

What are the Highlights of Pushkar Fair?
  •  Many pilgrims take a dip in the holy waters of Pushkar Lake considering that it will absolve all their sins. It is also believed that good luck comes upon the lives of those who bathe in the lake. People also visit the famous and only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. 

  •  A lot of adventurous activities can be experienced like hot air ballooning, paramotoring, quad biking, camel safari, etc. These activities serve as the best alimentation for the adventure enthusiasts. 
  •  Lay eyes on the flashy contests and races such as Harmony Half Marathon, Matka Race, Moustache Contest, Bride and Groom Contest, etc. The fun can be multiplied by participating in the contests. 
  •  The decorated camels and other animals are exchanged between the traders. This event displays the negotiation skills of the traders. 
  •  One can have the scenic views of dawn and dusk together with enjoying the camel performances. 
  •  As the Pushkar Fair is an elaborate gathering full of colors and festivities. This provides a great opportunity to the visitors to indulge themselves in the Pushkar Fair Photography Tour. The fair also hosts photography contests in which you can participate and epitomize your talent.
  •  Your Pushkar Fair tour itinerary must include shopping at the dynamic stalls and shops of Pushkar. The things which can be purchased from the stalls include traditional clothes, jewelry, footwear embedded with Rajasthani work, elegant puppets, leather ware, impressive paintings and even alluring handicrafts.

What else can you enjoy with Pushkar Fair? 

What else can you enjoy with Pushkar Fair?

If you are planning to have a long vacation, you can enjoy much more. Take Pushkar Fair Tour Packagewhich will enable you to tour one of the oldest cities of the world in addition to the renowned Pushkar Fair. You can also stop by numerable tourist attractions of the city. You can also opt for Golden Triangle with Pushkar Tour 2019 during which you will be travelling across the most famous tourist circuit of India and will also be journeying over the Pushkar Fair. You can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Delhi like Qutub Minar, Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb. Also admire the charm of world famous love symbol Taj Mahal in Agra. While Jaipur gives you the most royal feels.

Where to lodge?   
Where to lodge?

One of the best experiences in Pushkar is to stay at the tented camps given by The Sky Waltz Camp. You can get the camps according to your preferences whether air-conditioned or non-air conditioned. If not interested in the camping, you may accommodate yourself in the luxurious resorts or royal palaces where you can avail all the things according to your likes and dislikes. Jagat Palace, Lohana Village Resort, Pushkar Bagh are some of the famous lodgings accessible in Pushkar.

Which are the neighboring tourist spots?  
Which are the neighboring tourist spots?

Though Pushkar is plentiful of the culture, its neighboring regions are also worth a visit to give you an enthralling experience of the lifetime. Some of the major tourist spots nearing Pushkar are elaborated below:

1. Ajmer

Ajmer is generally known as the holiest city for Muslims as it shelters the sacred shrine Dargah Sharif. Therefore, it receives a large no. of pilgrims every year. Similarly, it also has many ancient temples dedicated to deities of Hindus and Jains, hence attracting them as well. In addition to all the religious sites of different faiths, Ajmer boasts of the magnificent Mughal architecture which can be viewed in the form of various forts, palaces and museums. Shopping in Ajmer can be the most relishing experience due to the traditional odhanis, sarees, silverware and colorful turbans available here.

2. Jaipur

Known worldwide as the Pink City of India Jaipur is the capital of largest state of India- Rajasthan. It is home to several forts and palaces depicting the rich heritage and heroicness of the rulers. One can have a look at the wonderful amalgamation of the old and the new in this city. It serves as the best place for shopaholics and adventure enthusiasts. Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal are among the top attractions of the city.

3. Khimsar

It is a small village located in the state of Rajasthan. It is famous for it commemorates the Nagaur Fair, which is another show of the varied culture of Rajasthan. The fair is graced by the cattle deals done by the traders. Activities such as tug-of-war, camel race, etc. are organized in the fair. The golden sand dunes and Khimsar Fort make up for the major attractions of this small village.

4. Jodhpur

Known as the “Gateway to Thar” and “Blue City”, Jodhpur is counted amongst the most visited cities of Rajasthan. It lodges many forts and palaces. Apart from displaying the royal lifestyle of the Kings in Forts and Palaces, it is also the choice of tourists for shopping and visiting lakes and temples. The most famous structure of the city is Mehrangarh Fort, which is considered as one of the largest forts of the country. The city can be best experienced in the months of November to February.

How to reach Pushkar Fair?  
How to reach Pushkar Fair
  •  By road: Pushkar is connected to the national and state highways of Rajasthan. Regular buses can be taken from the cities of Ajmer, Jodhpur and Jaipur to attend the Pushkar Fair. 
  •  By air: Located at the distance of 146 km, Sanganer Airport is the closest to reach Pushkar Fair. 
  •  By train: the nearest railway station to reach Pushkar Fair is the Ajmer Railway Station, which is settled down at the distance of mere 11 kms. 
What are the tips to be followed for Pushkar Fair?
  •  Don’t forget to book your tickets and accommodation in advance to have a hassle- free experience of the Pushkar Fair. 
  •  Since Pushkar Fair receives a lot of visitors, it is advised to keep a check on all your belongings to avoid any type of pick pocketing and theft. 
  •  Put up with all the contests and races to feel Pushkar Fair in its full swing. 
  •  Keep yourself hydrated and covered during your stay at Pushkar. 
  •  Refrain from the consumption of non-vegetarian meals and alcohol as Pushkar Fair holds religious significance as well. 

After going through such an elaborate description of the Pushkar Fair you must be excited enough to experience it all. So, delay no more and feel the charm of the Pushkar Fair during your next vacations

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