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03 Days |Amazing Jungle Adventure - Iquitos

03 Days |

Peru Vacation Package

Peru vacation Package


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Day 01 Iquitos / Lodge

In the morning, you will be received at the airport and transferred to Iquitos. On the jetty, you will get a brief orientation on the main tourist attractions of the city. You will navigate through the Amazon River, the largest in the world. During the navigation, you will admire the beauty of the river while wondering over the greenery of the jungle and panoramic riverside villages.

Then, you will accommodate yourself at the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge, from where it takes only 45 minutes to reach Iquitos. You will be welcomed at the lodge with a refreshing drink prepared from native fruits. Then, after having a brief explanation about the sustainability rules of the lodge, you will head out for an excursion to New Peru. Either you may go on foot or you may prefer to go by canoe. You will get to know about the ancestral customs, original palm fiber clothing, etc. of the Yagua ethnic group.

Then, you will return to the lodge for lunch. During lunch, you will come across a wide variety of species of Amazon vegetable kingdom.

Afterward, you will explore the healing properties and uses of roots and plants with the help of Shaman.

You will also take a tour of Santa María de Ojeal farmlands, where you will view the local inhabitants practicing the artisanal extraction of sugarcane juice, fruit orchards, raising of native species of fish for consumption, breeding of cattle, and artisanal fishing in the river. You will also interact with residents while observing their homes, churches, shops, and schools. Afterward, you will visit the sustainability projects through Ecotourism and Wildlife Rescue Center.

Then, you will enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Amazon River. At night, you will have an excursion either on foot or by canoe to discover the world of nocturnal insects. Later, you will have dinner. The guides will share some stories and legends of the rich Amazonian mythology with you. The overnight stay will be at the lodge.

Day 02 Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge

In the early morning, you will enjoy bird watching. Then, you will have breakfast at the lodge. Then, you will be transferred by the boat to another end of the Amazon River. On the way, you will observe the wonderful dolphins, protagonists of the Amazonian mythology. You will also come across the typical plantations in the agricultural riparian zone. You will hike in the humid forest and you will go for boating or canoeing on the Yanayacu River, through which you will reach Amazon Yanayacu Lodge. There, you will view the rich fauna of the region, including medicinal plants, epiphytic plants, and tree species like lupuna.

You will have lunch at the Amazon Yanayacu Lodge. Afterward, you will return to the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge. You will participate in the reforestation program “Plant a Tree” after having some rest at the lodge. The dinner will be served at the lodge, where you will stay for a night.

Day 02 Lodge / Iquitos

You will have breakfast at the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge. You will have an excursion to the riverside community. The lunch will be served at the lodge. In the afternoon, you will leave for Iquitos by boat. From there, you will carry on with the further journey.


  • Transfers - airport / hotel / hostel / airport (land and river).
  • 02 nights’ accommodation at the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge.
  • All meals in the hostel.
  • Excursions as detailed in the program.
  • Guide in English or Spanish.


Peru vacation Package

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