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India Car Rental Packages

Holiday packages by chauffeur driven car in India

We are a premium tour operator assuring you the best car rental services in India. A car rental company's duty is not only providing you the best of transport but also ensure that you the best of drivers or chauffeurs whom we lovingly call "PILOTS". They are well educated and polished. They many not have a Doctorate in English but they do understand sufficient English to be able to communicate with you pleasantly and intelligently. Best of all, our drivers are all good human beings and they care about your comfort and safety.

Our PILOTS are our biggest assets as they are with you all the time, taking care of you and trying to take you to all the places of interest plus more. You will come to know of what it is like travelling in India only if you travel with our PILOTS. They are well dressed and you will not find them chewing beetle nuts or throwing garbage around. They will advise you, take you and wait for you, outside the good restaurants which will surely serve you yummy food. Do ignore if we are at times a wee bit more expensive as our PILOTS also need to be well supported

They know most of the roads sufficiently well to take you around without getting too lost. They know the best wash rooms on the highways and also good restaurants which serve good food minus the flies. They can advise you where to buy un-adulterated cookies or fruit on the highways. They know when to crawl like a tortoise and when to break the speed of light on the Indian roads (never breaking a rule or a law). Our vehicles carry enough bottled water to ensure that you are not left thirsty in the deserts of Rajasthan. They are well conversant with the Indian traffic and will ensure that the sacred cows are not hit and the elephants and camels are avoided.

Our cars all come fitted with GPS and free wifi. You can be in touch with your partners, families and friends all the way through. Please do not hold us responsible if the wi-fi signals are not strong to take your messages to the moon or to your contacts - we are a travel agency and not a telephone communication company providing wi-fi. Our cars are in good condition and the head lights lights will not wink but will be wide-open. The tyres will not be hairy or bald but will be in good condition. The engine will not be squeaking or wheezing but will be meowing or growling, depending on the car you have chosen.

In short we have the best drivers and good cars. Travelling with us will not be a journey but will be an EXPERIENCE. Happy travelling with us.

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