India & Tibet tours

Gone are the days where Tibetans were considered just emissaries to India. They have built a home here and also opened theirs to us. Tibet, the home to the ‘Roof of the world’, blessed with spirituality and natural reserves. The view of the other side of Everest, snow peaked terrains resembles the northernmost region of India.

India and Tibet tours are thus a glimpse of nature’s gifts bestowed generously upon these two countries with similar beliefs and shared values. Buddhist monasteries and the cultural impact of the religion is depicted in the many sites of these countries. Celebration of similar customs and the way of life that is serene, is what’s most fulfilling about the experience of exploring the two nations.

If spiritual awakening and finding repose amidst grandeur of nature is the goal, this just might be the trip of a lifetime, where you can unwind and destress while experiencing are amazing tour packages.

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