Tailor Made Tours of India 2019 - 2020

Tailor-made tours give you the best worth of your money. Most of the travelers opt for the tailor-made private tours of India as these come up with flexibility in terms of money as well as time. Moreover, customized tours of India are quite flexible and give you the best experience.

Since India is a vast country, the traveler often finds himself/herself in a dilemma while choosing for a tourist destination. To save you from all that trouble, india-tours.com is offering you a chance to tailor-make your tour. Not only these packages satisfy you in terms of tourist attractions but will also ensure you a comfortable stay in India. By opting for the customized tours, tourists can either add up some additional activities or remove a particular tourist destination. This will make the tour more personalized as per the preferences of the tourists.

The tailor-made tours of India have been crafted in such a way that no tourist is left disappointed. India-tours.com has something for everyone, irrespective of you being a nature lover or adventure junkie or history admirer or foodie. In North India, you will be visiting the most sought-after cities of India while in South India, you will come across the natural beauty of God’s Own Country, i.e. Kerala. Central India and Northeast India are also no less in terms of fascination and will leave an everlasting impact on your mind and soul. Kerala will provide you with an enriching experience with lush green plantations and languid backwaters while the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is a collection of monuments, forts, national parks and much more. In Punjab, you can gather a lot of information about the beliefs of Sikhism. On the other hand, a lot of fairs and festivals can be enjoyed in the cultural land of Rajasthan.

Choose from our compilation of exclusive holiday tour packages and reap the maximum benefit of your vacations in the company of your dear ones. The fun gets double as you have a chance to make the alterations as per your preferences. So, delay no more and plan a tailor-made trip to India at the earliest. It will surely be a journey to remember.

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India Tailor Made Tours Packages by duration

India is a destination possessing something to delight everyone, ranging from snow-capped mountains and lofty hills to peaceful deserts and lively cities. Here, people can enjoy fairs, festivals, adventurous activities and many more. But when it comes to plan India Tour, the tourists face real dilemma due to the diversity of this vast country. India-tours.com comes to your rescue by offering different packages in different durations so that you can make the most of your India Tour by opting for a package of your choice. You can choose from a wide variety of packages from the duration of 3-5 days to 22 days.

Through these packages, you can explore India according to your likes and dislikes. If you are someone with profound interest in history and architecture, you must choose Rajasthan, Agra or Delhi. But if you desire to relax your tired souls these vacations, you can visit South India or Goa as they have beautiful settings along with some wonderful beaches and backwaters. If you are a nature junkie, head towards the best of India like Leh and Ladakh, Mussorrie or Rishikesh. So, don’t put India Tour on ice and choose a package right now to have the most memorable experience of your life.

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India India Tailor Made Special Interest Tour

Interests can be as varying as the colors. India is a place where everyone can find their thirsts quenched as it shelters all types of destinations, ranging from adventurous to spiritual and historical to natural. Therefore, it becomes really difficult for a visitor to choose a destination from the legion list. There comes interest to take you out of dilemma. Some may be interested in knowing the heritage of Incredible India while others may like to visit hill stations or venturesome points. As India is the birth place of Yoga, it also lures travelers to seek some solace with meditation.

If you are looking out for a place rich in culture, art and history, Rajasthan should be your next halt. But if you wish to feed your souls with adventure these vacations, don’t put off your tour to Leh and Ladakh or Rishikesh. Taste the sumptuous savories in India by taking food and culinary tours, during which you can also discover many recipes. India also nestles the best of the wild and the nature for nature geeks in the form of National Parks and Sanctuaries. In a nutshell, we can say that India justifies the belief that variety is the spice of life.

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India Tailor Made Tours by regions

India is the land of diversity harboring the most irresistible locations. Every region of India is endowed with the best to please you with. It is the country with extensive origin and colorful culture. No matter which part you choose to travel to, it is brimful of pleasing locations. North India is abode to the most visited destinations of India like Delhi-the National Capital, Rajasthan-the Cultural Hub, Agra-Seat of Taj Mahal, etc. Visit North India to make the most of your India Tour and enjoy the luxurious hotels. Besides being the home to technological hub, South India also has lively art forms.

During your tour to South India, you can also enjoy at the exotic beaches in Chennai or Kerala. To experience the divinity and cultural shock, East-West India is the perfect spot. Roam around the dream city Mumbai in the west and pay a visit to the tiniest state Sikkim in the east to cherish the scenic views of the Himalayas. Being the crux of the country, Central India harbors the magnificent architectural wonders in the form of Khajuraho Temple Complex in Madhya Pradesh. Here you can also encounter various heritage sites. Brace up and take a tour to the Indian region of your choice to capitalize on your vacations.

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India Tailor Made Tours by states

India nestles numerous states, which are famous for their own possessions, may it be in the form of culture, diversity, tourist attractions or in fact food. Every state offers the tourist something peculiar. A tour to Kerala can provide you with the most enriching experience due to the presence of lush green lands, gleaming backwaters and fascinating beaches. But if you are not seeking something like this then maybe the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh can be your assortment. One can discover forests, dams, monuments, forts and many more in this all-rounder state.

Endowed with the best of Mother Nature, the land of Punjab is revered with the holiest shrine of Sikhs, the Golden Temple. It also shelters the significant spot, Wagah Border. The land of fairs and festivals, Rajasthan is brimming with tourist destinations. Here you can enjoy the royalty and incomparable hospitality coupled with some of the famous delicacies like Ghevar, Dal Baati Churma and so on. So, it’s high time to give in to the desires and take the most awaited India Tour by visiting the buoyant states.

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India Tailor Made Vacation Tour Packages

India-tours.com is elated to announce a wide spectrum of the best tours for travel agents. We have curated a series of the specially-designed tours keeping all the comforts and preferences of the agents in consideration. These tours can be tailor-made according to one’s desires as well.

India Train tour Packages

If you have been to India but haven’t taken the Train Tours, you have missed something really exceptional. During your next voyage, don’t forget to include it in your India Tour. It can be a cherishable experience for you as travelling in train gives you the opportunity to interact with locals in addition to the royalty. The cities of India are well-connected with each other through a railway network. These trains not only carry you to different places but also let you enjoy the luxurious amenities.

To name a few, some trains are Maharajas’ Express, Palace on wheels, Deccan Odyssey, etc. Besides possessing all the amenities, these trains also offer the facilities of spa, restaurants and embellished décor. During your train journey, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing views of the surroundings as the trains encompass through hilly towns, thick forests and populated locales. These train rides are must for an unforgettable India Tour.

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India Tailor Made Tours by destinations

India is a multi-faceted country, blessed with forests, lakes, monuments, national parks, mountains, hills and many more. It is abode to people belonging to different faiths who co-exist on the same land merrily. One can enjoy various types of fairs and festivals here as people celebrate all the occasions with great pomp and show, practicing their traditions and customs and exhibiting their cultural beliefs. Therefore, a tourist just can’t get enough of India even in the whole lifetime.

But if you wish to travel to the neighboring countries in addition to India, India-tours.com offers you various tour packages to choose from, covering the adjacent countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, etc. Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha, is equally replete with tourist destinations like the elegant city temples of Kathmandu and here you can take delight in the scenic views of the world’s tallest peak The Himalayas, etc. You can also pay a visit to Bhutan, the land of dragons where you can find placid sceneries. Similarly, you can visit other countries together with India exploring new horizons and taking the maximum advantage of your much-awaited vacations.

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India Tailor Made Tours - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What are the Tailor-Made tours?

Tailor-Made tours are bespoke adventures which can be altered as per your desires and needs. You can choose everything including the type of accommodation, the way you want to travel, etc.

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Q.2 For whom, Tailor-Made tours are suitable?

Tailor-Made tours are well-suited for families as well as keen travellers. Therefore, no one misses out on the opportunity of curating a tour for himself.

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Q.3 Can I add extra activities on a tour?

Yes, you can add additional activities to a tour by choosing from the collection of available activities on the concerned tour package. Moreover, the activities add up an exciting component to your tour.

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Q.4 Do you arrange regional and international flights with airport transfers?

Most of the tours include regional flight. However, we can also help to arrange airport transfers as well as book flight tickets following the details provided by you.

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Q.5 What is the difference between a tailor-made tour and a readymade tour?

A readymade tour is not subject to alterations. You get everything already decided. On the contrary, a tailor-made tour is the one in which you can decide everything according to your wishes. a tailor-made tour is flexible. Hence, it is mostly preferred by travellers.

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Q.6 What are the benefits of a tailor-made tour?

A tailor-made tour has several benefits. It allows tourists to include destinations which they want to explore, decide the duration for which they want a tour, and many more things. In all, a tailor-made tour is the most flexible one as it lets tourists save time and energy. It gives tourists the best worth of their money.

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Q.7 What are the places in India for which the tour can be tailor-made?

It is possible to customize all the tours offered by India-tours.com. However, some of the best tourist destinations for which the tours can be tailor-made are Rajasthan, Kerala, Delhi, Goa, Agra, etc.

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Q.8 Why are tailor-made tours so popular?

Tailor-made tours are so popular among tourists as these come up with a lot of flexibility. Tourists can curate their tour itineraries as per their requirements. They don’t need to abide by any set tour plan. Hence, tailor-made tours are much more enjoyable than readymade ones.

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Q.9 How can I have a tailor-made tour?

Check out our collection of predefined tour packages at India-tours.com and contact us for making changes in the tour package that you like. You can also send us a tour itinerary and we will try our best to work it out for you.

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Q.10 What does tailor-made mean?

Tailor-made means that you get the product/service as per your preferences. Hence, tailor-made products are mostly preferred rather than ready-made ones.

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