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9 Days trip to India 2024 - 2025

Best of heritage destinations of India in 9-days tour

We, at, give you several reasons to take a trip down to the country. For its rich diversification of places, its people, food, celebration and demography, India is everyone’s favorite place to explore. The choice of the destination remains entirely yours. And needless to say, it is a tough decision to make.

Let us give you an array of choices while taking a trip to India. There are tour packages to those states and cities that have lots to offer to the tourists which require more than a minimum of a week’s time. The states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka fall under this category which has heaps of tourist attractions to offer.

There is an exclusive Yoga Tour Package that speaks for the fact that India is the land where yoga originated and it is in practice since ages here in the country. It is a special tour for the ones who want to relax and get close to their inner selves. Learn the true art of yoga and meditation at several stopovers as you hop through the rejuvenating journey.

Another worth mention tour is the Taj Mahal tour package that puts the most amazing tourist destination of India under a justified spotlight. Learn more about the iconic monument which is a UNESCO World Heritage Tour and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, along with exploring places like Jaipur, Ranthambore, Fatehpur Sikri and Delhi.

Find the revealing beauty of the different places of India – its rich heritage, demographic diversities and colorful livings of the people – as you explore different parts of the country.

Tour Packages in India by Days

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