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9 Days |Zanskar Valley Photography Tour Package

9 Days |

Zanskar Valley Photography Tour Package

Zanskar Valley Photography Tour Package





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Tour Overview

Photography tours are always mesmerizing and totally worth all the fun and risks are taken. It focuses on various landscapes, their way of retaining it and also the breathtaking view that tags along with it. For engaging in photography tours, you have to dare enough to start off early and come back late. The shooting might be too hectic but is worth all the pain took after you get a glimpse of the pictures that you have taken.

If you are an adventure lover and can’t wait to take pictures of everything around yourself, them the Zanskar Photography tour is just the exact momentum you need right now. The tour exclusively covers up all the top regions of the Himalayas, which consist of frozen lakes, glaciers, rustic villages, high altitude mountains, and stony landscapes. In covering up all these locations, there is nothing much to visit, except for you all to stand there and take the best pictures of all. There are night photography sessions as well as day sessions, giving you an immense opportunity to showcase the talent that you have within and also creating an amazing photo portfolio. Then what are you waiting for? Jump into the photo session straightaway!

Tour highlights

  • Landscape photography through the hills

  • Kargil shoot

  • Camping in various locations

  • Photography in Zanskar Valley

  • Visiting Leh


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Day 01 Arrival in Leh

We reach Leh in the morning and check-in to the hotel. The day is totally kept to rest, and you can have some fun, relax and even explore the villages here for some local adventure. Dinner is also served at night.

Day 02 Journey for Kargil

Kargil is considered to be one of the breathtaking places, and the landscape here is rugged. WE move towards the mountain ranges of Lamayuru and then photograph the ice shaped structures here, which have turned yellow, due to continuous ice formation. After lots of twists and turns and various scenic adventures on the way, we reach Kargil. We then check-in to the hotel at night.

Day 03 Camping in Kargil

After having breakfast, we will leave for Leh-Srinagar Highway. We move towards the Suru valley through the Zanskar ranges. On the way, camping is done in several places. You can possibly start your photography here by taking pictures of the sunset and the sunrise. You can get images of the Nun peak and the Kun Peak and also of the landscape of the place. These two mountains are always snow-capped, and you should miss out on enjoying photography here. Overnight camping is arranged.

Day 04 Zanskar valleys

By venturing into the mountains of the Zanskar valleys, one can possibly take photographs of the terrain and also of the local life here. Each landscape is natural and is dramatic at the same time. The second campsite is around 10 to 15 kms from the Nun and Kun mountains. You can take pictures in the evening as well and get prepared for a night stay here.

Day 05 Rangdum

After a scrumptious breakfast in the morning, we leave for our next campsite located in Rangdum. Camping at high altitudes is all about fun and adventure and on reaching the place; you can take out your shiny cameras to capture all that attracts your eyes. You can get plenty of opportunities here to photograph. Next, we travel towards the Zanskar ranges and set up the next camps there. Photography is the best here and does not forget to miss a moment. There is an overnight stay at this campsite.

Day 06 Suru Valley

Leaving Rangdum, we head towards another beautiful location that would be our next campsite. On the way, we cross Penzila Pass, Suru Valley and also the Zanskar valley. On the way, you can take photographs of glaciers and rivers as well. The landscape slowly turns icy and chilly here and therefore, you must be careful about clicking the photographs. As the sky clears, you can see the mesmerizing night sky that’s filled with stars, and you probably do not want to miss out on this.

Day 07 Kargil

After an amazing experience, it is time to head for Kargil again. But on the way here as well, you can surely photograph some moments. There is another camping night here at Kargil, where the setting sun must be captured. Do not miss the sunrise as it beautifully shines over the snow-capped peaks.

Day 08 Leh

After a beautiful photography session at various locations, we drive towards Leh, and therefore, you must surely keep your camera ready here for some shooting! We check-in at the hotel here and you can get the amazing evening to yourself, for photos! With the group of photographers, the tour surely brings in lots of fun and at the same time, experiences like never before.

Day 09 departure

The Photography tour ends in the morning. You can head back to your original destinations by proper arrangements!


Zanskar Valley Photography tour

Zanskar Valley Photography Tour Package - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 Is Kargil safe to visit?

As a high altitude region, winters experience extremely cold and bitter conditions. Monsoons are not very safe, while summers are pleasant and considered the best time to visit and enjoy the beauty of Kargil and surrounding areas.

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