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Rural Rajasthan Travel Package

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Rural Rajasthan Travel Package







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Tour Overview

Want to travel with time in the ‘land of kings’- choose Rural Rajasthan travel package. From epic forts to fairy-tale palaces to vibrant festivals, you will get here India, at its best. While the palaces present the picture of the charismatic past, a desert that stretches miles after miles inspires the adventures soul to start a journey with a camel. Sounds cinematic? Yes, it is.

If you are wondering where to travel during this vacation, plan your trip to the land of royal kings.When you choose our Rajasthan Rural tour package, you will travel cities like Osian, Deogarh, Luni, as well as Kumbalgarh. It will offer you a peek into that era of magnificence, extravagance, and artistry which even nowadays makes it one of the most popular tourist places to travel in India. Explore our website to see rural parts. We are sure that it will spellbound you and lure you to come at least once. We can ensure that this holiday will secure a special place in the core of your heart that you would love to recollect in tranquility.

Tour highlights

  • Witness one of the new wonders of the world

  • Enjoy a visit to magnificent ancient city

  • Travel the Pink city, Jaipur and Blue city, Jodhpur

  • Experience the land of holy lake, Pushkar

  • Explore romance of Udaipur


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Day 01 Arrival in Delhi

When you arrive in Delhi, our representative will be there to pick you up and drop you at the hotel. Once the capital of Indraprastha as well as the capital of the Pandavas during the Mahabharat, now, it is the capital as well as the political hub of India. This capital has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. The city of monuments has been influenced by its rulers while the Mughal rulers mainly impacted the cuisine and started Mughlai food here. Old Delhi is a maze of small lanes; New Delhi with its sky-high buildings offers a contrasting picture. Most of the festivals of India are celebrated here with pomp and show. Overnight is in the city of cities, New Delhi.

Day 02 Visit the wonders of the land of Delhi.

There are endless places to roam around in Delhi. Start your morning tour with Old Delhi. Built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1639 AD, it offers the aura of the past decades with which you can hardly match anything., travel to the Raj Ghat where Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation was cremated as well the museum, which was built to commemorate him. Later drive through the iconic Red Fort and ChandniChowk, a bustling market in Old Delhi. The next stop is Jama Masjid. Built by Shah Jahan, it is one of the historic, iconic, and largest mosques in India. To taste lip-smacking road-side foods, to buy gorgeous jewels or household goods, you need to travel to the crowded shops of ChandniChowk.

In the afternoon, you will visit QutubMinar, the largest Minaret of India, followed by Humayun’s Tomb. After spending a while there, you will next visit India Gate that was built in the memory of the Unknown Soldier. Here, you will also visit places like the Parliament House, President's House, as well as other Government Secretariat Buildings. Your journey will end with visiting Lakshminarayan Temple. Overnight is in the capital of India, New Delhi.

Highlights: Delhi - Visit Raj Ghat, Jama Masjid, QutabMinar, Humayun's Tomb, Laxmi Narayan Temple & drive past Red Fort, ChandniChowk, President House, Parliament. etc.

Day 03 Drive from Delhi to Agra by road.

Your morning will start with a journey to Agra, also familiar as Akbarabad during the time of Mughals. It is one of the major tourist spots of India. In the afternoon you will be taken to TajMahal, a name synonymous with love and romance. Derived from the name of Shah Jahan's wife, Mumtaz, it means "Crown Palace. The purity of the white marble, the picturesque location, precious gemstones used, and the exquisite ornamentation makesTajMahal one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Your next destination will be Agra Fort, where power was symbolized by grand palaces and forts. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this architectural structure was built during the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. Comprising of fairy-tale palaces like Jahangir Palace and KhasMahal, this place will provide you the opportunity to see Diwan-e-Aam and Diwan-e-Khas, which are familiar as private audience hall and public audience hall. You can spend the rest of the time in travelling to other places of interest. Overnight is in the city of love, Agra.

Highlights: Agra – Visit TajMahal& Agra Fort.

Day 04 Drive from Agra to Jaipur visiting FatehpurSikri en route.

This morning your journey starts from Agra to FatehpurSikri, a magnificent ancient city that was once the capital of the Mughal Empire during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Comprising of several historical monuments, it is one of the well-known UNESCO World heritage sites of India. Here you will get plentitude places to travel including Jama Masjid, the Tomb of SalimChishti, the five-storied Panch

Mahal and BulandDarwaza. You can also have a look at the elegant buildings like IbadatKhana, NaubatKhana, Mariam-uz-Zamani's palace, and Birbal's house.

Once your travel to FatehpurSikri is completed, you will be driven to your hotel in Jaipur, the ‘pink city’ and the capital of Rajasthan. Dawdling camels, leisurely cycle-rickshaws frustrate, and buzzing autorickshaws are the characteristics of this colourful city. While Prince of Wales in the 18th century came here, the whole city was painted in pink that later brings the title ‘pink city’. Jaipur was built by Maharaja Jai Singh 260 years back. Spend the day to travel the bazaars that represent the vibe of the city.

Highlights: Visit FatehpurSikri.

Day 05 Travel the tourist places in Jaipur and Amer Fort

Today, your journey will start from Amer Palace. Built with red sandstone and known for its blend of Hindu and Rajput style of architecture and mixture of Hindu and Muslim style of ornamentation, Amer fort still stands as a grand example of ancient Indian architecture. The earlier capital of Jaipur, this fort is divided into four sections each with a courtyard. The main entrance gate, Surajpol or the sun gate is well-known for its fascinating architecture. There is a temple of Goddess Sila Devi near the Ganesh Gate. The Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Sheesh Mahal and SukhNiwas are pretty beautiful. A wonderful climate is created by the wind at the SukhNiwas which blows over a water cascade. It is an amazing experience.

Located in the heart of the Pink City, the City Palace, a royal palace with seven-stories as well as JantarMantar, was where the Maharaja reigned from. Mathematicians and astronomers from all over the world are tempted to come here to witness this wonderful observatory. You will see a perfect blend of Mughal, Rajput and European styles here. It does not matter whether you are shopaholic or not, your trip to Jaipur will remain incomplete without shopping. Famous for carpets, clothes, precious as well as semi-precious stones and jewelry and handicrafts made of wood, and also for silk paintings and miniatures, this place will satiate your soul. Overnight is in the beautiful pink city of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

Highlights: Jaipur - Visit Amer Fort, City Palace, JantarMantar& drive past HawaMahal.

Day 06 Jaipur to Pushkar

A prominent Hindu pilgrimage town, Pushkar has a magnetism all of its own. Curled around a holy lake, it is one of the only Brahma temple of the world. According to Hindu mythology, when VajraNabha, a demon killed Brahma's children,Brahma killed him with a lotus flower. A petal fell in Pushkar and the lake was formed. Pushkar is a city of salvation. This town is famous for its camel fair when thousands of cattle and camels are traded. If you are fortunate enough, you can get a glimpse of the fair which is usually held in the months of October - November ( Dates vary every year, please check with us for the same.)

Highlights: Pushkar - visit the Sacred Lake and the Brahma Temple.

Day 07 Pushkar to Osian

This morning you will drive from Pushkar to Osian - surrounded by golden sand dunes and hamlets, an oasis in the Thar Desert. The Jain and Hindu Temples make it an important pilgrimage centre. Among the famous tourist attractions of the village are the 16 temples including Sachiya Mata temple, Sun temple, Mahaveera Jain temple, and many more dating back to the 8th to the 11th century. With their convoluted carvings, Sachiya Mata Temple, the Sun Temple, and the Jain temple dedicated to Lord Mahavir stand out in their elegance and architecture.The transport will be there at your disposal within the city limit.

Highlights: Visit Osian.

Day 08 Osian to Jaisalmer

An enormous sandcastle rising from the sandy plains like a mirage from a bygone era - the fort of Jaisalmer is a breathtaking sight. Situated in the Thar Desert, this ‘Golden City of India' is a colorful treasure trove of culture, tradition, art, sandstone architecture, and music. Mainly known for the yellow sand, magnificent palaces, camel safaris, marvelous mansions known as the havelis and beautiful Jain temples,the glorious heritage and the lively air of this city will blow your mind away. If you want to take a break from the bustling city, camp in the desert. Spend the afternoon by enjoying camel safari in the desert and the night in the city. Evening is at leisure in the golden city of Rajasthan.

Day 09 Top places to visit in Jaisalmer

Start your journey in the morning with Jaisalmer Fort, the oldest living forts of the world. The yellow stone used for constructing it makes it a shine like gold and that is why it is also known as "The Golden Fort" or “Sonar Quila”. Here, you will get a blend of Indian architecture with Military designs and ornamental designs of wooden carvings that enhance the glory of the fort. You will see Tazia Tower in this fort.

Next, you will travel to some of the havelis. Made up of yellow sandstone, SalimJi Ki Haveli served as the residence for Mohta family for decades. Exquisitely carved pillars painted with beautiful ornaments of Gold and silver give it an enigmatic glory. You can also travel to Patwaonki Haveli, a piece of architecture of ancient times.

Highlights: Jaisalmer - Visit the Jaisalmer Fort, Salim Ji Ki Haveli & Patwon ki Haveli.

Day 10 Drive from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur to Luni by road.

This morning, you will start your journey to Jodhpur, the Sun City or the Blue City and is the second largest city in the northern Indian state that was the former capital of Marwar kingdom. Named after its founder RaoJodha who established it in 1459, this blue city was the route of Delhi to Gujarat and was the popular trading centre for copper, silk, opium, and many more. Festivals and fairs like Gangaur, Teej, and Nag Panchmi, are celebrated with a big pomp. It is one of the important centers for big weddings and movie shootings.

In Jodhpur sightseeing, you will be taken to Meherangarh fort. The fort is known for its menacing thick walls with expansive courtyards and intricate carvings. MotiMahal, the pearl palace is one of the beautiful palaces situated in the fort and was built by Raja Sur Singh. Built by Maharaja Abhaya Singh, PhoolMahal or the palace of flowers is believed to be an elite and private chamber of pleasure.

Next, your travel continues to JaswantThada, Umaid Public Gardens, etc. After Jodhpur sightseeing, you will be driven to by road to Luni. Overnight is in Luni.

Highlights: Jodhpur - visit Meherangarh fort, JaswantThada and Umaid Public Gardens

Day 11 Luni to Deogarh by road.

Now, your journey from Luni to Deogarh will begin. The chieftains from Deogarh, set among the lakes and hills, had the title of Rawats and their estates were called thikanas. The massive fortress DeogarhMahal with its works of art, beautiful frescoes, galleries with engraved columns, has been converted to a hotel. The Dash avatar Vishnu Temple is the earliest known Panchayatan temple of north India. Overnight is in Deogarh.

Highlights: Sightseeing of Deogarh.

Day 12 Deogarh to Kumbhalgarh by road.

After the Great Wall of China, the Kumbhalgarh fort is believed to have the second-largest wall in the world. The width of the walls goes till 25 feet and the fort has seven gateways and about 360 Jain and Hindu temples inside the fort. From the top of the fort, you will get a beautiful view of the Aravalli hills as well as the Thar Desert. Overnight is in Kumbalgarh.

Highlights: Sightseeing of Kumbhalgarh.

Day 13 Kumbhalgarh to Ranakpur to Udaipur by road.

On the way, 98 km from Udaipur, you will stop at Ranakpur to visit the Jain Temples. Made of marble and composed of more than twenty halls and 1444 pillars, Chamukha temple of Ranakpur is dedicated to Adinathji the first Tirthankara. Next, places to traverse would be Surya Temple and the Jain Temple.

Familiar as the Venice of the East and the City of Lakes, Udaipur was founded by Rana Udai Singh in 1559. The legendary MaharanaPratap is remembered for his bravery. The city of Udaipur is known as the city of lakes and is one of the popular destination among tourists that must be visited when planing a trip to Rajasthan, India. Overnight is in the serene city of Udaipur.

Highlights: Sighseeing of Ranakpur temples.

Day 14 A day out in Udaipur

Besides shimmering Lake Pichola, with the wooded Aravalli Hills, Udaipur has a romance of its own. Fantastical palaces, havelis, temples, and crooked, countless narrow, timeless streets adjoin the human counterpoint to the natural charms of the city. Next, you will travel to Jagdish Temple built by MaharanaJagat Singh, Fatehsagar Lake built by MaharanaFateh Singh and BhartiyaLok Kala Mandir, a renowned museum in Udaipur. Sahelionki Bari will be your final destination here. Rest of the day is at leisure for you to opt for a boat ride at the Lake Pichola or to have high tea in on the hotels near the lake.

Highlights: Udaipur - Visit the City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandir, Sahelionki Bari & drive around Fatehsagar Lake.

Day 15 Fly from Udaipur to Delhi

Today, you will return back to Delhi from Udaipur. Here in Delhi, you can complete your last minute souvenir shopping. Hotel accommodation is not included. In time, you will be transformed to the airport for your departure/ onward journey flight. We hope you enjoyed your trip to India with us and we wish to see you again soon. Please note that the car is not at disposal this day and any additional trip will be chargeable.

Day 16 Departure

Since most of the international flights depart at night from Delhi, we will directly transfer you to the airport after your last minute shopping, if any. Like all good things, your Rural Rajasthan holiday package has also come to an end. Hope to see you again really soon.


Day Wise Hotel Details

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  • Day 01


    Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka

  • Day 02


    Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka

  • Day 03


    Grand Mercure

  • Day 04


    5 By Oyo Metropolitan

  • Day 05


    5 By Oyo Metropolitan

  • Day 06


    Jagat Palace

  • Day 07


  • Day 08


  • Day 09


  • Day 10


  • Day 11


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    Fateh Safari Resort

  • Day 13


    Ramada Udaipur Resort and Spa

  • Day 14


    Ramada Udaipur Resort and Spa

  • Day 15




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  • Transfers/visits by chosen vehicle

  • Taxes and assistance

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Market Visit & Cooking Class followed by Meal

Duration :3 – 3.5 hours

Cooking Class followed by Meal

Duration :2 -2.5 hours

Indian Family Meal Experience

Duration :1.5 - 2 hours

Delhi Shopping Tour

Duration :4 hours

Yoga at famous Lodhi Garden In Delhi

Duration :2 hours

Zangoora at Kingdom of Dreams (Temporarily closed)

Duration :3 hours

Jhumroo at Kingdom of Dreams

Duration :3 hours

Sound and Light Show at Red Fort in Delhi

Duration :1 hours


Mohabbat The Taj Show

Duration :80 minutes

Traditional Indian Welcome

Duration :15-20 minutes

Tonga Ride

Duration :05-10 minutes

Agra Walk

Duration :90 minutes

Agra Food Trail

Duration :1-2 hours

Cooking Demonstration and Family Dinner

Duration :2 hours


Elephant orphanage to understand this animal

Duration :3-4 hours

Local Art & Craft Workshops

Duration :3 hours

Block Printing Workshops

Duration :3 hours

Yoga & Meditation

Duration :1.5 hours

Indian Symbolic Wedding

Duration :5 hours

Indian Cooking Family Dinner & Haveli Dinner

Duration :3 hours

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari In Jaipur

Duration :2.5 hours

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari In Ranthambore

Duration :2.5 hours

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari In Pushkar

Duration :2.5 hours

Culture Walk

Duration :5 hours


Sunset camel ride with dinner

Duration :4-5 hours

Walk and talk by the Jaisalmer tour

Duration :4 hours

One day camel safari tour

Duration :18-20 hours

Overnight stay at a desert

Duration :20 hours

Full-Day Tour of Haunted and cursed village of Kuldhara from Jaisalmer

Duration :4-5 hours

Food Walk Tour Jaisalmer

Duration :2 hours

Half-Day Tour of Jaisalmer Sunset at Sand Dunes with Dinner

Duration :8 hours

Experience Overnight Desert camp In Thar Desert with Camel Ride - Jeep Safari

Duration :8-10 hours


Half day tour of Eklingji and Nagda

Duration :4-5 hours

Half day tour of Shilpgram

Duration :4 hours

Full day tour of Chittorgarh

Duration :8-9 hours

Full day trip to Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur

Duration :8-9 hours

2 Days Mount Abu and Ranakpur


Boat ride on Lake Pichola

Duration :1-1.5 hours

Walking tour of Udaipur old City

Duration :4 hours

Private cooking class in a Udaipur home

Duration :3 hours

Royal Food walk tour In Udaipur

Duration :2-3 hours

Evening Excursion: Bagore Ki Haveli Dance Show in Udaipur

Duration :3 hours

Jaisamand Sanctuary Ride

Duration :6-7 hours

Full Day Horse Ride Tour in Udaipur

Duration :8-10 hours

Half-Day Horse Ride Tour

Duration :4-6 hours

2-Hour Horse Ride Tour

Duration :2-3 hours


Rural Rajasthan Travel Package

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