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MICE Tourism in India


It is a well-known fact that India is a diverse country with beautiful vistas and most hospitable culture. It is due to its multifacetedness that it finds a place in the bucket list of tourists. India is suitable for all sorts of travelers, irrespective of their interests or needs - may it be a business traveller or a wanderer. It can please all and that too in a flawless manner. Over time, India has evolved magically in all senses and the same has contributed to its popularity as a tourist destination as well as the desired location for MICE. India represents a substantial business place where several multinational companies and conglomerates have their headquarters.

MICE is a type of tourism in which large groups of people gather at a particular place for a particular purpose. MICE are an acronym for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events/Exhibitions. Since India has progressed a lot in terms of facilities and infrastructure, it is gaining popularity nowadays as a MICE destination. The MICE events are either based on some particular theme or are related to a particular topic and usually a large no. of people belonging to the same field. In other words, it can be asserted that MICE is a niche of group tourism and includes everything which is required to make a business event successful. MICE is also referred to as “Meetings or Events Industry”. MICE tourism comprises services like transport, accommodation, technical support, event management, etc. Though MICE tourism mainly focuses on business activities, it’s another objective is to make the whole event of meetings and conferences enjoyable and hassle-free for attendees. MICE events can be organized at all levels - regional level, national level or even international level.

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MICE by Services International Ltd

Owned and promoted by Services International Lufthansa City Centre, is a strategic unit based in New Delhi. The company aims at providing memorable experiences to tourists visiting India from all over the world. Besides being a multilingual inbound tour operator company, we also provide MICE tourism services. Our team of travel professionals works hard for customer satisfaction. We provide high-quality services to tourists and our area of operation covers destinations like India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Vietnam, Nepal and Cambodia. The company features sufficient fleet to cater to a large no. of people at the same time. We enjoy special rates from all the suppliers of tourism services like hotels, resorts and transporters all over the country. The company has a vast experience of handling events of leading brands. Some of the major ones include Colgate Palmolive from France, Mercedes from Spain, BP from Spain, Caracol TV from Colombia (Desafío 2015), Volvo from Spain, and Citroën from Spain. Moreover, we have also managed several high-end weddings for international clients. Our team of professionals manage everything taking into consideration every minute detail and customer satisfaction.


Whatever may be the nature of the organization, meetings form a vital part of the business. Meetings serve as a platform to discuss development, sales, new ideas and business ventures. Earlier, meetings used to be organized within the walls of the company but over time, things have changed and now meetings are seen as something very important and are organized on multiple levels and that too in particular meeting halls. Certain productive results and strategies are expected out of a meeting. Meetings aim at generating new ideas and formulating strategies for the advancement of the business firm. Meetings can be of any type - regional, corporate, national or international. Companies are likely to choose the location for their meetings based on their core values and relative expensiveness. India has multiple business hotels and resorts, where professionals can avail all international standard facilities. Moreover, deciding to have a meeting in some faraway location has various benefits. Not only it contributes to the good health of the business but it also ensures that business professionals feel refreshed. Along with attending meetings, they can also indulge in some sightseeing and fun activities. So, in case you are looking out for a company to organize each and everything for you so that you can have trouble free meeting as well as enjoyment, confide in us and you won’t be disappointed.



At present, the incentive is the major component of MICE tourism. Incentive travel is a type of tourism in which an employee is rewarded by the organization for his previous performance. By giving incentive trips to employees, companies seem to encourage their employees to boost productivity and reach higher targets. Incentive programs are the most efficient ones to motivate employees and appreciate their work. Incentive tours can be offered to a wide range of personnel including sales executives, distributors, production workers, dealers, technical staff and many more. These trips not only serve as job perks but also relieve employees from their monotonous lives.

Whether the organization belongs to the hospitality industry or the commerce industry, incentive travel is the emerging trend in almost all industries today. One such popular incentive destination in the world is India. People are attracted to the country due to its diverse culture and vast topography. It is well-suited for people having varied interests. From snow-laden mountain peaks to mesmerizing hill stations and from dense jungles to golden sand deserts, India has almost everything to delight an employee. So, in case you are looking for incentive tour packages for employees of your organization check out our wide collection of tour packages and reward your staff with the most unforgettable travel experiences. This will not only please them but will also boost their morale, which will further contribute towards the welfare of the organization.



Conference refers to an association of people who meet at a predetermined place to discuss some common point of interest. Conferences can be of any type - trade, industry, profession, fandom, science fiction, etc. Similar to meetings, conferences can also be held at all levels - regional, national and international. As conferences play an important role in business, even a small mistake can do great harm to the entire event. The conference comprises many things such as accommodation, venue selection, hospitality, resource management, etc. Therefore, the company needs to rely on a well-reputed firm for looking after all the arrangements of a conference. India has enough potential to serve as a wonderful venue for conferences of global level. One can decide to take a tour of India either before or after the conference. India can delight the visitors through its sightseeing sites, ancient temples, centuries-old museums and a plethora of exciting activities. There are several places in India which attract the professionals to have their conference. The hotels and resorts have meeting rooms, convention centres and conference halls where a lot of people can fit in at the same time. Some of the important conference centres located in the country are in New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, etc. MICE segment of makes sure that the entire event happens without any obstacle and attendees have an unforgettable experience of visiting India.



Exhibitions are the events organized for showcasing certain products/services to the audience with an objective of inducing sales or informing them about the characteristics of the product/service. This is usually done as a promotion tool. Exhibitions are usually held within an educational or cultural setting such as museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, fairs, etc. Since India is a culturally diverse country, where one can find a lot of venues for organizing special events/exhibitions. Exhibitions can be organized in luxury hotels, exotic resorts or auditoriums. As exhibitions are expected to be attended by a huge number of people, the venue must be spacious enough. So, if you are thinking about organizing an exhibition, you can get in touch with us. Either you can inform us about your chosen destination or you can rely on us for the destination by giving all the information about needs, budget and demands. Some of the most sought-after exhibition centres in India are Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, Chennai Trade Centre in Chennai, Nehru Centre in Mumbai and many others. We excel at managing exhibitions including accommodation and transport arrangements. Look forward to us for a successful exhibition.


To assist you with your travel needs and management requirements, we are at your disposal. You just need to provide us with all the necessary information regarding the concerned programme and you will get it all organized in a flawless manner. Our professional team pledges to make every event a success with their experience, teamwork and dedication.

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