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Things to do in Arunachal pradesh

Planning to visit the magical state of the Northeast? Here are some things to do in Arunachal Pradesh that can help you in unraveling the state better. The visit to these top tourist attractions is a must for tourists seeking adventure and thrill. Come experience most beautiful sunrises before anyone else.

Bhalukpong, Arunachal pradesh.

  • : Bhalukpong, Arunachal Pradesh - 790114..
  • : Closest airport: Tezpur (50.4 km); Closest railway station: Rangapara (46.2 km)..
  • : Open 24 hours.
  • : Overnight-2 days..
  • : November and December are ideal months..
  • : Hotels, tourist lodges and circuit houses available..
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Bhalukpong is a small town located in the southern reaches of the Himalayas in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Bhalukpong is popular among the tourist for its breathtaking beauty and ultimate serene ambiance. Bhalukpong is a home to several virgin forests, and flowing Kameng River which all contribute towards making the hamlet an adventurous as well as pacifying holiday destination.
Bhalukpong offers its travelers a plethora of outdoor activities that include trekking, fishing, angling, hiking, camping and river rafting. There is a perfectly balanced coagulation of several ethnic tribes which gives the anthropologists luxuriously ample opportunities to explore the culture, food, lifestyle and languages of these tribes.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

Bhalukpong attracts the tourists mainly for its breathtaking scenic beauty. Apart from that the offerings of outdoor activities like trekking, fishing and angling make it a favorite among the adventurous ones. Camping is a beautiful option for the ones who want to halt in the hillock enroute the nearby places. Trekking and hiking are comfortably carried on by hundreds who come down for a relatively easy trekking spot.

Things to doThings to do

Bhalukpong welcomes everyone who are seeking for some thrilling as well as peaceful vacation in a fresh ambiance. While the adventurous at heart can opt for outdoor activities, the nature lovers would be wooed by the spectacular landscapes, while the travel-freaks would have a great time exploring the different tribes as well as their lifestyles.

Dirang, Arunachal pradesh.

  • : Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh - 790101..
  • : Closest airport: Tezpur (86.32 km); Closest railway station: Tezpur (193 km)..
  • : Open 24 hours.
  • : 2 days.
  • : November-February is the ideal time..
  • : Homestay, hotels and resorts available.
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Dirang is a beautiful village and a must-visit halt on the way to Tawang. Sitting on the icy-blue Dirang River, the village is a little heaven on earth. Beautifully ornamented with high sky-reaching mountains, fresh blue flowing river, traditional houses and lots of fresh air, Dirang tops among the must-visit villages across the country.
Dirang serves as the perfect escape and hideout to spend few days for a peaceful holiday away from the chaos of city-life. Snow-clad mountains, a rustic charisma and the ultimate top-up of spirituality are the balanced ingredients to make Dirang a popular tourist spot.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

Dirang has some of the most interesting spots to discover. Few km south to the main area is the Monpa village while Dirang Dzong is 50 m from the main road. The latter is a stout stone gate that lead to an old citadel with a whole lot of stone-and-wood houses. Thupsung Dhargyeling Gompa is the most spectacular Buddhist monastery in Dirang located near to the central crossroads. It was consecrated by the Dalai Lama in 2017. The historic fortified Monpa village of Thembang, 25 km east of Dirang is yet another major tourist attraction especially for its homestays full of hospitality and love.

Things to doThings to do

Thupsung Dhargyeling Gompa is must to be explored which is the most lavish Buddhist monastery in the village. It has a circuit of over 600 prayer wheels all surrounding the main prayer hall which is mind-blowing with exclusive paintwork and colorful cloth hangings. It is a sheer delight to watch the entire place shimmering and glowing under sunlight.

Eagle's Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal pradesh.

Eagle's Nest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • : Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh ..
  • : Closest airport: Tezpur (229 km), Closest railway station: Bhalukpong (200 km)..
  • : N/A.
  • : 4-5 hours.
  • : October-April is the best time..
  • : Forest camps and tents in the sanctuary, hotels at nearby places..
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Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area located in the Himalayan foothills of West Kameng District. Sessa Orchid Sanctuary is located at its northeast while Pakhui Tiger Reserve across the Kameng River lies to the east. It is also known as Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary and is a part of the Kameng Elephant Reserve.
The altitude of the sanctuary ranges in extreme from 1,640 ft to 10,663 ft. The sanctuary is the home to some of the rarest of the species of birds amidst the breathtakingly picturesque hills and the mountainous wildlife and vegetation captivating the travelers’ imagination in the best way.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is the residence of more than 34 species of amphibians, 24 species of snakes, 7 species of lizards, and 165 species of butterflies. However, the exclusive 454 species of birds are the most interesting for the tourists that include the beautiful nuthatch, red-headed trogon, red-faced liocichla, Ward’s trogon, slender-billed scimitar babbler, and many more. Rare birds like the grey peacock pheasant, Blyth’s tragopan, and Temminck’s tragopan are also sighted frequently. Clouded leopard, marbled cat, Asian golden cat and leopard cat form a major part of the fauna of the sanctuary. Other mammal species include the endangered capped langurArunachal macaque, , red panda, Asiatic black bear and the vulnerable, and gaur.

Things to doThings to do

There are several camps like Lama Camp, Bompu Camp and Sessni Camp – each one depicting its own beauty and exotic flora and fauna. Explore these and go for overnight camping to capture the best of the entire tour. There are options for safari – to behold the colorful birds – in their natural habitats. Do keep your eyes and cameras ready to capture the wonderful hues preserving it forever.

Glow Lake, Arunachal pradesh.

Glow Lake
  • : Glow Lake, Arunachal Pradesh 792102, India..
  • : Closest airport: Dibrugarh (144 km); Closest railway station: Tinsukia (113 km)..
  • : Open 24 hours
  • : 5-6 hours..
  • : October to April is the best time to visit..
  • : Hotels and resorts available..
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Glow Lake near Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh is an exceptionally beautiful place that lies north to the Wakro Town. Spread across an area of 8 sq km and a circumference of about 4-5 km, the lake lies amid the Kamlnag Wildlife Sanctuary. The lake can be accessed only by trekking.
The popular pilgrimage Parshuram Kund is located quite nearby. The Glow Lake is a part of the Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary, which is rich in flora and fauna. Animals like lephant, leopard cat, wild boar, civet, deer, giant squirrel and flying squirrel are found in abundance in the region.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The rising sun behind the gorgeous mountains make the lake a desirable place. The journey on the way is equally adventurous for its trekking route, which is at times quite risky and takes skillful trekking techniques. It is a photographer’s paradise for its natural beauty as well as for the birdwatchers for the crowd of birds it pulls.

Things to doThings to do

Adventurous ones must opt for the trekking as the main attraction of the place. And the nature lovers can treat their eyes with the scenic beauty the entire region offers. Photographers must carry enough power resources and lenses to capture the landscapes as well as the birds that flock in the region during sunrise and sunset mainly.

Golden Pagoda, Arunachal pradesh.

Golden Pagoda
  • : Noi Chenam, Tengapani, Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh - 792103..
  • : Closest airport: Dibrugarh (131 km via NH15); Closest railway station: Tinsukia (98 km via NH15).
  • : 6:30am - 6:30pm
  • : Upto you, evenings are best..
  • : September - April..
  • : Resorts and hotels available..
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The Golden Pagoda of Namsai is a Burmese style Buddhist temple that was open to public in 2010. It is also known by the name of Kongmu Kham. Spread across an area of 20 hectare complex, the temple was built under the administration of the local MLA and Arunachal politician Chowna Mein. There are 12 sub domes and the main and the largest dome is placed over middle portion of the main shrine. The structure is built in Burmese architectural design and style.
The temple is the residence of a number of Buddhist monks and followers. The environment of the temple is extremely peaceful and the entire complex is well-maintained by the administration. The highway where the monastery is constructed leads to Parshuram Kund, and the location where it stands adds natural beauty to the already peaceful surrounding.

Madhuri Lake, Arunachal pradesh.

Madhuri Lake
  • : Sungester Lake, Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh - 791102..
  • : N/A.
  • : Day time
  • : 2 hours.
  • : October, November, March, April and May are ideal months..
  • : Hotels and resorts available..
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Madhuri Lake, originally known as The Sangestar Tso Lake is located on the way from Tawang to Bum La Pass near Indo-China border in Arunachal Pradesh. Nestled at an altitude of 15200 ft above sea level, Madhuri Lake is a favorite among the tourists traveling from all over the country. The lake is 20 km away from Tawang town and 7 km beyond the spot where it bifurcates leading to the road to Bum La Pass.
The Sangestar Tso Lake derives its name Madhuri Lake from the Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit who featured in one of her movies near this lake. It is often covered with heavy snow throughout the year. The lake was naturally formed by falling rocks, boulders and trees post an earthquake in 1950. The lake is managed and maintained by the Indian Army.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The lake is among the remotest lakes of the country and stands out for its breathtaking combination of rocky mountains and the natural waterbody creating a beauty is beyond description. Treat your eyes with the sight to behold where the lake is tucked between huge mountains with a crowd of tree trunks guarding the lake from all sides. It is a special place for Buddhists who come here to pray in its serene ambiance.

Things to doThings to do

The lake has a breathtaking surrounding amidst lush valleys, and snow-capped mountains. A leisurely walk by the sides of the lake is a refreshing way to explore the surroundings in its best possibility. The entire area is a photographer’s paradise offering so much natural beauty to capture and treasure.

Mehao Lake, Arunachal pradesh.

Mehao Lake
  • : Mehao Lake, Arunachal Pradesh - 792110, India..
  • : Closest airport: Dibrugarh (117 km) & Closest railway station: Tinsukia Junction (95.4 km).
  • : Any time on the day.(24 hours)
  • : 2 hours..
  • : October-March is the best time to visit..
  • : Budget & Luxury Hotels available..
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Mehao Lake is a natural lake located in the midst of beautiful lush green forest that forms a major part of the 17 km stretch of Mehao Wildlife. The natural lake is located at an elevation of 3000 ft and spans over a total area of 4 sq km attracting a huge number of birds including wild ducks. The surrounding of the lake is rich in flora and fauna, and is counted as one of the most beautiful places in Arunachal Pradesh.
The lake was naturally formed on 15th August 1950 caused by an earthquake. Since then, Mehao Lake has been a major tourist destination especially for its crystal clear water and rich vegetation of the surrounding. It is termed as an Oligotrophic Lake by the geologists as there are no fishes in the water. Located around 17 km from the main town of Mehao, it is easily accessible via a taxi or a private vehicle.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The serene ambiance and the rich flora, fauna and avifauna are the major tourist attractions of the place. Wild ducks flock at the clear water of the lake which eventually pulls a huge number of travelers. Apart from ducks and other birds, what makes the lake popular and favorite among the travelers is the rugged mountainous belt at the backdrop which adds to the beauty of the picturesque landscape.

Things to doThings to do

The Mehao Lake is a wonder for the nature lovers and a living treasure for scientists like ornithologists, zoologists, botanists, ecologists and more. One can try boating in the calm water of the lake, while enjoying bird-watching around the area. There is a small pathway for trekking to the lake through the virgin forest, which an adventure lover would love to try.

Namdapha National Park, Arunachal pradesh.

Namdapha National Park
  • : Namdapha Tiger Reserve, MV Road, Arunachal Pradesh - 792122.
  • : Closest airport: Dibrugarh (218 km); Closest railway station: Tinsukia (185 km via NH 15).
  • : 10am-8:30pm.
  • : 4-5 hours..
  • : October-March is the best time to visit..
  • : Resorts, and hotels of every budget and comfort level available..
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Namdapha National Park is located in the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh and has a wide variety of demographic beauty to treat your eyes with. It is the largest protected area in the Eastern Himalayan Biodiversity Hotspot and is counted in the richest areas in biodiversity in India. Namdapha National Park was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1972 and was later declared as a tiger reserve in 1983.
Covering a total area of 1808 sq km, the sanctuary is famous as the only national park to house four big cat species - leopard, tiger, clouded leopard and snow leopard. No other national park in the world has a wider altitudinal variation than this sanctuary which varies from 200m to 4500m with snow-capped high hills. The demographic variation has given rise to the diverse flora and fauna of the reserve.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The major attractions of the place include activities like elephant safari, trekking and boat ride. A wide variety of mammals, birds and reptiles inhabit the region making it rich in wildlife. Other attractions include the Milao Museum that exhibits many snake and frog specimens as well as a large number of bird skins, mammal pelts and skulls. The Milao Zoo is another favorite among the travelers, especially kids, for different rare species like black bear, Hoolock gibbons, slow loris and barking deer.

Things to doThings to do

Please note that there is no availability of jeeps for jeep safari. However, elephant safaris are must try to explore the fauna in their natural habitat. Watch nature closely and in their raw form while taking a ride on the elephant. Trekking is another must-try experience to explore the diversity in altitude in the area. Take a boat ride in the nearby water-bodies and watch the several species of butterflies and moths thriving in the region in abundance.

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal pradesh.

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary
  • : Itakhola Seijusa Road, Seijosa, Arunachal Pradesh - 790103..
  • : Closest airport: Tezpur (45 km); Closest railway station: Rangapara (33.6 km)..
  • : 8am-6pm.
  • : 4-5 hours.
  • : November-April is the ideal time..
  • : Forest rest houses, Jungle camps, homestays, tea bungalows, hotels and inns available.
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Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Pakke Tiger Reserve is located at the east Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. Covering a vast area of 862 sq km, the sanctuary is protected by the Department of Environment and Forest of Arunachal Pradesh. The wildlife reserve was originally constituted in 1966 and was declared a sanctuary in March 1977.
The sanctuary offers some heavenly landscape view and serves as a home to some of the rarest species of flora and fauna. It is an ideal spot for wildlife lovers and also for the photography freaks who can capture the glimpse of four species of hornbills along with numerous animal and bird species. It is well-maintained and protected by the Forest Department and local communities, and had won India Biodiversity Award in 2016 in the category of ‘Conservation of threatened species’ for its Hornbill Nest Adoption Programme..

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

While the main attraction of the sanctuary is the ultimate divine beauty of the region, the flora and fauna perfectly complement the former. The flora is rich with 343 woody species of flowering plants found in the region of lowland semi-evergreen, evergreen forest and Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests. The fauna is mostly all about tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, jungle cat, wild boar, rhesus macaque, Assamese macaque, yellow throated Martin, Malayan giant squirrel, flying squirrel, squirrel, civet, wild dog jackal, Himalayan black bear, binturong, elephant, gaur, sambar, hog deer, barking deer, capped langur and bison.

Things to doThings to do

The Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit for all who want some thrill amidst calm and composed yet rugged nature with the wild side. It is a heaven for the ones with camera – capturing colorful avifauna with the backdrop of lush green forest is divine. Engage in the exciting feeling of watching a vast number of fauna (40 species of mammals, 30 species of amphibians and 36 species of reptiles) and 2000 species of plants.

Parshuram Kund, Arunachal pradesh.

Parshuram Kund
  • : Parsuram Kund, Arunachal Pradesh - 792102, India..
  • : Closest airport: Dibrugarh (194.7 km via NH 15); Closest railway station: Tinsukia Junction (162 km via NH15)..
  • : Open 24 hours
  • : 2-3 hours..
  • : November-February is good time, January (Makar Sankranti) attracts maximum tourists..
  • : Budget, standard and luxury hotels available..
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The Parshuram Kund is one of the most sacred pilgrimage centers of the Hindus located in Arunachal Pradesh. Situated on the Brahmaputra plateau in the lower region of the Lohit River, the popular site is dedicated to sage Parshuram. The site attracts over 70,000 devotees all the way from Nepal, all across India and the maximum from nearby states of Manipur and Assam. The pilgrims gather here every year during the pious occasion of Makar Sankranti in January to take a dip in the water of shrine.
Legends and mythology say that Lord Parshuram (6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) had beheaded his mother Renuka with his axe on the orders of the father Rishi Jamadagni. And post the heinous crime, his axe got stuck in his hand. He repented for his crime and arrived at the banks of River Lohit to wash his hands in its pure water. As he dipped his hand in the water, the axe came off. This is the site now known as Parshuram Kund and worshipped for its religious value.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

Annual fair is held during Makara Sankranti where cattle like wild cows, rare fur-rugs and other curios are sold by the traders coming down from the mountain. The temple built near the spot is beautiful and draws attention of the travelers. The entire ambiance fully filled with spirituality and tradition perfectly balanced with the natural beauty of the hillocks surrounding the region.

Things to doThings to do

One can go for trekking from Tezu to glow lake that takes a full day to cover the distance. Hiking, river rafting and angling on river Lohit are few more options, while a calm boat ride on the river is a contrasting option for the ones who want to keep it low. Above all, a sacred dip into the holy water is a must among the devotees.

Sally Lake, Arunachal pradesh.

Sally Lake
  • : Dibang Valley District, Roing, Arunachal Pradesh 792110..
  • : Closest airport: Dibrugarh (152.8 km via NH115) & Closest railway station: Tinsukia (119.7 km via NH115)..
  • : 6am-6pm
  • : 2 hours..
  • : October-December is the best time to visit..
  • : Tourist lodge available right near the Sally Lake..
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Sally Lake is a natural lake located in the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary around 3 km from Roing. Surrounded by thick forests rich in vegetation and wildlife, Sally Lake is a favorite among the tourists visiting Arunachal Pradesh.
The famous Sally Lake has a serene enclosure of tranquil atmosphere that looks down on the far horizon as well as the Dibang River flowing down in different branches in different directions. The clear water of the lake is the house to a number of fishes which adds to the thrilling experience of the entire ambiance.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The Sally Lake and the entire enclosure surrounding the lake is a beautiful escape for the ones who are looking for some peaceful time amidst nature, and also for the ones who want to find some adventure close to the nature. The place is a pure delight especially for the kids who would love to try boating in the lake and for the grownups too to enjoy the serene beauty of the ambiance.

Things to doThings to do

Do remember to take your cameras along and capture some of the most beautiful pictures of the surrounding – the natural water body, the thick dense forest, the spectacular valley and the clear water housing colorful fishes. Boating around the lake is a heavenly experience for the tourists and a must try to spend some time close to the nature.

Sela Pass, Arunachal pradesh.

Sela Pass
  • : State Highway Arunachal, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh - 790105..
  • : Tawang (23.4 km); Closest railway station: Rangapara (Assam) (247.3 km)..
  • : 8:00am - 6:00pm.
  • : 2 hours..
  • : October, November, March, April and May are best months to visit..
  • : Hotels and guest houses available at Tawang..
quotationBasic info

Sela Pass is for you if you are the fan of trekking and hiking at high altitudes. Located at 13700 ft, Sela Pass is certain to woo you over with its snowy mountains and breathtaking beauty secluded from civilization and cities. It is one of the most popular spots for travelers who are visiting north-east regions of India. It is a paradise for nature lovers.
Located in the Himalayan Vista, Sela Pass along with the Sela Lake is the ultimate lifeline to the residents of Arunachal Pradesh. The Sela Pass connects Tawang district to the state and to the rest of the country. The beauty of the pass lies mainly in the snow covered picturesque scene which offers a glimpse of the beautiful views of the eastern Himalayan range.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The Sela Pass and the Sela Lake are both an absolute delight for the tourists. Located at an altitude of 4170 m, the pass is a gateway to Arunachal as well as a showoff of nature and its extreme beauty. The frozen Sela Lake view from the Sela Pass is sure to take your breath away. On the way to Tawang city (80 km), Sela Pass makes a perfect spot to halt and relax to refresh your mind, eyes and body.

Things to doThings to do

The place is the hotspot for trekking. You have to be a skilled trekker to hike the high altitudes, though the not-so-skilled ones too can try to pump up their adrenalin. Apart from trekking, the Sela Pass makes it the best destination for the photography lovers. With so much natural beauty to capture in their lenses, Sela Pass is every photographer’s dream destination..

Tawang Monastery, Arunachal pradesh.

Tawang Monastery
  • : Cona, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh - 790104..
  • : Closest airport: Tawang helipad (2 km), Closest railway station: Rangapara (322 km).
  • : 7am-7pm.
  • : 2-3 hours.
  • : March-September is the ideal time ..
  • : Guest houses available..
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The Tawang Monastery is beautifully tucked in the picturesque surroundings of Arunachal Pradesh. Also known as the Golden Namgyal Lhatse, the Tawang Monastery is perched at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level and is considered as the second largest monastery in the world right after Lhasa. Tawang Monastery is 400 years old and controls 17 gompas in the region.
The monastery is an abode for over 450 monks and is especially popular for the massive 8 m high statue of Lord Buddha. Worth mentioning is the main temple Dukhang, that displays magnificent interiors with beautiful artwork and the inner walls with sketches and paintings of Bodhisattvas. There is a library which is stocked with valuable old scriptures like Kangyur and Tengyur.

Tawang War Memorial, Arunachal pradesh.

Tawang War Memorial
  • : Cona, Shannan, Arunachal Pradesh - 790104..
  • : Closest airport: Tawang helipad (2 km); Closest railway station: Rangapara (322 km)..
  • : 7:00am–6pm.
  • : 1 hour..
  • : March-September is the ideal time..
  • : Hotels and resorts available..
quotationBasic info

Tawang War Memorial is a 40-feet high memorial, which is dedicated to the war heroes and soldiers of the Indian Army of Sino-India war in 1962. The colorful memorial is also known as Namgyal Chorten and the structure is quite similar to the design of a huge stupa. The memorial overlooks the Tawang-Chu Valley and is standing at a slope visited by the Dalai Lama in 1997. Tawang is heavily militarised due to its closeness to the Indo-China border and has some heroic tales of bravery and wars.
One can spot the names of the soldiers on the granite plates that count up to 2420 in total. It is one of the most popular destinations among the travelers who are taking a trip to Arunachal Pradesh. There are two rooms in each side of the memorial with maps, photographs, artifacts and trivia of the war heroes, their lives and the war itself.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

There is a museum near the Tawang War Memorial that displays the relevant items of the war – such as pots, bullets, guns, helmets, mugs and many more. One can find newspaper cuttings, maps and photographs too depicting the lives and contributions of the Indian Army. There are details of the war pinpointing the placements of both the armies. It is a must visit for all to know about our country and the lives of Indian Army soldiers.

Things to doThings to do

Expand your history and knowledge about wars that India fought by visiting the spot and knowing about the 2420 brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. The light and music shows held every evening at 6:30pm is a must watch for the travelers to rejuvenate your mind, eyes and soul with. The entire ambiance, the models, the details – everything together is certain to evoke patriotism in you to its best.

Ziro Valley / Apatani Plateau, Arunachal pradesh.

Ziro Valley / Apatani Plateau
  • : Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh - 791120..
  • : Closest airport: Tezpur (272.9 km via NH 15 and NH13); Closest railway station: North Lakhimpur (120.1 km via NH13)..
  • : Open 24 hours.
  • : Overnight stays.
  • : October-March is the best time period..
  • : Campsites, cottages, homestays, hotels and resorts available..
quotationBasic info

Ziro has been a favorite town for World Heritage Sites since quite a number of years. Located in lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh at 115 km from Itanagar, Ziro was shortlisted in the possible nomination of UNESCO for inscription in the World Heritage Site. The valley is located at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level.
The Ziro valley is an offbeat destination for the ones who are looking for new places still undiscovered and unexplored by many. Considered as the heartland of every solo traveler, the place is assured to give you the peace of mind that you have been looking for. The tribal festivals, Ziro music fests and the rock concerts organized locally are the perfect boosters for some fun and frolic.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

Once in Ziro valley, you will find the scenic beauty straight from the pages of a calendar. Perched at a high altitude, Ziro has hills covered with bamboo and pine forests, which are surrounded with paddy fields. The famous Apatani tribe is interesting where the women get facial tattoos in order to “hide” their beauty from men of other tribes. The Ziro Music Festival is one of the best music festivals of India that originated in 2012 to celebrate music and people. The most popular genres of music played here are fusion, funk, indie, alternative, rock and, heavy metal acts.

Things to doThings to do

Camping at Ziro valley is something one shouldn’t miss across the stretches of lush green grasslands. Ziro official campsite offers you all the amenities for camping, or you may bring your own accessories as well. Food at Ziro is pure delight to the taste buds where different kinds are served at different places throughout the area.

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