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Orange county nagarhole national park karnataka

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Orange county, nagarhole national park, karnataka Overviews

In all over Asia, the Nagarhole ecosystem consists of the highest density of herbivores and is home to some of the most endangered wildlife creatures. Around one hundred and eight animals are present per square kilometer. The larger herbivores present in the ecosystem include the majestic.Asian Elephant, Four Horned Antelope, Wild Pig, Muntjak, Chital, Sambar, Common Langur, Bonnet Macaque and several more. These herbivores are often preyed upon by the carnivores also present in the land. They include tigers, leopards and wild dogs. This coexistence of herbivores and carnivores


The Evolve Back experience promises the epitome of luxury to their guests. The balance between nature and man is meticulously maintained in order to achieve perfect harmony between the two. Walk into indigenous cultures and explore the life in these regions. Have your senses rejuvenated along with your mind, body and soul respired as they connect as one with the spirit of this enchanted land.

Every single detail is paid extraordinarily high attention in order to achieve peak quality. No compromises made, no corners have been cut and no expenses spared to offer the finest of the finest to every single of our guests and ensure them to have an extraordinary experience. The pool reserve is a magnificent hut which consists of lavish dining spaces and bedroom, a sensation bathroom along with a temperature controlled private pool. One can also enjoy the extraordinary star bed in order to enjoy the star studded nights of Kabini. Another opulent ode to privacy could be enjoyed at the Pool Hut, one of the most luxurious settings at the resort. With a spacious living and dining area clubbed with a palatial bedroom, the hut also consists of your personal swimming area, a courtyard and an opulent bathroom. The Jacuzzi Hut consists of sumptuous living areas along with comfortable bedrooms. The most unique feature of this space is the open-to-sky Jacuzzi.

Experience some of the most delectable cuisines and dishes at this iconic resort. Every meal will be memorable and tingle your taste buds, leaving them craving for only more. By the Kamini is one of the most serene settings to enjoy your meal at. With a three hundred and sixty-degree view, the place is a true ode to the natural beauty surrounding you. Candle light cruise is truly a one of a kind experience. Perch inside a boat as you enjoy your delectable meal along with your loved one, while you look out to the majestic sunset views of Kabini. Honey Comb is the fine dining restaurant of the resort and has been named after the honey gathering Jenu Kuruba tribe. The Kuruba Grill is a specialty restaurant and is dedicated towards serving some of the most delectable kebabs and grills. Enjoy in the scenic setting while you pamper your palette with some of the most delicious preparations.

Safari option with orange county

The activities in which one can indulge in while in this magnificent resort are extraordinary. One can go for a boat safari, where you shall travel upstream from the resort on the Kabini river. The coracle ride involves traveling on a traditional round shaped boat which is referred to as a coracle. The design of this particular boat is unique and certainly worth experiencing. As the evening deepens, enjoy a troupe of Kuruba tribal dancers perform their traditional dance forms. Come next morning, head over for a guided nature walk and unravel the natural beauty of this place for yourself. Go for a night trail and explore the nocturnal life of this majestic land. It opens up a whole new world as night falls in the land of Kabini. One can also go for a Safari and spot some of the most majestic creatures prowling around in the ecosystem.

Kabini promises to be one of the most magical destinations to head over to and your stay with us shall only complement and enhance this rich and enchanting experience. So, wait no longer and come over for an experience of a lifetime, one that shall remain embedded in your cherished memories until the end of time. Rejuvenate and replenish your body, mind and senses as you explore this land, interact with the indigenous cultures and simply have a magnificent time.

Resorts at National park

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