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Things to do in Mizoram

For nature lovers, here is the list of things to do in Mizoram. The state is surrounded with the beauty of nature. These top tourist attractions are some of the popular destinations among travelers coming to this state of beautiful mountains and rare orchids. Visit Mizoram to reconnect with nature.

Castle of Beino (Kolodyne), Mizoram.

Castle of Beino (Kolodyne)
  • : Lodaw, Mizoram 796911, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (374 km); closest railway station: Silchar (515 km)..
  • : Open 24 hours.
  • : Around 2 to 2.5 hours..
  • : February to May..
  • : Tourist Lodge available..
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The Castle of Beino on the Kolodyne River is a natural formation and a geological marvel. It is a true craftsmanship of the nature where the sprawling alley of rocks stands on both sides of the river like a canvas. However, according to the locals, it is the home to the river goddess, Kolodyne. She is considered as the true protector and the savior of the region. Tourists can know more about the legends and stories of the area from the local guides.
The Kolodyne River is also referred as Kaladan River, originates at Zinghmuh in Burma. This river is an important source of fresh water for the locals and an essential source of livelihood for the local fishermen. Interestingly, due to its location in the deep interior of the Mizoram, this place is yet to be explored by many and hence, still remains a virginal spot. People who want to explore exotic and off-beat destination, should definitely plan a trip to Castle of Beino.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The Castle of Beno is divided in different sections. According to locals, each part of this geological marvel is a separate quarter of the castle. On the main entrance of the structure, it might seem as if soldiers are standing in strict vigil. Also, the structures like the Kitchen and the Great Hall of the Queen have some likeness to their indented names. The river water is very clear, creating a beautiful reflection of the structure and making it a fascinating view.
The area is the home to some beautiful birds and animals, making it a suitable location for watching the wildlife up close. Carrying binoculars and other suitable devices can come quite handy in watching the exotic flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Things to doThings to do

Hiking for tourist experienced in difficult terrains is a must. Hiring a boat is advisable to explore the region more easily. Tourists who like to discover off-beat destinations can definitely check this place. The Castle of Beino and the surrounding areas is ideal subject for nature photography.

Hla Kungpui Mual (Mizo Poet's Square), Mizoram.

Hla Kungpui Mual (Mizo Poet's Square)
  • : S. Khawbung, Mizoram 796320, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (234 km); closest railway station: Silchar (375 km)..
  • : 12am-4pm and 9pm-12am .
  • : Around 2 hours.
  • : October to March..
  • : Hotels (Standard and budget) available..
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Mizo Hlakungpui Mual or the Mizo Poet Square is a commemorate structure built to honor the poets and writers of the state. This beautiful site was set up in 1986 in a fashion similar to the famous Poet�s Corner in the Westminster Abbey. Important writers and poets from different era have found their space in this spot, and are frequently visited by the fans.
A poet or the writer has to fulfill certain criterions before being featured here. Firstly, the nominated candidate has to write more than three books in Mizo language bringing in exceptional value to the literature. Secondly, the person could only be included in the memorial after five years of their demise. During 1986, only handful poets were included in the memorial building. However in 1996, the deciding committee proposed to include few more poets into the memorial. Same initiative was carried out in 2006 and again in 2011. The memorial stones are arranged in a parallel line, with memorials facing each others. It seems as if the poets are discussing and sharing notes about a certain Mizo literary movement. The parallel lines end at the pyramidal tomb of Patea and Damhauhva.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The graves of important MIzo Poets, Patea and Damhuhva, are important things to see here. These two were the first poets to be honored in this memorial site. The skeletal remains of these two poets were taken out from their original resting place and buried here during the inauguration of the structure. Also, the beautiful surrounding filled with greenery are a must experience for a nature lover.

Things to doThings to do

Firstly, visit to the graves of important Mizo poets is a must. Tourists can also go for hiking in the nearby hills. The bird watchers can see variety of birds that frequently visit this area. Photography enthusiasts can also click pictures.

Hmuifang Tlang, Mizoram.

Hmuifang Tlang
  • : Hmuifang, Aizawl, Mizoram 796190, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (82.1 km); closest railway station: Silchar (224 km).
  • : Open 24 hours a day
  • : Around 2 hours..
  • : November-March..
  • : Resorts, hotels (budget and luxury) and homestay available.
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The Hmuifang Tlang (hill) is one of the most beautiful destinations in the entire North Eastern India. The Hmuifang located in the virginal forest amidst the area is quite enticing. The hill is around 1600 m above sea level, which accounts for its extremely pleasant weather. During winters, the misty hills display a charming look that can be quite attractive. The green and rich biodiversity of the region offers a unique representation of the region making it a must visit spot.
The Tuirial River, an important source of water in the region, originates near the Hmuifang hills. The charming river ultimately joins the Barak River in Assam. With special attention paid by the Mizoram Government for development of the place as a major tourist spot, the area is slowly adapting to modern amenities.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The trek to the peak of Hmuifang Tlang is a must for adventure seeking tourists. The view from the peak is very beautiful. Also, a visit to the Vantawng Falls is a must for people coming to visit the place. The Vantawng Falls are the highest waterfall of the state and is an ideal place to witness the beauty of nature.

Things to doThings to do

The Hmuifang Tlang is well known for its scenic beauty and beautiful virginal forest. During the visit to the location, trekking to the peak of the hill is a must. For some adrenaline rush, tourists can try mountain biking and hiking as well. Besides that, the Thalfavang Kut festival organized in the month of November is a must-experience. The festival is celebrated to announce the ending of the farming season and beginning of the harvest. Cultural dances, music and flower shows are organized during the Thalfavang Kut festival, and tourists can buy handicrafts and handlooms made by the locals. Also, visit to the Music festival during the Thalfavang Kut is a must visit for tourists who want to explore the Mizo music.

Infinite Ainawn Park, Mizoram.

Infinite Ainawn Park
  • : Ailawng, Aizawl -796505, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (45 km); closest railway station: Silchar (186 km)..
  • : 10:00am- 6:00pm (Monday closed)
  • : Around 4 hour..
  • : October to June..
  • : Hotels (Standard and luxury), resorts available..
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The Infinite Ainawn Park is a water park, first of its kind in Mizoram. This amusement park was established with the aim to provide an escape from the busy city lifestyle. Infinite Park is filled with water rides and other attractions for the entertainment of the elders as well as the kids. This place is located on the banks of River Tlawng. Situated at a comfortable distance from the city, surrounded amid the beauty of nature, the Infinite Ainawn Park offers a different experience to tourists travelling to this beautiful state. This location is suitable for solo as well as group travelers. The different rides and attractions of the venue can give the tourists an adrenaline rush.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

One of the popular attractions of this park is the Water Pool Slide and the Roller Coaster. Also, to make the area kid-friendly, separate children’s playground has been created. According to tourists, this place is a suitable destination to end the trip to Mizoram. The Swimming pool with lazy river is another popular attraction of the venue that needs to be visited. Here the tourist is provided with an inflatable tube on which they are supposed to sit as the water gradually takes them from one point to another. The slow and easy flowing water of the pool can be very relaxing.

Things to doThings to do

Visiting the important attractions of the park is a must for the tourists. Also, idle stroll around the riverbank of River Tlawng is advised for honeymooners or couples. The area is surrounded with stunning hills suitable for hiking. Also, the location provides interesting subjects for photography.

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Mizoram.

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary
  • : Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Mizoram 796571, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (157 km); closest railway station: Silchar (298 kms)..
  • : 7.00am-6.00pm .
  • : Around 2 to 2.5 hours..
  • : October to April..
  • : Hotels (Standard and budget) and tourist lodges ..
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For adventure seekers and nature lovers, the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is a suitable destination located around 170 km from Aizwal. The wildlife sanctuary is home to several birds and animals, which live freely in the approximately 36 sq km region. Located at a height ranging from 400 to 1300 meters above sea level, this wilderness of north-east India enjoys pleasant climatic conditions. The forest of the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is Sub-Tropical and Semi Evergreen variant which covers the entire region with lush green hills and cliffs.
To visit the sanctuary special permission from the Department of Environment and Forest, Mizoram is required. Away from the noises of the city life, in this place tourists can explore the nature quite easily. The place receives an annual rainfall of about 2100 mm to 2500 mm that contributes towards its calm ambience and rich vegetation.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

At the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, tourists can see different varieties of animals and birds. During good days, tigers, binturong, Sambar and Serow can be sighted. The arboreal animals like Hoolock gibbon, common langur and leaf monkeys are also found here. Also, a huge colony of birds such as the great Indian hornbill, white cheeked partridge and the mountain bamboo partridge can be seen.

Things to doThings to do

Tourists can definitely have a great time exploring the vibrant green forests. The area is has a difficult terrain and can be an exciting challenge for hikers. Photography is allowed in the area till recent times, so enthusiasts should definitely carry their cameras. Also, tourists should carry binoculars to watch the birds and animals easily.

Luangmual Handicrafts Centre, Mizoram.

Luangmual Handicrafts Centre
  • : Aizawl, Mizoram - 796009, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (30 km); closest railway station: Silchar (173 km).
  • : 7:00am- 5:00pm.
  • : Around 1.30 hours..
  • : October to March..
  • : Hotels (Standard and budget), resorts..
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The Luangmual Handicrafts Centre is a specialized center popular for handicrafts items. It is an interesting place for buying artifacts and souvenirs to take back home. The shops are run by the locals and offer a variety of things. This place is an important source of employment for the local weavers and craftsmen.
One of the most searched items of the market is the ceremonial ‘Khumbeu’ hat. This hat is made from the leaves of wild hnahthial grown in the hilly region. These hats were usually used by the locals during the rainy season as they were waterproof in nature. With time people of Mizoram have adopted several modern amenities, but the love for beloved Khumbeu hat seizes to falter. Items like mite shawls, wooden articles and wicker baskets are also sold in the shops of the centre. These items are handmade by the locals, giving these items a distinct feature. And due to this, no two items can be completely alike. The rich heritage of the Mizo hinterland can be easily observed in this center.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The main market complex is neatly divided in different shops selling items ranging from clothes, handicrafts and other local made items. Also, one can visit to the local weaver’s center nearby to know more about Mizo handlooms and its origins.

Things to doThings to do

Shopping in the handicraft center is a must for tourists. Bargaining is accepted by locals, and is quite commonly done while buying items. The market is surrounded by beautiful scenery and suitable for a peaceful stroll after shopping. Photography and hiking lovers should visit the surroundings. Although, the place is quite close to the main city of Aizawl, still one can witness the radiating beauty of nature which is quite in contrast to the concrete city life.

Mini Zoological Garden, Mizoram.

Mini Zoological Garden
  • : Lungverh, Mizoram 796009, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (15 km); closest railway station: Silchar (163 km)..
  • : 9:00am- 5:00pm
  • : Around 2.5 hours..
  • : October to March..
  • : Hotels (Standard and luxury), resorts..
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The beautiful Mini Zoological Garden is one of the most popular destinations in Aizawl. Located away from the busy city life, this place is a popular family destination among locals. The mini zoo established on the top of Bethlehem Vengthlang is spread in the area of 23 sq km. It is the home to several rare and common animals and birds found in the region.
In the zoological garden, special conservation programs have been running to preserve the endangered flora and fauna of the region. Successful conservation of Humes Pheasant, Hoolock Gibbon, Stump Tailed Macaques and Asian Brown Tortoise were under taken here. The place is specially liked by kids, and tourists travelling with kids can definitely visit to the zoological garden.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

Rare animals of the region are some of the most visited exhibits of the zoo. Among them the rare Sun Bear, currently an endangered species, is an important exhibit. Also, the zoo is covered in beautiful flora of the region making it treat to the eyes during the spring season. Some other important exhibits of the zoo are the panther, civet cat, mongoose and porcupine. Tourists should also visit the Interpretation Center to know more about the wildlife and preservation programs that are being undertaken in the region.

Things to doThings to do

At the zoo, visiting the rare Sun Bear is a must. Also, tourists should trek to the highest point of the zoo to witness a magnificent view of the area. A Visitor Retiring Shed is built here for tourists to take some rest. Photography is certainly a must for nature and animal lovers. One can also try camping which is a great experience in the zoological garden. Worth mentioning is the exclusive food section that houses multi-cuisine restaurant serving lip-smacking delicacies at the minimal charges.

Mizoram State Museum, Mizoram.

Mizoram State Museum
  • : MacDonald Hill, Zarkawt, Aizawl, Mizoram 796001, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (31 km); closest railway station: Silchar (170 km)..
  • : 1.00 pm-3.30pm/4.00pm (winter, summer) (Sunday and government holidays closed).
  • : Around 1 to 1.5 hours..
  • : December to March.
  • : Hotels (standard and luxury) and resorts available ..
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The Mizoram State Museum, located in the heart of the city of Aizawl, is one of the popular ethnographic museums with a huge collection. The museum has approximately 2500 artifacts narrating the interesting history of the region. The museum was inaugurated in April 1977 and initially was running from a rented space. Later on, in 1990 the current complex was procured and used as the museum complex. It was modernized in 2008, which has improved the visitor experience drastically.
The galleries, there are 5 of them, display the vibrant and interesting culture of the Mizo tribes. The galleries are arranged in textile, ethnology, history, anthropology and zoology categories. Besides that, the archeological terrace is another attraction of the museum that contains special and rare specimens found during excavation in the nearby region. In the Archeological Gallery, polished stone from Zamuang villahe and the sharpening tools of Lersia are main attractions.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

A trip to the museum can be an enriching experience. In the textile gallery, tourists can see the textiles worn by the different Mizo sub tribes. The old traditional costumes such as the Siapsuap (worn by woman) and Hnawkha (worn by man) are displayed here. In the Ethnology Gallery, artifacts such as musical instruments, utensils, and traditional bamboo arts can be seen.
As the name suggests, tourists can explore the history of Mizoram through the History Gallery. The artifacts in this gallery include photographs, maintaining, stone implements and other artifacts of historical significance. One of the most interesting displays is found at Anthropology Gallery. The house of the tribe chief and a replica model of Daibawl sacrifice, a traditional practice of offering sacrifice to the Huai (a supernatural being), can be seen here.

Things to doThings to do

For history buffs, a visit to the museum is a must as they can learn more about the culture and history of the region. Also, adjacent playground close to the museum is an ideal place to soak in the beauty of this marvelous and generous city.

Murlen National Park, Mizoram.

Murlen National Park
  • : Khawzawl-Sinzawl-Thanlawn Road, Mizoram 796321, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (260 km); closest railway station: Silchar (396 km)..
  • : 9:30am-4:30pm.
  • : 4 hours..
  • : October to May..
  • : Guest house and hotels available ..
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The Murlen National Park is covered in 200 sq km area. The entire region is the part of a biodiversity project with Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary being at its north. The entire area is covered with thick forest and is the home of several animals and birds. Interestingly, this forest is so dense that in some parts only 1% of sunlight can reach the ground. The virgin forest is ideal for bird watching and trekking.
During the visit to the park, it is always advisable to take a guide. They know place quite well and can help tourists in sighting animals more easily. Also, during visit the national park playing loud noises can distress the animals, so avoiding them at all cost is important. The people in the nearby fringe villages like N. Khawbung, Rabung, and Murlen are quite amicable and helpful. Interestingly, the literacy rate in the region is around 98.26%.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The Murlen National Park is the home to rare flora and fauna. The jungle is filled with rare varieties of orchids and other plants. Also, the dense forest is the home to animals like tiger, leopard, Malayan giant squirrel, Serow and Himalayan black bear. Birds like kalij pheasant, Hume’s pheasant, hill myna, grey partridge, and serpent eagle can also be seen living here. Hiking in the nearby vicinity of the national park is a good way to explore remote regions of the forest. The misty mountains covered in greenery can be a welcome relief for eyes habituated in watching the concrete skyline.

Things to doThings to do

Besides the usual visit to the National park, mountain biking can also be done here. The bikes can be hired from the nearby village. Also, tourists interested in wildlife photography can click pictures of rare birds and animals living in the area. Adventure junkies can have a great time in the park.

Palak Lake, Mizoram.

Palak Lake
  • : Phura village, Saiha- 796911, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (361 km); Closest railway station: Silchar (502 km)..
  • : Open 24 hours.
  • : 2 to 2.5 hour..
  • : November to March..
  • : Hotel (budget) and Forest guest house..
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Palak Lake or the Palak Dil is one of the largest lakes of southern Mizoram. The lake serves as a natural habitat to several animals and birds, and it is an integral part of the Palak Wildlife Sanctuary. The name comes from the word ‘Para’ that is derived from a mythical story of the Mara language. According to the myth, many centuries ago a village consisting of more than 300 villages lived in the nearby areas. In the center of the village was a large rock and underneath it was a large cave. In the cave lived a deadly large snake which ate the children and the livestock of the villagers. The hunters of the village gathered together and after much trouble caught the snake. However, due to unfortunate events could not kill it completely. As a wrath of the snake, the entire village was submerged under the lake. This water body was called the Palak Tipo meaning ‘swallowing lake’.
The lake is very big with the width of 700 meters and depth of around 17 meters. This deep lake is an important source of water for the animals living in the wildlife sanctuary. The Government of Mizoram has taken special attention for preserving and maintaining the area.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

Palak Lake is home to several birds and animals living in the vicinity. It is believed that migratory birds like Pintail Duck come here for a winter stop-over. Also, few wild elephants can be seen roaming around the lake and forest during daytime. The lake is home to unique fishes and other aquatic plants. Also, trekking to the nearby hills is suggested to the adventure lovers.

Things to doThings to do

The visit to Palak Lake is incomplete without the visit to the wildlife sanctuary of the same name. The Palak Lake is home to beautiful birds and animals. Tourists interested in entomology can view several rare and common insects, particularly butterflies, in the area. The lake also offers great options for photography enthusiasts to capture the beauty of nature without any disturbances.

Phulpui Grave, Mizoram.

Phulpui Grave
  • : Phulpui Village, Mizoram 796190, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (67 km); closet railway station: Silchar (208 km)..
  • : 9:00am-5:00pm.
  • : Around 1 hours..
  • : October to March..
  • : Hotels (budget and standard) and tourist lodges available..
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The Phulpui Grave is among the most visited tourist spots in Phulpui village located around 159 km from Aizwal. Popular for its twin graves, the spot represents the love of a woman for her beloved. According to locals, the Chief of Phulpui village, Zawlpala, was married to a beautiful woman from the Thenzawl village, Talvungi. During that time polyandry, a social custom where one woman can marry multiple men was followed in the region. As a result, Talvungi was married off to the Chief of Rothai. However, Talvungi could not forget her love for Zawlpala.
After the death of her former husband, Zawlpala, a sad Talvungi came back to Phulpui village. She dug a grave beside her lover’s grave and asked an old woman to kill and bury her in it. The wishes of the grief sicken lover was fulfilled by the old woman and later on her remains were buried here. The eternal love of Talvungi for Zawlpala is celebrated in this small village. Initially, the path was lined by pebbles to mark the beautiful graves. However, with time these original decorations have been lost. During 2003, Art and Cultural Department of Mizoram restored the graves and repaired the damages that it had incurred with time.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

Though the eternal love story is the biggest draw of the spot, the immense natural beauty of the surrounding is a much alluring reason for the tourists to visit the place. The charming ambience is topped up with rocks, trees, hills and lush green trees which make it a perfect spot for relaxation. Besides visit to the graves of Talvungi and Zawlpala, tourists can visit areas frequented by Talvungi. In the entrance of the village, there is a small pit dug in the ground. According to locals, Talvungi used to feed her pigs there. Also, just close to Phulpui there is a place where, as per locals, Talvungi used to weave her clothes. The stone where she used to sit and the pillar with holes for her beautifully craved loom can be seen here.

Things to doThings to do

Trekking in the hills close to the Phulpui Gracve is a must for tourists. Besides, the village is surrounded by beautiful hills and trees, which are home to some charming birds. Avid bird watchers should explore the region for catching the glimpse of some beautiful birds. Furthermore, the Phulpui village is ideal for nature photography.

Reiek, Mizoram.

  • : Reiek, Aizawl, Mizoram - 796501, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (50 km); Closest railway station: Silchar (202 km) ..
  • : 9:30am-4:30pm
  • : Around 2 to 3 hours..
  • : September-April..
  • : Hotels (budget and luxury), homestays and resorts available.
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Reiek is a beautiful heritage Mizo village on the foothills of Reiek Mountains, a part of the Lushai Hills range. The heritage village is maintained by the Tourism Department of Mizoram Government. Situated at a height of around 1500 m above sea level, this small village is simply breathtaking. The village offers the tourists a fresh gush of pure air and a visual treat of unadulterated beauty of nature. The village has been constructed as a replica of a typical Mizo village, familiarizing the tourists with distinctive Mizo lifestyle. The hut of a Mizo chief and the other buildings are fully furnished with artifacts used by the tribal community of Mizoram. The entire surrounding is covered in beautiful mountains, giving the place a surreal feeling.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The Reiek Heritage village offers tourists an insight into the lifestyle of the Mizo tribal community. The huts and the nearby buildings bring out how the tribes of the Mizoram run their lives. The huts are decorated with furniture and items used by the members of the community. Besides that, tourists can trek to the Reiek Peak on the Reiek Tlang (Hill) to see the beauty of the nature at its full display. On clear sunny days, tourists can even see the plains of Bangladesh from the peak.
Birdwatchers can watch several beautiful and rare birds in the area. One of the most popular birds of the region is Peregrine Falcon. During the month of September, the annual Anthurium Festival is celebrated in the Reiek village displaying the culture and tradition of the Mizo community.

Things to doThings to do

Firstly, the visit to the Reiek Heritage Village is a must to see the traditional lifestyle of the Mizo tribal community. During the visit to Reiek, tourists can hike towards the mountain peak named after the village. From the top of the hill, the unobstructed view of the nearby areas can be seen easily. During September, the Anthurium Festival is celebrated. The festival celebrates the cultivation of the beautiful Anthurium flower by the locals of Reiek Tlang. Cultural dances and traditional games are organized for the entertainment of the tourists.

Solomon’s Temple, Mizoram.

Solomon’s Temple
  • : Chawlhhmun, Aizawl - 796009..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (26 km); Closest railway station: Silchar (173 km)..
  • : 10:00am-4:30pm
  • : Around 1 hour..
  • : Mid-December to January ..
  • : Hotel (Budget and luxury) and government lodges available..
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The Solomon’s Temple is a famous church and a beautiful institution located in an area covered in forests in Mizoram. The church was constructed by the joint efforts of the group Kohhran Thianghlim (Holy Church) of Mizoram. As per Dr. L. B. Sailo, the founder of the Kohhran Thianghlim group, the idea of constructing a dam came to his dream. In the year 1991, Dr. Sailo dreamt about the Salomon’s Temple. In his dream he could see the detailed architecture of the King Solomon’s temple. After he woke up, he drew the image he saw in the dream. Considering it a divine intervention, he considered building a church as a replica of the image he saw in the dream.
The structure and the design of the church are quite similar to that of the Temple of Solomon as mentioned in the Old Testament. The main building of the church has 12 doors, and on the porch, there are tall pillars carrying the Seven David’s Stars. It is a massive church, which can accommodate nearly 2,000 people inside the main building.

Tamdil Lake, Mizoram.

Tamdil Lake
  • : Saitual Village, Aizawl, Mizoram- 796261, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (114 km); Closest Railway Station: Silchar (250 km)..
  • : Open 24 hours a day.
  • : Around 2 hours..
  • : September to November..
  • : Tourist lodge and hotels (budget and standard) available..
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Tam Dil is a beautiful reservoir lake in the middle of nowhere, located only 85 km away from Aizawl making it a perfect spot for a daytrip. The route towards Tamdil is surrounded by beautiful tropical evergreen and deciduous forest with several species of trees. The name Tam Dil is derived from two Mizo words, ‘Tam’ a contraction for ‘antam’ meaning mustard plant and ‘Dil’ meaning lake. Thus, Tamdil literally means ‘lake of the mustard’.
The clear water of the lakes creates a beautiful reflection of the surrounding forest. It is also the home to several birds, and is an active bird watching venue. Besides that, animals like bears, wild pigs and deer live in the surrounding forest. This lake has been reconstructed as a part of fishing reservoirs to provide opportunities of employment for the people in the nearby areas.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

The Tamdil Lake is an ideal place for picnics and holidays. Tourists can soak in serenity and beauty of nature, and take a break from the busy city life. The thick forest is suitable for hiking and trekking. The lake is home to rare and endangered amphibians. In 2010, a rare variety of frog Leptolalax tamdil was discovered near the lake, the species which is found only in this region, till date. If lucky, tourists can explore the area and watch this rare animal living freely in the region. It is also a birdwatcher’s paradise with several rare species of birds can be spotted near the lake.

Things to doThings to do

Boating is a must for tourists visiting this place. Also, they can trek in the close by forest and watch several varieties of flora and fauna living in their natural habitat. Photography lovers would definitely find interesting subjects to capture in their lenses. The crystal-clear water of the lake is mind-blowing as it reflects the surrounding regions making it a visual treat that would be etched in your memory forever.

Vantawng Falls, Mizoram.

Vantawng Falls
  • : Vantawng Khawhthla, Mizoram 796186, India..
  • : Closest airport: Aizawl (130 km); closest railway station: Silchar (272 km)..
  • : Open 24 hours a day.
  • : 2 hours..
  • : September to January..
  • : Tourist lodges and hotels available..
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Vantawng Falls (Vantawng Khawhthla) is the highest uninterrupted waterfall of Mizoram. With water gushing down from the height of 220m, this beautiful waterfall is an extraordinary place. The Vantawng Khawhthla was named after a local swimmer of the same name. He could swim very fast and perform maneuvers that were practically impossible for normal people. Sadly, during such swimming exercise, a log fell over his head and killed him instantly. After this accident, villagers named it after him.
According to many visitors, from a certain distance this water fall seems as a stream of white grains. The breathtaking beauty of the nature, coupled with pleasant weather, can make this destination a favorite among visitors. As the water crisscrosses through huge rocks and boulders, the rumbling sound of water seems like music to any nature lover.

Tourist attractionsTourist attractions

As approaching the waterfall can be difficult due to dense forest and stony terrain, viewing towers have been set up for the tourists. From these towers, a spectacular view of the waterfall can be seen. On clear days, tourists can even have an uninterrupted view of the nearby regions from the towers. Tourists are advised to carry binoculars to get better views of the region. The Vanva River close to the waterfall is another prime destination visited by the tourists. The fast-flowing river is not suitable for swimming, but tourist can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature from the river bank. Also, tourists can visit the Thenzawl on their way to the Vantawng Falls. The place is steeped in natural beauty and is a popular tourist spot too.

Things to doThings to do

Firstly, climbing the watchtower to observe the mighty Vantawng Falls is a must for tourists. Besides that, tourists can hike in the area for getting a better view of the place. Photography enthusiasts and adventure lovers can have a great time exploring the green and lush destination.

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