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Exotic Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks
Dudhwa National Park
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Dudhwa National Park

  • Location :Indo-Nepal Border, Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Coverage area : 614 sq. km

  • Main attraction : Tigers

  • Best time to visit :February to April

  • Nearby excursions : Frog Temple, The Surat Bhawan Palace.

  • Nearby cities :Palia

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve or the Dudhwa National park is present in the areas of Lakhimpur & Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh, lying right next to the Indo-Nepal border. It brings together two most amazing sanctuaries of the area namely, Katarniaghat and Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuaries to represent the incredible natural forests and greenery along the region of Terai. It is awe-inspiring to note that Mohana River constitutes the northern boundary of the park which is along the Indo-Nepal border whereas the river Suheli constitutes the Southern boundary.

The entire park is spread across 490 sq km, and it is incredibly enticing to look at the grasslands, dense forests, and marshes. However, the area is meant for vast numbers of various Tiger species

Climatic conditions

It more or less the same as North India, an extreme type of climate is observed in Dudhwa. Summer months are insanely hot with temperature crossing 40 C. During the winter months the weather is usually pleasant with the temperature ranging from 20 C to 30 C. And annual rainfall of 1600mm is observed in Dudhwa.

However, the best time to visit the reserve park is from February to April. The weather is soothing during that time and it neither too hot nor too cold.

The reserve is open to the public from 15th November to 15th June annually, however, May, June and July can be too hot to bear.

Distance of Dudhwa National Park from major cities:

  • Lucknow , 220 Km

  • Chennai , 2200 Km

  • Delhi , 400 Km

  • Mumbai , 1620 Km

  • Kolkata , 1150 Km

  • Ahmedabad , 1220 Km

  • Bengaluru , 2140 Km

  • Chandigarh , 600 Km

  • Hyderabad , 1580 Km

How to reach the National park ?

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  • The nearest airport is Lucknow airport. From there one can hit the road to Dudhwa National Park.


Dudhwa is a railway station which is only 4km away from the actual reserve. There is a road which connects the railway station and the reserve.


Dudhwa National Park is well connected to Major Cities and Places by the road network.

Transportation in dudhwa National Park

The national park office offers vehicles on rent which can be used for safari and sightseeing inside the park. The tourists can hire coaches and jeeps to go sightseeing in the park and travel the entire area of the park. Elephants rides are also available for viewing the nature in Dudhwa. The elephant rides are completely eco-friendly,and it is relatively more comfortable for the people to spot animals from the elephant back in the morning and the evening. Various rest houses which offer accommodation at Dudhwa, Kila, and Sonaripur, can also arrange for vehicles on hire.

Accommodation facilities

The forest department offers accommodation at various locations.

  • Bankati Forest Rest House - 4 suites with amenities like power supply and parking.

  • Dudhwa Forest Rest House with four suites, dormitory with additionalbeddings if required

Things to do

Tiger spotting

Drive through the yellow mustard fields of Kishanpur reserve and vast sugarcane fields. This densely covered jungle with trees like teak and Sal and interspersed with meadows and streams is a vibrant ecosystem supporting a variety of birds and is home to the Royal Bengal tiger.

Elephant safari

Take an elephant safari from the park's front gate through the forest, crunching along Teak trees, thick undergrowth, and tall grass, to spot the Indian one-horned rhino. Don't miss spotting the endangered Barasingha.

Interact with Tharu tribals

The Tharu tribe lives in serenity with nature, working with sugarcane fields, building environmentally friendly homes out of mud, straw, and manure, with huge mud containers storing grains. The women are known for their colourful attire and chunky jewelry and are also engaged in crafts like weaving dhurries, and baskets out of local grass and figs. Engage a local guide to explore the Tharu villages.

More attractions

Banke tal

Tigers and Four-headed antelopes can be found over here. 2014 turned out to be a year of a surprise for them as the Ruddy-Mongoose was spotted here for the first time in History.

Frog temple

The Frog Temple has an intricate structure due to which it is considered to be one of the oldest temples across India. The peaceful ambience surrounding the shrine along with the inspiring architecture doesn't fail to surprise the tourists.


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