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Exotic Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks
Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary
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Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Location :Andaman Islands

  • Coverage area : 101 sq km

  • Main attraction : elephants

  • Best time to visit :November to April

  • Nearby excursions :

  • Nearby cities :Mayabunder Township

The Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest island sanctuary in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and is the main attraction of the Union Territory. The sanctuary was established in 1985 to protect the elephants, along with its exotic flora and fauna to perfectly balance the scenic beauty around. It is a must visit for all who want to enjoy nature and wildlife at its

Location of Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary

The Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary is an island of the Andaman Islands that lies 125 km north from Port Blair. Right at the west of Austen Strait, it divides North Andaman Island and Middle Andaman Island with a stretch of approximately 101 sq km. The N end of the island is relatively low, but keeps on rising gradually to a height of 113 m, reaching to the highest part of the island which is a wooden plateau. There is a single village located at the eastern region of the island with a population of 1 household only.

Climatic conditions

The Interview Island enjoys tropical climate with perpetually humid weather conditions. The summers are typically hot and humid, while the monsoons are stretched with no winter in the scenario. Though the summers are hot, the evenings are relatively cooler and pleasant, especially by the sunset hours. The sanctuary has a soothing climate, and pretty relaxing as compared to the daily hustle bustle of the city.

Best time to visitInterview Island Wildlife Sanctuary

The mild and soothing weather conditions make the island an ideal place to visit throughout the year. Since the weather is comfortable, one can visit around the sanctuary anytime of the year, though November to April might suit the best keeping in mind the long monsoons with interrupted rain.

Animals that inhabit the sanctuary

The island is a paradise for wildlife lovers and a dream come true for the photography freaks. Nature has bestowed with its best scenic beauty and life making it the lavish green and woody landscape inhabited by some of the rarest of the animal species. The flora is semi-evergreen forests, mangroves, littoral forests and marshlands that contribute for the plush greenery and some of the rarest of plants found only here.

The fauna of the island is pure bliss ? with elephants as the main inhabitants for whom the Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary was established, although animals like common palm civet, spotted deer, Andaman wild pig, Andaman palm civet, three-striped palm squirrel and many others proudly inherit the island sanctuary to add to its beauty.

The sanctuary is exclusively popular for its avifauna and attracts ornithologists and bird lovers from all over the world. The exclusive species spotted here are Andaman woodpigeon, Andaman woodpecker, white-bellied swiftlets, Andaman cuckoo-dove, white-headed starling, edible-nest swiftlets, Andaman drongo, Andaman serpent-eagle, Andaman teal anas, Andaman crake, Andaman woodpigeon, Andaman bookbook, Andaman treepie and many more unique species that you wouldn?t spot anywhere else.

Distance of Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary from major cities:

  • Mayabunder Township ,20 km

  • Port Blair , 141 km

  • Chennai , 1345 km

  • Visakhapatnam , 1345 km

How to reach the National park ?

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  • The nearest airports are in Port Blair (139 km), Chennai (1356 km) and Visakhapatnam (1147 km).

  • Reach the island by hiring a ferry or a private fishing dunghi.


  • There is no railway connectivity on the Interview Island.

  • The nearest railway station is at Chennai at 1344 km away.

  • Avail waterways to reach the island.


  • The Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary is not connected through roadways. One has to avail the ferries run by the sanctuary authorities to and from Mayabunder town (20 km) in the North Andaman Islands.

Accommodation facilities

There is no accommodation facilities right at the island. Travelers are suggested to schedule their return the same day. Also, for visiting the sanctuary, one has to take permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden, who would also provide information about living aboard ships, or accommodation nearest to the sanctuary.

Things to do

Spot the spotted deer and others

The uniqueness of the island sanctuary comes with the uniqueness of the creatures living here. Few of the animals include spotted dear, wild pig,palm civet, and three-stripped palm squirrel. Watch these delightful animals living peacefully in their own world without any disturbance from outside world.

Embrace the grace ? elephants, the main inhabitants

The island is the house of around 100 elephants that were brought in for forestry works, and even after the operations seized, they stayed back making the island a must visit to watch their serene world. Get lucky to catch them walk, eat, and bathe right in front of your eyes.

Avifauna is a bird watchers paradise

Ornithologists are attracted every year to visit the island to explore and study the birds found distinctly in the island. Birdwatchers and photographers too aren?t left behind in the race, who flock at the island sanctuary every year to treat their eyes with. Keep your eyes and camera ready to capture images of some of the prettiest birds living here.

Get swept off by nature

Watch the sunset, as the balmy breeze and colorful nature entertain you while you are taking a stroll near the beach. Or simply, find peace and serenity in the silence of the island inhabited only by the animals and birds.


Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect escape from the city life, away from the hustle bustle and pollution. Once visited, one can find how beautifully nature has blessed the place with all that it has ? in terms of scenic beauty as well as wildlife at its best.


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