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Exotic Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks
Kanha National Park
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Kanha National Park

  • Location :Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

  • Coverage area : 1940 sq km

  • Main attraction : tigers, black buck, Indian elephant

  • Best time to visit :February and June

  • Nearby excursions : Bamni Dadar

  • Nearby cities :mandala

A national park is place where the rich wildlife of a country is protected and preserved in their natural habitat in a way that they do not pose a threat to

Location of Kanha National Park

The nearest city to the park is mandala. It is situated in central India in Madhya Pradesh.

Geographical landscape of kanha national park

It covers an area of about 1945 and has an altitude of 600 to 900 m above sea level.

Nearby wildlife sanctuaries

  • Pench National Park

  • Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary

  • National Chambal Sanctuary

  • Bori Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Ghatigaon Sanctuary

Climatic conditions

It experiences extreme weather conditions ranging from 40 to 44 degree Celsius in summers to extremely cold winters with temperatures dropping to 24 degree Celsius.

Ideal time to visit the park- the best time to visit the national park is from October mid to June beginning as the weather is quite pleasant and tourist-friendly. The place has a moderate temperature with breezes to provide a perfect visit and experience. The park is not open for entries from October end to June due to monsoons.

Timings-the park is open in two slots

It works for the preservation of tigers in India. It is home to animals like black buck, Indian elephant, Indian peacock and Barasingha. Others include chital, barking deer (Muntjak), gaur, hyena, jackal, jungle cat and Langur. Kanha has around 8 tigers per square km which amounts to around 60 tigers according to a 2010 census.

Natural vegetation of the park

The park has a dense vegetation as it passes between Vidhya and Satpura ranges. With over 70 varying species of trees, Kanha is home to forests ranging from Sal to other mixed trees.

Tourist attractions- the safaris, watching Indian tigers, jeep rides, bonfire in the jungle, exploration in the jungle.

Distance of Kanha National Park from major cities:

How to reach the National park ?

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  • Jabalpur- 160 km

  • Raipur- 250km

  • Nagpur- 300km


  • The nearest railway station are Gondia and Jabalpur.


Distance between major cities and Kanha national park-

  • Jabalpur is a 4-hour long drive away, covering a distance of 160 km

  • Bilaspur is a 5-hour drive away covering a distance of 250km

  • Raipur is a 5-hour drive away for 250km

  • Bhilai requires a 5 to 6-hour drive, covering a distance of 270km

  • Nagpur is a 6 to 7-hour drive covering 300km

The best places to stay in and near KanhaNational Park are listed below-

  • Royal tiger resort- Near the Mukki gate of Kanha at a distance of 170 km from the Jabalpur airport and 175 km from Gondia railway station

  • Kanga jungle lodge

  • Infinity resort

  • Banjaartola

  • Chitvan jungle lodge

  • Tuli tiger corridor resort

  • Dyna resorts

  • Shergarh tented camp

  • Kipling camp

  • The baagh forest retreat

  • Bagh villas jungle camp and spa

  • Camp dev villas

  • AsteyaKanha

Accommodation facilities

Living in the heart of nature?s wonders is complete when you stay in the perfect resort and enjoy the calmness, silence and beauty of the night-life of Kanhaforest.

All about safaris

The location of the park might give people a negative impression, but it is not how people assume. The National Park is properly accessible by airways and roadways.

Elephant safari

Ride on the back of the Indian elephant and experience the forest with anew view and perspective. It attracts a lot of tourists and helps people experience the wild-life in a different way. The elephants are also used to guard and complete trips around the park and used for transporting supplies across the park.

Jeep safari

A fun and thrilling experiencing of driving through the forest completes your excavation. The drivers provide insights about the place as they take you through the lush green forests where you witness animals you have never seen before.

Bird watching and cycling

The park is home to a variety of birds. It takes people on bird-watching trips which represents the beauty of nature in the natural habitat. Viewing birds as your walk through the woods to explore, you might witness rare sight. Cycling arrangements for adventure enthusiasts are available to cycle through the landscape.

Things to do

Witness a beautiful sunset from BamniDadar. The sight reflects the beauty of nature and captures your soul and heart. You may watch animals and birds and the place is situated higher than the flatlands of the forest.

Explore the local markets and crafts made by the craftsmen in the most artistic and original form. Handmade goodies and woodworks attract tourists. Find things made in the most natural and organic way possible, to ensure that no harm is posed on the flaura and fauna of the forest. The friendly and humble sellers welcome tourists with the warmest words and are enthusiastic about their creative and artistic creations.

KanhaMuseum- Get to know more about the rich culture and heritage of Kanha national park and how it became one of the top 10 well-maintained national parks in Asia. The richness of the place and antique findings reflect the old age and provide insights to the explorers. A source of knowledge and findings, it enlightens your mind and feeds your curiosity about India?s greatest assets.

KawardhaPalace- Located at a distance of about 94 km from the national park, it?s beautiful yellow lights and rich appearance makes it a good tourist spot. People experience the luxuries in the palace which covers about 11 acres and its origin runs back to 1930s.

Amarkanta- Also known as Teerthraj,Amarkanta is a holy place that lets you connect with yourself as it has a vibe so pure, you will forget all your worries and hardships. The Narmada river originating from here has white milk like water flowing through a waterfall situated on the western side of Amarkanta. The 10 ft. fall is a must visit site in the monsoon season.


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