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Nalbana bird sanctuary
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Nalbana bird sanctuary

  • Location :Odisha

  • Coverage area : 15.53 km sq

  • Main attraction : flamingoes, spoonbills, herons

  • Best time to visit :October and March

  • Nearby excursions : Kalijai Temple, Satapada, Rambha Bay

  • Nearby cities :Nayagarh

The largest lagoon in India and one of the largest in the world, Chilika Lake encroaches from the Bay of Bengal to the south giving it a brackish quality. As the salinity varies considerably from one part of the Lake to another, it opens up a range of ecological niches and promotes a rich diversity of species.

Chilika is best known as a mecca for birds in the southeastern India and it has a huge range of species of fish and other aquatic life. The lake hosts more than one million birds with more than 200 species during the peak migratory season. About half of these avian species is migratory that comes from distant parts of Asia,

Climatic conditions

Situated in a region experiencing tropical type climate with ample rainfall, nalbana Bird Sanctuary can be visited all through the year. The South West monsoon brings an on-pour of rains and it persists between the months of July and October. The months between November and February are pleasant is the winter season and has the minimum temperature around 6 degree centigrade. Even the summer months are pleasant with temperature ranging between 20 and 25 degree centigrade.

Best time to visitNalbana bird sanctuary

The best time to visit nalbana Bird Sanctuary is basically between October and March. This is because it is when the most number of migratory birds fly to the sanctuary. Both during the winters and peak summers, the island is above water level, and this makes the place more approachable. As understood, monsoons are also not ideal for planning a trip to nalbana as the incessant downpour makes the sanctuary submerged in water.

Animals that inhabit the sanctuary

Several species of birds and aquatic animals in the sanctuary can be spotted easily. They thrive due to the continuous water inflow to the lake. They also ensure regular de-weeding of the water that helps in the sustenance of marine life.

More than 150 species of fish and shrimps along with hundreds of bird species can be spotted in the area. A large number of birds fly from the different region such as Flamingoes from Rann of Kutch in Gujrat and Iran lodge in the low water of the lake.

Pallas's fish-eagles (VU), Spoon-billed Sandpiper (CR), Dalmatian Pelican (VU), Asiatic dowitchers (NT), and spot-billed pelican (NT) are some of the rare birds that are seen. Raptors such as Kites, Marsh Harriers, White-bellied sea eagle, and the peregrine falcon are found.

Short leg birds like Ruff, snipes, dunlin, plovers, sandpipers and the collared pratincole, can also be easily seen along the shifting shores of the island. Long legged avocets, godwits, and stilts are equally found in abundance here. The wagtails, Larks, and lapwings are more commonly found near the mudflats. Ducks, pintails, teals, geese and coots are the other common one that can be spotted. Nalanda Island is considered as the largest nesting colony in south-east Asia and boasts of a lare nesting colony of river terns and gull-billed terns.

The blending of new water and ocean water enables the lake to support the vast environment of amphibian creatures along with the avian species. There are a few feathered creature animals in the nalbana Bird Sanctuary which are the inhabitant species. A portion of the rarest fleeting species are also found here such as the Asiatic Dowitchers and Spoon-charged Sandpiper.

Distance of Nalbana bird sanctuary from major cities:

  • Nayagarh ,120 km

  • Bhubaneshwar ,127 km

  • Kolkata ,568 km

  • Nagpur ,870 km

  • Patna ,958 km

  • Chennai ,1144 km

  • Pune ,1538 km

  • Mumbai ,1685 km

  • Delhi ,1705 km

  • Chandigarh ,1954 km

  • Jammu ,2297 km

How to reach the National park ?

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  • The nearest airport to nalbana Bird Sanctuary is Bhubaneshwar and is about two hour drive away from the airport. It has transfers available that connect this Sanctuary to the airport.


Balugaon railway station is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from this Bird Sanctuary. Kalupara Ghat and Khallikote railway stations are the other nearby railway stations and both of them are less than 25 kilometers from the sanctuary.


With just two hours journey from Bhubaneswar, NH 30 and 31 connect the road along the banks of the lake.

Water ways

To cruise on Chilka Lake as well as to visit islands, there's availability of motorized and speed boats from OTDC and other private operators.

Accommodation facilities

There are a few guest rooms available in and around the lake. There are hotels maintained by the Orissa Tourism. However, you need to book them well in advance to get the accommodation. At the village Baghamunda, 4 Kms from Satpada are the Geo Eco Resorts which are one of the finest accommodation options. Eco Cottage Chilika Island Resort, Hotel Payal and Resort, Swosti Chilika Resort, Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Seaview Resort Gopalpur are some of the main stay options.

Places to visit nearby

Kalijai temple

Situated right on an island, visitors to Chilika often visit this temple. The localities strongly believe in this Goddess and every fisherman in Chilika bows down to her before setting out for their daily job. During Makar Sankranti, the temple witnesses the maximum influx of tourists.


Spot one of the rare Irrawaddy dolphins, making its way while traveling on the waterways! Located on the south-eastern part of Chilika lagoon, this is also well known for the Sea Mouth Island where Chilika Lake meets the Bay of Bengal.

Rambha bay

It is an abode of natural beauty with incredible landscapes around it. The Honeymoon Island, Breakfast Island, Sanakuda Island, Ghantasila Island, Beacon Island, Birds? Island add to the charm of Chilika.


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