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Exotic Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks
Nokrek national park
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Nokrek national park

  • Location :Meghalaya

  • Coverage area : 47.48 Km

  • Main attraction : Red Panda, Elephant, Slow Loris

  • Best time to visit :October to May

  • Nearby excursions : Tura Peak, Balpakram National Park, Pelga Falls

  • Nearby cities :Tura

Explore the diverse flora and fauna of northeast India - nokrek national park

The North eastern states of India has always been known and praised for their amazing natural bounty and visitors can explore quite a few sanctuaries and national parks in these states. One most of the important places to visit are the Nokrek National Park. Tourists who want to explore the awesome wildlife and natural splendor, this National Park is one of the ideal places to enjoy a wide range of biodiversity.

Today is a part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve list and Nokrek National Park in Meghalaya is one of the last remaining homes of the endangered red pandas. Nokrek National Park was declared as National Park in the year of 1986 but is also a Biosphere

Climatic conditions

The entire biosphere reserve here is marked with hilly terrain. The park has tropical type climatic condition and is characterized by high humidity and elevated temperatures. The park has typical tropical climate and experience huge rainfall in monsoon months. The state of Meghalaya receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season from June to September and it is wise to avoid this time of the year for a visit.

Best time to visitNokrek national park

The ideal time to visit the wilderness of Nokrek National Park is during months of October to May. Visit the place before the onset of summer to enjoy the most.

Animals that inhabit the sanctuary

The park is home to many rare and endangered species. The most commonly found mammals in the region are the following but not limited to these only :

Red Panda, Elephant, Slow Loris, Giant Flying Squirrel, Fishing-Cat, Capped Langur, Serow, Clouded Leopard, Jungle Cat, Hoolock Gibbons, Wild Buffalo, Golden Cat, Pig-Tailed Macaques, Wild Buffalo, Stump-Tailed Macaques.

Viper, krait, Mountain lizard, Python, Gecko are some of the notable reptiles of the region.

The Nokrek National Parkis considered an important bird area and bird-watching is one of the major activities of the region. The commonly found avian species include :

Green Pigeon, Mountain Bamboo Partridge, Pheasants, Peacocks, White Cheek Partridge, White-throated Bulbul, Bay Woodpecker, Grey-Peacock Pheasant, Great hornbill, Common hornbill

Dominant flora

As the region is primarily composed of a hilly terrain, the area is mainly covered with thick semi-evergreen and moist deciduous forests.The thick lush greenery of the region is best to visit post the monsoon. It's interesting to note that enables sustenance of food chain and co-existence of diverse species of flora and fauna. The park is famous for the cultivation of MemangNarang, a particular species of Oranges that is special to this region. Other significant plants include the wild lemon grass, orchids, champak, white meranti and more.

What is the perfect time of visiting this wonderful wildlife park ?

Though this park remains open from November to June, an ideal time to visit this park will be in between November and January, when the weather is too pleasant so the tourists can enjoy a comfortable stay. During this period, you can find a variety of migratory birds, which are a treat to the eyes.

Distance of Nokrek national park from major cities:

  • William Nagar ,18 km

  • Tura , 26 km

  • Sikkim ,301 km

  • Kolkata ,383 km

  • Shillong ,146 km

  • Guwahati ,151 km

  • Lucknow , 960 km

  • New Delhi ,1356 km

How to reach the National park ?

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  • The nearest airport is Guwahati airport which is located about 140 Km from the Nokrek National Park. Guwahati airport is well connected by road network to Nokrek National Park. Thre are plenty of cars and taxis available for the transfer. Also, the airport is connected to the other major Indian cities by air route.


Nearest railway station from the National Park is Guwahati railway station. It is about 160 Km from the Nokrek National Park. Guwahati railway station is well connected by road network to Nokrek. You can get to the Park by hiring private cars or taxis.


There are a number of government and privately operated vehicles that take tourists to the Nokrek National Park at frequent intervals. Also, the Park is well connected to the major Indian cities by proper roadways and is a good option for a long drive. Nokrekcan be reached on cars via the national highway road from Guwahati and Shillong

Accommodation facilities

While the national park has no accommodation options within the area, there are some fine stays at the closest town William Nagar which is about km far. It offers a few budget and mid-range options.But it is wise to get the rooms booked in advance as between October and May, the rooms get booked to capacity.SKS Inn, Grand palace Hotel & Resort, Little Rangpur Inn, Momo Inn, Hotel Polo Orchid Tura are some of the priate accommodation facilities. They have all the basic facilities such as 24-hour front desk, concierge services, WiFi, air-conditioned rooms and more.

Other places of attraction

Tura Peak

It is a magnificent hill at a height of 2860 feet that provides a beautiful view of the Tura town and is one of the major attractions for the tourists. The Hill is declared as a reserve forest and has Cinchona plantations, an observatory and a tourist bungalow. A foot-track, built by the British, is the route to reach the Tura Peak. As the old tales go, this is much revered place as locals believe that the Hill provides a sacred shelter to the Gods.

Balpakram National Park

With various vulnerable and endangered animal and plant species, Balpakram National Park is situated at the Garo Hills. Spread over an area of 50000 acres, this National Park is best visited from October to March.

Pelga Falls

It is one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls situated in the lap of lush forests. The Garo Bamboo Bridge has a historic importance and is one of the finest places of tourist attraction.

Siju Caves

These caves house a remarkable formation of stalactites and stalagmites and are one of the longest cave system in India. A large part of these cavesare still unexplored but is one of the most exciting places for adventure tourists. The Siju Caves are also called the Dobakkol or the Cave of Bats because of a huge of number of these animals staying inside.

The places of attraction might be:

  • Simsang waterfalls

  • Wachi Falls

  • NokrekMaidan

  • The Garo Hills


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