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Pachmarhi biosphere reserve
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Pachmarhi biosphere reserve

  • Location :Hoshangabad district, BetuldistrictandChhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh

  • Coverage area : 4926 sq km

  • Main attraction : Wild Buffaloes, Barasingas, and Elephants

  • Best time to visit :October and March

  • Nearby excursions : Pandav Caves, RajatPrapat, Bee Fall or JamunaPrapat

  • Nearby cities :Madhya Pradesh

Witness the unique diversity of pachmarhi biosphere reserve

Located covering the Hoshangabad district, Betul districtand Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, The Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is one of the finest places to enjoy a wide range of animals. A biosphere reserve is different from that of a zoo, but has areas comprising terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems which reserve the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use.

India has set up 18 biosphere reserves of which the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is one of the most famous places for the tourists. Established on the 3rd of March, 1999, this reserve has three wildlife conservation units which fall under the ambit of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. They are the Satpura National Park, the Bori Sanctuary and the Pachmarhi Sanctuary.

On the basis of a recommendation made by the Environmental Planning and Coordination Organization (EPCO), The Government of

Climatic conditions

The summers are moderately warm and temperatures reach up to a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius and last from May until July. Foggy weather in the monsoon months can be experienced at length and lasts from July to September. Winters start in November and carry on till February. This is when the temperature falls below 5 degrees Celsius.

Best time to visitPachmarhi biosphere reserve

The months of October and March are seemingly the ideal time to visit Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. The weather turns pleasant as the temperature drops and tourists are advised to carry warm clothes during the winter months.

Animals that inhabit the sanctuary


The Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve has a rich floral variety and is actually a junction of most of the forest representative types that can be seen in the state. Teak and Sal are the two most important timber species. The entire forest in the reserve can be easily classified into three major types such as the dry deciduous, moist deciduous, and the central Indian sub tropical hill forest.


Apart from the rich floral diversity, the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve also has a great collection of several fauna species. The faunal composition of the reserve is a great representation of the Deccan Peninsular zone of bio-geographic classification of the country. Though the major animals like Lions, Wild Buffaloes, Barasingas, and Elephants were present in the area in the past, they are not seen now. As most of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is covered with dense forest vegetation, it supports an ideal habitat for the wild animals. The reserve is home to 42 tigers, 964 barking deers, 74 panthers, 3475 wild boar, 1223 guars, 981 samphars, 981 Cheetals, 1282 Rhesus macaque, 6 crocodiles and several other interesting animal species. The reptiles like lizards, skinks, gecleos amphibia are also found in this reserve. The animals like Giant Squirrels, Rhesus Monkeys, and Flying Squirrels are endemic to the area and the Crested Serpent Eagles can be rarely spotted in the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. Cobra, Pythons, Krait and Boa are some snakes that are found in the jungles of Pachmarhi. Malabar Pied Hornbill, Paradise Flycatcher, black eagle, Malabar Whistling Thrush are the variety of birds commonly seen here.

Distance of Pachmarhi biosphere reserve from major cities:

  • Bhopal ,207 km

  • Nagpur , 258 km

  • Indore ,415 km

  • Agra ,701 km

  • Hyderabad ,758 km

  • Pune ,845 km

  • Mumbai ,904 km

  • Delhi ,911 km

  • Jaipur ,914 km

  • Kolkata ,1346 km

  • Bangalore , 1347 km

  • Chennai ,1388 km

  • Trivandrum ,2069 km

How to reach the National park ?

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  • Bhopal is the closest airport and has major connectivity with all the main cities of the nation. It is about 200 kilometers from the reserve and has transfers available from the airport.


Pipriya railway station is at the closest range and is at a distance of 47 kilometers. Taxis, buses and other public transports are available in plenty and can be availed to reach the hotel or the sanctuary.


The reserve is well connected by NH 19 which passes through the center of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. There are other connecting roads as well which go through the reserve. The cantonment area is located nearby and is well connected with the rest of the area.

Accommodation facilities

There are several guest rooms available on hire in the town and in the adjoining market area. Several of them are rationally priced and equipped with all amenities for a comfortable lodging and catering. Other higher end restaurants are located around the reserve by Madhya Pradesh Tourism which offers some amazing deals for tourists if they book before hand for the stay.

Things to do

Individual and group accommodations for up to 40 people are available at the forest dormitory. The tourist lodge is maintained by the forest department and can accommodate a maximum of 16 people. For both of these stays, you need to have prior reservation. Kanoka Village Resort, Hotel Siddarth Palace, Hotel Paradise Residency, pobitora eco camp, Hotel Blue Bird and many more private stays are available around the National Park and at Tezpur.

  • Pachmarhi is a hill station that has many tourist attractions such as water falls, temples, gorges, valley, rocks, caves, rock shelters and more. Some of the most popular places of destination include:

  • Pandav Caves: Mahabharat fame Pachmarhi derives its name from these caves and are now protected monuments.

  • Rajat Prapat: Commonly referred to as the Big Fall Rajat Prapat is a gigantic waterfall with an elevation of 350 ft.

  • Bee Fall or Jamuna Prapat: This is the most photographed sight of Pachmarhi Water foams and roars.

  • Handi Khoh: This is a deep, forested gorge and has some interesting tales associated with it.

  • Bison Lodge: It is one of the oldest building and attraction in town which was founded in 1861.

  • Rajendra Giri: Located at the far end of a pleasant garden, this place offers a panoramic view of the forested hills.


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