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Ratapani tiger reserve madhya pradesh
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Ratapani tiger reserve madhya pradesh

  • Location :Vindhya Range, Madhya Pradesh

  • Coverage area : 823.84 sq km

  • Main attraction : tiger, dhole, hyena, jackal and fox

  • Best time to visit :November to April

  • Nearby excursions :

  • Nearby cities :Bhopal

Ratapani Tiger Reserve is a part of the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary which is a developing tiger reserve situated near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a sanctuary since 1976 and was applied to be upgraded as a tiger reserve in March 2013 by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).

Located at 50 km away from the capital city, the

Location of Ratapani tiger reserve madhya pradesh

The Ratapani Tiger Reserve is located in the Vindhya Range, Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. The forest area covers a total area of 823.84 sq km. One can spot the forest while on the way from Bhopal to Pachmarhi hill station. There are two major reservoirs as waterbodies inside or adjacent to the sanctuary ? namely Barna Reservoir and Ratapani Dam (also known as BarrusotLake).Worth mentioning is the Bhimbetka rock shelters located inside the tiger reserve which is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Climatic conditions

RatapaniTiger Reserve experiences moderate climate. Winters begin in November and stays till February with a temperature ranging between 5 degree Celsius to 18 degree Celsius. Summers are between April and June, and difficult to travel around during this season when the maximum temperature soars high till 45 degree Celsius in May and June. Monsoon arrives at the end of June or July beginning with adequate rainfall and stays till October. The reserve is strictly shut down during these few months.

The day and night temperatures significantly vary in Ratapani Tiger Reserve due to the demographic location of the place where sunlight falls directly making the temperate go up and down swiftly with the onset of day and night. One can experience this temperature shift during morning safari drives when the journey begins just before sunrise and exits after sunrise.

Best time to visitRatapani tiger reserve madhya pradesh

Ratapani Tiger Reserve is open for tourists only from October to June, while for the rest of the months it is shut down by order for tourists due to heavy monsoon and bad road conditions. Additionally, the reserve is closed on Wednesdays, and on selected festivals. The best time to visit the park is from November to April.

Animals that inhabit the sanctuary

The main attraction of the region is tiger, while other carnivores include leopard, dhole, hyena, jackal and fox and the herbivores include chital, sambar, nilgai, four horned antelope, langur, rhesus monkey, sloth bearand wild boar. One can also spot smaller animals like squirrels, mongooses, gerbils, porcupines, hare, etc and reptiles including different kinds of lizards and chameleon. Snakes are commonly found and the major species are cobra, python, viper, krait to name a few.

Avifauna is wide and rich with more than 150 species of birds. The most popularly spotted are the common babbler, crimson-breasted barbet, bulbul, bee-eater, baya, cuckoo, kingfisher, kite, lark, Bengal vulture, sunbird, white wagtail, crow pheasant, jungle crow, egrets, myna, jungle fowl, parakeets, partridges, hoopoe, quails, woodpeckers, blue jay, dove, black drongo, flycatcher, flower pecker and rock pigeon.

Distance of Ratapani tiger reserve madhya pradesh from major cities:

  • Bhopal , 60 km

  • Pachmarhi , 160 km

  • Satpura National Park, 100 km

  • Sanchi , 120 km

  • Jabalpur , 280 km

  • Indore , 260 km

How to reach the National park ?

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  • Bhopal airport is the nearest airport at 70 km away. It is well-connected with Delhi and Mumbai airports and takes 2 hours by road to reach Ratapani Tiger Reserve. Bhopal airport taxi service is the most convenient service from Bhopal airport to destinations like Ratapani, and also toSanchi, Bhimbetka, Pachmarhi, Satpura national park etc.

  • Indore airport is the second option at 250 km from the sanctuary and is well-connected with major airports of the country. One may opt for airport taxi services from here to directly reach Ratapani Tiger Reserve.


  • Obedullaganj railway station at 15.8 km is the nearest railhead to Ratapani Tiger Reserve. Taxi services or public transports can be availed from the railway station that takes you directly to the sanctuary.

  • Itarsi Junction is 55.4km from Ratapani Tiger Reserve, and one can get a cab to cover the distance via NH46 in 1.5 hours.

  • The bigger junction is Bhopal railway station which is 51.5 km from the sanctuary and takes approximately 2 hrs by drive via Hoshangabad Road. This is a better option as this junction is better connected to the major cities of the country.


  • The beauty of Ratapani is best experienced if accessed via road. It lies in central of Madhya Pradesh and surrounded by cities like Bhopal and Itarsi.

  • While Bhopal is 50.2 km stretch and can be covered in around 2 hours via Hoshangabad Road, the journey of 56.9 km from Itarsi to Ratapani Tiger Reserve can be traveled in 2 hours via NH46 route.

Accommodation facilities

You may avail the private hotel and resort accommodation services available in Ratapani Tiger Reserve. There is a hotel run by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation and is among the best options to stay and enjoy the wildlife safaris in Ratapani forest. If you don?t want to stay so close, or want to take a one-day trip to Ratapani, you may stay at Bhopal hotels as well.

Things to do

Jungle Safari

Jungle safaris are a must-try activity amidst the raw forest of Ratapani. Please note that the bookings of the safari are done at the counter and no online booking facilities are available here. Controlled by the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh, jungle safari showcases you the forest with its full bloom of flora, fauna and avifauna.

Bird watching paradise

It is a pure delight to catch the 250 species of birds in their natural habitat in the lush green. Categorized in 53 bird families, the list includes both migratory as well as residential species. It is advisable to consult a guide to know the places where the birds flock in maximum number to watch the birds in highest probability.

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

Bhimbetka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an archaeological treasure located close to Bhopal city at 45 km away. It forms a group of rock shelter painting, and preserves some of the rich heritage treasures of caves, rock-paintings, rock-shelters.

Roam around the teak forest

Spread over the hills of Vindhya ranges, the forest is swarmed with beautiful teak forests to treat your mind, eyes and soul with. .


Ratapani Tiger Reserve is still in the developing stage, and is still not a widely known place among the tourists and wildlife lovers. However, it preserves raw flavor of jungle and wildlife and is must be explored at least once.


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