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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Maharashtra
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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Maharashtra

  • Location :Chandrapur, Maharashtra

  • Coverage area : 625.40 sq-kms

  • Main attraction : Bengal tigers, Sambar deer, sloth bear

  • Best time to visit :February to May

  • Nearby excursions : Tadoba lake, Erai Dam, Moharli

  • Nearby cities :Chandrapur

Make the Most of Your Tempting Stay at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

Dive into the wild forests of Tadoba and you will get an opportunity to view the royal warm-blooded creatures, the tigers, at a water opening, or you can also witness the searching packs of hyenas or jackals. This is just the beginning. As you tune in to the hints of the wilderness, it might disclose to you where the

Location of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Maharashtra

This tempting park, named after the God Tadoba, is isolated into the Tadoba north range, Kolsa south range and Morhuli extend, continued by two lakes and the Andhari stream. Formally announced as a tiger reserve in 1993, Tadoba is overflowing with wildlife beside the fundamental demonstration, the huge feline. Hope to go over any animals from a hyena to sloth bears tussling in the tremendous wild on your safari here. A spot, where summers are excruciatingly sweltering, the cool winter season makes for simpler progressively agreeable visits. Web-based booking of safaris in Tadoba opens well ahead of time.

Climatic conditions

The winter months are from November to February, where the temperature lies between 25?- 30? C. During the summer months, the temperature increases to 47? C. The forest receives heavy rainfall in the month of June.

Best time to visitTadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Maharashtra

The ideal time to visit the reserve forest is during the months of February to May because of the prevailing winter season. One can also visit the place during the month of May to experience a mild temperature, which sometimes is considered the ideal time for wildlife watching.

Nearby wildlife sanctuaries that can be visited

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Along with the presence of the tiger, the sanctuary also has some of the rare endangered species like panthers, jackals, flying squirrels, etc. Sloth bears are also found in different parts of the place, which are of much attraction to the tourists.

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Due to its location, which is much closer to many important places of Maharashtra, it receives a good amount of tourists throughout the year. It is the home to several wild animals like leopard, peacock, wild boar, etc. It remains covered with greenery nearly half of the time.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

This is also one of the major sanctuaries of the state, which has been declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The place is located around the Western Ghats and can be visited at different times of the year.

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

Since 2012, the sanctuary has been declared to be a World Heritage Site and is a popular place for many tourists around the country. It lies at closer proximity to the Western Ghats.

The various zones of Tadoba Reserve Forest

To recognize the natural life effectively in the Tadoba tiger reserve, there are few safari zones inside the reserve park that are prescribed for the explorers.

Moharli Zone

This is the best tiger spotting area inside the reserve park and it is likewise well-known for having some great accommodations. The Moharli Zone can be effectively ventured by the other two passage zones that are present, which are the Tadoba Zone and the Kolsa Zone.

Tadoba Zone

The Tadoba Zone is encompassed with beautiful areas and varied species, which is an incredible sight for the voyagers to appreciate. The Tadoba entryway is effectively available from Moharli, Kolara, Navegaon, and Khutwanda.

Kolsa Zone

The Kolsa zone might not give you a nearby sight of the natural life yet it may be an incredible zone for appreciating the lovely timberland scenes. This district can be effectively ventured from the places of Moharli, Pangdi, and Zari.

Animals that inhabit the sanctuary

Flora of Tadoba Reserve Park

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is loaded up with dry deciduous backwoods and the center region has thick forests. Teak is regularly found in different places. Other wild trees that are found are Crepe myrtle, Crocodile bark, Semal, Hirda, Wodier, and others. In the profound zone, there a lot of backwoods and hub wood. Close to the lake, dark plum trees and Arjun trees are found. In fields, bamboo is common. Velvet bean is found in huge amounts in different parts of this park. This velvet bean is a therapeutic plant that helps in treating Parkinson?s disease. Bheria and Bija are the other restorative plants that develop here.

Fauna of Tadoba Tiger Reserve

There are nearly 88 tigers that are believed to be there in the center. A lot of reptiles are found close to the lake. The lake is the fundamental living space for swamp crocodiles. Different reptiles that are found in the reserve forest are Indian tortoise, Russell's snake, and others. The lake is additionally home to various waterfowls and a couple of raptors. There are in excess of 195 types of birds found here including three exceedingly rare species. Different birds, such as the rare flycatcher, Black-naped blue flycatcher, Indian Pitta, larks, peacocks, and others can be spotted easily.

Distance of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Maharashtra from major cities:

  • Delhi, 1300 km

  • Mumbai, 850 km

  • Hyderabad, 450 km

  • Chennai, 1100 km

  • Pune, 740 km

  • Srinagar, 2100 km

  • Ahmedabad, 990 km

  • Kolkata, 1300 km

  • Guwahati, 2200 km

  • Indore, 590 km

How to reach the National park ?

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  • The closest air terminal is Nagpur (140 Km) from where it takes a 3-hour taxi ride to reach the place.


The two closest rail stations to the forest area are Chandrapur (49 km) and Nagpur (151kms).


Nearest stops are Chandrapur and Chimur (32 km); however, taxis are additionally accessible from Chandrapur to Moharli Village.

Accommodation facilities

The hotels in Tadoba offer extravagance in the midst of the woodland. Svasara Jungle Lodge, Serai Tiger Camp, Irai Safari Retreat, and Tiger Trails Jungle Eco Lodge are some of the luxurious accommodation options that are available near the forest. If one is looking for the budget options, then MTDC hotels are there along with the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra guesthouse and residence room, which are ideal for comfortable settlement. Besides this, Eco cabins given by the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra are likewise useful for the individuals, who are searching for lodging in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.


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