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Exotic Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks
Valmiki National Park
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Valmiki National Park

  • Location :Champaran, bihar

  • Coverage area : 899.38 sq km

  • Main attraction : Tiger , Rhinoceros

  • Best time to visit :March and October

  • Nearby excursions : Parsa Wildlife Reserve

  • Nearby cities :Bihar

Expect the Unexpected at an Adventurous Trip to Valmiki National Park, Bihar

Valmiki National Park Tiger conservatory region and the reserves of wildlife are situated at the border of India and Nepal. This wildlife zone derives

Location of Valmiki National Park

During the mid-1950s, this broad timberland zone of Valmiki Nagar was under the possession of the zamindars of Bettiah and Ramanagar. Way back in the year of 1978, this national park was announced to be a wildlife sanctuary and Tiger Conservatory region and declared to be a National Park in 1990. The Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) forms a natural place for the wild inhabitants. The immense backwoods of Valmiki Tiger Reserve stand aloft in the Terai regions of the Himalayas. The Valmiki Tiger Reserve contains two distinct regions. They are the Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary and Valmiki National Park. The National Park is located in the fertile fields of the Ganges in the eastern part of India. Valmiki Wildlife Reserve and National Park are the eighteenth Tiger Reserve in India. Massive areas that are a blend of Bhabar and Terai constitute these woodlands.

Climatic conditions

You may face chilly weather inside the Park during February as well as, December. Generally, the atmosphere at this time is quite cold amid the winters. So much so, that the temperature may fall down to below seven degrees. The climate of the whole park relies upon the elevation and the northern breezes. There will be a certain drop in temperatures in places, which are at high altitudes. However, in contrast to it, the valleys and fields have a moderate temperature owing to their location at ground levels. During the summer season, the entire area of the park faces quite a soothing climate.

Best time to visitValmiki National Park

For a tourist, who is planning to visit the park, the ideal time is during the winter season. If you are visiting between March and October, early in the day you will have the opportunity to witness plenty of different wild animals that exists inside the park. However, it is recommended that you must carry adequate winter garments with you as the weather can be searing cold in this area.

What are the nearby sanctuaries to explore near the Valmiki National Park ?

A few renowned wildlife reserves that are located near this park are the Chitwan National Park and Parsa Wildlife Reserve. Combining all these locations, the overall geographical area of the wildlife region is approximately 3000 square kilometers.

Animals that inhabit the sanctuary

The Wildlife :

Several species of wild animals, birds and vegetation can be found in the National Park. Being one of the biggest tiger reserves in India, this place is the home of different endangered species of tigers. The animals to watch out for include Fishing Cats, Wolves, Leopards, Hyenas, Sloth Bears, Deer, Black Bucks, Cheetal, Nilgai, Indian Bison, One-Horned Rhinoceros, Rhesus Monkey, Jungle Cats, etc.

Different other reptiles found here include King Cobras, Pythons, Kraits, Sand Boas, etc. You may also get to see water reptiles like numerous crocodiles, gharials, monitor lizards, etc.

The Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary has over 200 species of birds present here. A few of these include Flycatchers, Grey Shrike, Nepalese Pheasant, Green Barbet, Pied Hornbill, Tree Pipit, Greenish Warblers, Three-Toed Quail, White Eye, Plovers, Emerald Dove, Storks, Waders, Snipes, Pitta, Ibises, etc. Apart from these, there are various breeds of pigeons found here too. You may catch a glimpse of a few owls here during the night as well.

This reserve forest also contains a wide variety of moths, butterflies, and other insects. Some of them are the Glassy Tiger, Club Beak, Lime Butterfly, Grey Pansy, Great Mormon, etc.

The Vegetation :

The Valmiki Forest Reserve also has a huge collection of vegetation, which makes it a very green place. Some of the distinct species of trees are Bahera or the Terminalia balerica, Karam or cardifolia adina, Simal or Salmelia malaberica, Asidh or Lagerstroemia parviflora, etc. Other categories of trees include Banjan or Anogeissus latifolia, Harra or Terminalia chebula, Piyar or Buchanania lanzon, Bodera or operculata eugenia, etc.

Different kinds of grasses on offer in this land are Elephant grass or the Typha elephantine, Choranth or the Heteropogon contortus, Kans or the Saccharum spontanum, munj or Saccharum munja, and many more.

The other specialty of this place is the availability of plants used for medicine. They are Dudhkoraiya or the Holarrahena antidysenterica, Satawar or the Asparagus racemosus, the Piper longum, Amla or the Emblica officials, etc.

Distance of Valmiki National Park from major cities:

  • Delhi - Valmiki Tiger Reserve is 706 km from Delhi

  • Mumbai - This Place is 1473 km away from the Park

  • Chennai - Chennai is located 1639 km away from the reserve

  • Hyderabad - This city is 1253 km far from the Park

  • Kolkata - Kolkata is 683 km away

  • Lucknow - This city is 322 km from the Park

  • Chandigarh - It is 806 km from the Park

  • Patna - Patna is 222 km from the National Park

  • Amritsar - This city is as far as 1013 km

  • Dehradun - It is located 678 km from the spot

  • Rohtak - Rohtak?s distance is 757 km

How to reach the National park ?

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  • Patna has the closest airplane terminal from Valmiki National Park. The distance from the terminal to the National Park is about two hundred kilometers. From the airport itself, there are taxis available on hire that will take you to the Park.


Almost all the railway stations connect with Valmiki National Park. On the western part of the wildlife reserve, you will get Bagaha Railway Station. However, if you decide to go towards the east of the park, Narkatiaganj station is what you will get. Muzaffarpur is the nearest rail depot from the National Park.


It is possible to make a roadways trip to the Valmiki National Park. The northern highway of 64 goes through the west end of the Park. The city is about 270 kilometers from the park.

Accommodation facilities

You can avail forest guest houses in the regions of Nauragia, Ganauli, Madanpur, and Kotraha. You can get foods and drinks depending upon your necessity. Besides, there are also eco-friendly huts found in Manguraha, Gobardhana, Valmikinagar, and Naurangia Done.

Things to do

Touring the National Park can be a lot of fun. Things here that you would love to enjoy here include the Canopy Walk at Valmiki Nagar, Rafting or Boating at the same venue, local sights visit through electronic rickshaws, etc.

Another significant thing to look at here is the Watchtower situated at Ganauli. From here, you can relish an outstanding view of the snow-covered mountain ranges of the Himalayas as well as, the glittering sight of the flowing River Manore.

You can also visit the nearby Jatashankar Temple, Nardevi Temple, Someshwar Temple, Kaleshwar Temple, etc.

Wildlife Safari at the Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Being at the Valmiki Tiger Reserve, the tourists can avail of the opportunity of exclusive wildlife safaris throughout the day. Different kinds of safaris here include an excursion on private vehicles in the forest for students on educational trips, an exciting wildlife adventure on open-wheels that can accommodate up to six people, etc. At night time, there is also a provision for a wildlife visit in the reserve. During this time, you can visit the place to enjoy the scenic beauty of the moonlight all over the place. There is also the facility of a special dinner package from the forest office if you want. If you are a passionate bird-watcher, this is an ideal place for you to be. So, get in touch with the Bihar Tourism Department for full enjoyment of the trip.

All-in-all, touring the Valmiki National Park and the Tiger Reserve is an ideal holiday activity if you are an adventure lover. Not only would you enjoy animal safari but also, some other activities like boating, trekking, etc. Hence, do not forget to include these destinations in your itinerary.


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