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Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary
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Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

  • Location :Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

  • Coverage area : 74-acres

  • Main attraction : Alangiumsalviflorum trees, Acacia nilotica

  • Best time to visit :November and February

  • Nearby excursions : Francisco Church, Murugan Kovil, Sri Gnanagiriswarar Temple

  • Nearby cities :Chennai

If you are a huge bird lover, then the oldest bird sanctuary of India, Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is like a heaven for you. You will be mesmerized by seeing beautiful birds here.

This sanctuary is known for various migratory birds that come from different countries around the globe. It is

Location of Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

It is a 74-acres secured area located which is located in the Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu, India. It is about 75 km away from Chennai, India. The lake named Vedanthangal Lake is situated 122 m above the sea level. The lake provides water to around 250 acres of agricultural land near it.
The birds that came here are not only from India, you may see many other birds like snake bird, stok heron and ibis that comes all the way from Europe.

Geographical Landscape of the Bird Sanctuary

The geographical location of Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is 12?32'58"N and 79?51'10"E.

Places near Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

  • Francisco Church

  • Murugan Kovil

  • Sri Gnanagiriswarar Temple

  • Sr Theatre

  • Rk Theatre

  • Karikili Bird Sanctuary

Climatic conditions

According to the geographical conditions of the sanctuary, the Vedanthangal bird sanctuary experiences three seasons, winters, monsoons and summers.

  • The winter season starts from October and ends till March. The temperature is between 19?C to 29?C.

  • The monsoon season starts from July and ends till September. The temperature is between 24?C to 34?C.

  • The summer season starts from April and ends till June. The temperature is between 28?C to 39?C.

Best time to visitVedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

The best time to visit the Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is between the months of November and February i.e. during winter season. The temperature during this season remains moderate which makes it a perfect climate to watch birds. Monsoon and summer season are not advisory as you may not be able to watch variety of birds during this season.

Animals that inhabit the sanctuary

Fauna that is found here includes some common mammals and monkeys.

List of some famous Birds in the Sanctuary

  • Grey Pelican

  • Indian Shag

  • Little Cormorant

  • Darter

  • Grey Heron

  • Spoonbill

  • Large Egret

  • Small Egret

  • Openbilled Stork

  • Black-headed Ibis

  • Night Heron

Distance of Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary from major cities:

  • Jaipur, 2,149.7 km

  • Chandigarh, 2,534.8 km

  • Delhi, 2,284.1 km

  • Bangalore, 324.6 km

  • Mumbai, 1,315.8 km

  • Chennai, 86.8 km

  • Hyderabad, 701.4 km

  • Kolkata, 1,749.8 km

  • Guwahati, 2,750.4 km

How to reach the National park ?

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  • The nearest airport to reach here is Chennai Airport which is 61 km away from Vedanthangal. Flights from various major cities in the country are connected to this airport.


Chengalpattu Railway Station is 26 km away from the park. The main railhead is in Chennai and is connected to many big cities. You can take bus or taxi from this station to arrive to Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary.


The city, Vedanthangal lies at a distance of only 30 km from the main city of Chennai. Those who want to go by bus, Bus service is available Chengalpattu and Chennai.

Accommodation facilities

There are many hotels and resorts available for stay with amazing facilities during your visit to Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary. Some of the best hotels/places are :

  • Hotel Sakthi Park, Melmaruvathur.

  • Ranga Residency, Chengalpattu.

  • Esthell Village Resort, Mahabalipuram.

  • Fortune Select Grand, Singaperumal Koil.

  • Regency Kanchipuram by GRT Hotels, Kanchipuram.

  • Welcome Hotel Kences Palm Beach, Mahabalipuram.

  • Grande Bay Resort and Spa, Mahabalipuram.

Things to do

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is a paradise in Chennai. Some of the things that you can do during your visit here are :

  • Sightseeing : You will be surprised to see the huge variety of migrated birds here.

  • Eating : There are some small shops where you can buy tea and some basic food.

There is no spot for shopping and festivals at Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary.

The Natural Vegetation (Flora)

Flora that is found here includes Alangium salviflorum trees, Acacia nilotica, thorn forests and dry evergreen scrub.


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