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Tithal beach, Gujarat

Seashore witnessing a fair full of lights, colour, and tradition.

Seashore witnessing a fair full of lights, colour, and tradition.

What is the Beach festival?

Gujarat is one of those states in India which is rich in culture, traditional, and natural beauty. There are a lot of places in Gujarat which are perfect as holiday destinations. Some of the striking features of the state of Gujarat is it's incredible beaches, temples as well as forests where one would be able to see various species of animals. Tithal beach being part of this prosperous province, is indeed a great spot to visit. The unique feature of this beach is the black sand and the delightful seashore nearby. The beach festival is celebrated on particular dates in the month of November for two days. The climate during this month is pleasant in Gujarat; thus, it becomes an ideal event to engage in. A large number of people from Gujarat as well as from other states of India, assemble at the Tithal beach for this festival. Also, the Tithal beach attracts a huge crowd of tourists too. Tourist here gets to witness the remarkable culture of India as well as enjoys to the fullest at the beachside in the cool breeze. The entire environment of the Tithal beach changes during these 2 days of the festival.

What are the features of the beach festival?
What are the features of the beach festival?

Like Ran Utsav, which is celebrated at the beach of Kach, this beach festival is the second popular one, which holds a variety of activities for entertainment. Lightening in the sole characteristic of the beach festival which adds beauty to it. This black sand beach hosting the festival is known for the elegant sightseeing. There are a lot of grand entertainment activities organised during the 2 days in November. Musical events are outstanding to a level to add stars to the celebration. Another special feature of this festival is the decorative lights that change the entire ambience of the Tithal beach. There is also an arrangement of delicious food as well as snacks during the festival at the beach, where one will be able to find a delightful blend of flavours of Gujarat. Different games or sports are also organised at the beach to add more fun and excitement amongst the visitors. Volleyball, Cricket, Water ball as well as other water sports are held at the beach. Other fun-loving activities to involve or engage people well are also planned. Also, this festival is accompanied by musical performances where people participate and showcase their skills. Magical shows to grab the interest children, as well as adults, are too planned for building great enthusiasm amongst the visitors.

This festival is a kind of wonderful treat to eyes, ears, and taste buds and worth sightseeing for the visitors.

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