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international paragliding festival



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Kerala, India

Explore adventurous Kerala

Explore adventurous Kerala

This is one of the most famous festivals celebrated in Kerala. Kerala is a land of culture and traditions and has many diverse rituals, and the people are really devoted to the Gods and the ancient history related to it but, this International paragliding festival is organized by the tourism department of Kerala. This festival is organized and promoted solely for the purpose of adventure for tourists and participants coming from all over the world.

This annual event to be very specific is organized by the Kerala tourism and (ASSTA) Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy.

The time and place
The time and place

The International paragliding festival is held mostly during the months of March-April. This draws a large number of international, national as well as local tourists.

The International paragliding festival is held in Vagamon, and this is situated at the border of the districts of Kottayam and Idukki.

Vagamon is a hill station and has mountains with tea plantations and valleys and has a lot of tourist attractions.

The event description
The event description

The festival was successfully started in the year 2006 and now is one of the festivals that attract the greatest number of pilots from different parts of the world and India.

One of the takeoff spots in the Vagamon hills is Kolahalamedu. The festival is celebrated with lots of energy and a spirit of happiness and excitement and makes a great holiday destination with all the colorful and green hills of Vagamon at Kerala.

This paragliding as an adventurous sport is gaining popularity and the interests of people in the US, the UK and Asia as well. This festival is sometimes a four-day event and some years also get extended. All the spots and adventure enthusiasts fly down to Kerala to either participate or just witness this grand celebration and competition. They're also entertaining rides for the visitors; this helps keep them engaged and enjoy the festival to the fullest without getting bored.

The International paragliding festival is organized by the tourism department of Kerala in association with ASSTA, and hence, the safety and security of the participants and the visitors is not an issue and is efficiently managed. The organizers make sure that no life is at risk and the festival carries on with peace and harmony. The management is top-notch to avoid any unnecessary chaos and to allow the tourists and the guests to enjoy the festival.

There are arrangements for the trial events as well just to make sure that the festival goes on smoothly. The tentative dates for the International paragliding festival in the year 2020 are from 20th January to 18th February. The Vagamon hills are considered to be one of the safest and beautiful places in Kerala and India to perform paragliding. One must surely visit this grand event.

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