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machattu mamangam



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Thrissur, Kerala

Celebrate the festival of pageantry and culture

Celebrate the festival of pageantry and culture

Machattu Mamangam is a festival that is celebrated in the state of Kerala and offers a grand exhibition of the traditions and the ancient beliefs of the people celebrating and following the festival for a long time. Kerala is said to be the ‘Gods own country,’ and this festival truly depicts this saying through the grand and colorful celebrations and the huge number of gatherings.

The place

The festival is held at the Machattu Mamangam temple. This temple is situated at Vadakkancherry and the Thrissur district. It is the easiest to reach the temple is to take a rail or drive to the temple, which is approximately 21kms from the railway station at Thrissur.

The time

The Machattu Mamangam festival is scheduled for the third week of February.
This is a five-day festival and includes various celebrations in five days. This is the perfect time to experience the beauty of nature and its serenity.

Description of the festival
Description of the festival

This is an annual festival celebrated each year with more joy and greater splendor and the increasing number of visitors and devotees, the celebration is exhilarating, and there is a massive crowd at the temple.

One of the rituals of the festival is that on the last day, huge structures are adorned with heavy ornaments and taken out for the processions. The devotees with great passion and devotion participate in the festival and the temple is the main stage for the five-day festival.

The motifs or the effigies of the horses, also known as the Kuthirakolams, are decorated by the locals living nearby and also some visitors who participate in this ritual are taken out for the processions on the streets. These represent the different villages of the region.

It is also believed that the Goddess Bhagavathy leaves the temples to visit the homes of the devotees and shower them with blessing for wealth and healthy lives ahead.

The elephants are dressed up in royal fashion, and they also accompany this procession. The music and the dance performances by the artists and the exhibition of various art forms entertain the people at the procession, makes it a fun event and attracts more people towards the festival. This festival reflects the cultural traditions of the state and also celebrates multiple rituals at the gathering.

The vibrant atmosphere lights up the district. The temple hosts a lot of visitors from all around the state, the country, and all across the world. The people from Kerala visit this occasion to witness the grand celebration they have been hearing about their culture and the tourists from all around the globe visit to know more about the rich culture of India and its various states.

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