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Udaipur Rajasthan India

Visit the royal city of Jodhpur and participate in the joyous occasion of the Marwar

Visit the royal city of Jodhpur and participate in the joyous occasion of the Marwar

The Mewar festival is celebrated to celebrate the arrival of the season spring, it is celebrated in Udaipur, Rajasthan in the land of Maharajas. Rajasthan is all about its culture and tradition, and the celebration of this festival happens to be a vital tradition of the people. The city of Udaipur is illuminated with vivid colours that create an aura for this amazing festivity. In the tourism of Rajasthan, the Mewar festival holds a very prominent name in terms of its popularity and tourist attraction.

A number of tourists from across the world come from across the globe to view the Mewar festival. Also, many international tourists come to the festival and thereby get engaged in the festival and be a part of it. The Mewar festival over the years has gained great significance all over the world due to its culture, tradition, and history, but the history that goes behind the start of this festival happens to be even more intriguing and interesting than the festival itself.

History of the festival:
History of the festival:

The history falls many years behind the time, and it has set its roots right in the era when the part of India where Rajasthan falls was ruled by the Sisodia dynasty. History says that emperor or better said Maharaja, Udai Singh when went on hunting once, he crossed paths with a holy man which intrigues the Maharaja. The holy man happened to meditate in a tranquil state atop a hill that gave a mesmerizing view of the Pichola Lake. As the emperor approached him, he blessed him and gave him the advice to build a palace in that place. Maharaja Udai Singh then followed his counsel and built a beautiful palace on the exact same spot. After that, the festival laid its foundation and with that, the rituals were associated with it, and since then, the festival is celebrated with equal amounts of joy and faith.

The celebration of the festival:
The celebration of the festival:

The celebration of this festival includes a number of practices and rituals, and dress in a particular attire to respect the tradition. Then there is a procession that moves through several parts of the city, this then reaches the Pichola Lake where the pictures are taken on the boats in the lake. In the celebration of this festival, there are also a number of cultural activities and events that are put up.

The vibe is enlightened with folk dances, folk songs, several other cultural activities. The residents enjoy their hearts out, also there are spectators that come from afar to experience the gaiety


The women dress up in typical traditional attire and swirl to the tunes of Rajasthani folk music. The women are also clad in the traditional outfits and this is an occasion for them to flaunt their jewellery. They also apply mehndi on their hands in traditional and intriguing patterns. There is also a special sort of makeup that the women seem to apply that adds an extra factor to their charming look. The men, on the other hand, are dressed in traditional outfits and there is also some special sort of jewelry that they wear that signifies their masculinity.

Religious significance:

The ceremonies are of vital importance than in the Rajasthani culture, though the festival of Mewar might be known because of its charm, dressings, and lights, it is not just confined to that. The Mewar festival is indeed much more than that. The ceremonies start right with the women gathering together to dress up the idol of Lord Vishnu and LordessGangaur. The idol itself is made by the women itself a few days prior

Ritual and tradition:

The married women pray to the lord for the good health of their partner and the family. The single women pray to get an appropriate match for a partner when they come of age. These idols are then carried through the different parts of the city on the heads as part of the ritual. The women cheer, dance, and sing whilst carrying the idols on their heads to keep the excitement level high. This procession then comes to a conclusion at the GangaurGhat. The idols are then transferred to the special boats by the women. These special boats are then afloat in the lake and watching all those colourful boats moving in the water alongside the light and other possessions is surely a delight to witness.

Major attraction:

The major attraction of this festival is obviously the tradition that is followed, and the festivities associated with it. The dresses of the women, jewelry, and mehndi designs are the major attractions for women from different walks of life. Apart from that the Rajasthani folk music, the dances, the dramas, and then, of course, the food of the festival in the royal land happen to be the major attractions for all the tourists and the spectators alike.

How to reach:

As the festival is organized in Udaipur, you ought to get to this city from any part of the world. It has well-connected roadways, railways, and airways.

  • Udaipur happens to have a well-connected network of roadways that connect to almost all the parts of the country and even the roads are good. The frequency of taxis is good, the buses have good service too, you can even go there in a private car.
  • Udaipur railway station is connected to almost all the parts of the nation. There are many express trains as well as luxury trains that are worth experiencing. The palace on wheels, as well as the Maharaj’s express, are amongst the most famous luxury trains across the globe.
  • Udaipur airport is also known as MaharanaPratap airport or the Dabok airport. It is located at a distance of 22 kilometers from the Udaipur. There are a number of domestic and international flights that land and take-off from this airport on a daily basis. From the airport, you can opt for taxis, buses, or private vehicles to get to the destination.

Amongst all the others, staying in this land of Maharajas is once in a lifetime experience. That too in Udaipur there are a lot of luxury hotels that resemble the palaces of the Maharajas that resided here, with intrinsic patterns and exquisite architecture. There are also budget hotels with a tinge of the royal taste.

Lastly, better than saying about the festival, it is better if one experiences it for themselves. More information about the festival can be obtained on the official tourism website of the state. To promote the festival, there also are many packages that are offered by various sources that cater your need as per your requirement.

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