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Start Date: 02-11-2022 End Date:    02-11-2022


Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Soak in the divinity

Soak in the divinity

Kerala and its people willingly and lovingly celebrate so many different festivals, and those are all based on all the different beliefs and religions all over the state. The local people and the local traditions emerge into many great festivals. One such festival is the Parumala Perunnal festival.

The Location

The Parumala Perunnal festival is celebrated in the Parumala church, and that is at the Pathanamthitta district.

About the festival
About the festival

The festival is approximately a weeklong and is celebrated with great splendor and energy at the church by the people there.

Parumala Perrunnal is an annual festival that is held to celebrate the death anniversary of Bishop Mar Gregorios. He was the first canonized saint of the Malankara Orthodox Church of Kerala. The mortal remains of the Bishop in the church are interred.

There are devotees coming from all parts of the state and the country to celebrate this great day in the remembrance of the Bishop.

Time of celebration

The Parumala PerunnaL is celebrated in the state of Kerala. This is also a recognized festival among the locals and is almost held around summer for every year.

The tentative dates for the festival are from April to May.

Earlier in time, the festival was ritualistically celebrated around the month of November every year. It is considered as a visual treat for the visitors there and also a hotspot for the festive season.

The festival is celebrated at a very convenient place for the people to easily come and enjoy the grand celebration.


During the Orma Perunnal day, the festival commemorates, and the rituals are performed, and many special prayers are offered at the church. There is also a ceremonial procession all across the town that adds to the beauty of the festival. There are also a huge number of rituals that are carried on by locals, and the tourists get to learn a lot about the culture and the traditions. A great wave of enthusiasm flows among the people there and encourage everyone there to be a part of the celebration.

There are stalls of traditional and regional food and local handicraft stuff and jewelry for the tourists. The market, alongside the church, sells many memorable and unique things for the visitors.

There are also many cultural performances that are definitely a crowd puller to the festival at the church. This festival and all the other many festivals help the people who love traveling and love to know about different cultures and traditions and about different people and their beliefs.

This is also making a great destination for holidays for the inquisitive souls and the thrill-seekers. This festival at the Parumala church is a must-visit.

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