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Gujarat, India

Rann Utsav Kutch Festival

Rann Utsav Kutch Festival

Besides being one of the biggest salt deserts in the world, the great Rann of Kutch in Gujarat has much more than that. It is a wide platform to display nature’s beauty and the cultural rendezvous in the Rann Utsav. No words compiled together can describe the beauty and glory of the place and the grandeur of the experience that takes place in the immense celebration platform that displays eye-boggling canvas of culture, plethora of art forms and a surplus of life’s moments.

Rann Utsav is one of the main tourist pullers in Gujarat from all over the globe, and the reason is genuine and justified. Held in the winters, Rann Utsav is organized by the Tourism Department of Gujarat. Held during the full moon phase, the white desert is a spectacular sight to behold and preserve throughout your life.

What happens at the Rann Utsav?
What happens at the Rann Utsav?

The festival is mainly held to display the cultural and musical fascination of the locals and to exhibit the royal tradition of the state. The best of local talents come together to create out-of-the-world music in the white sand. The magic of Gujarat is beautifully portrayed over the region making it an open arena for the arts and crafts of Gujarat for display as well as for sale.

The Rann Utsav is precisely located 85 km from Bhuj where the Tent City is set up near the village of Dhordo. It takes around 2 months to set up the lavish escape which welcomes thousands of visitors from across the globe with more than 350 hospitality personnel working at different levels.

The essence of the celebration
The essence of the celebration

The main essence lies in the ambience and its perfect blend with the cultural dose of the state. While you would be amazed with the nature and its beauty, the colors, music, handicrafts, pottery, drama, dance and a huge mix of all these would make you crave for more.

Another thing that the festival boasts off is the largest tent accommodation in India that sprawls over an area of 5,00,000 sq mt. The accommodation is in over 400 AC and non-AC tents along the border of the great White Rann. These tents vary in accommodation capacity and facilities that suits each one’s needs and budget. It is indeed an experience of a lifetime when you spend a night on the sparkling white sand desert that stretches far into the horizon.

The entire Tent City is a C-shaped cluster of tents with additional spaces of two dining halls that span an area of 1200 sq mt. There are separate reception area, a conference hall, a club house, and a café each serving different purposes for the guests.

Things to do and sights to watch:

  • The first thing to let your eyes see is the romantic full moon that blooms over the white sand of the desert making the entire ambience uber romantic.
  • Enjoy the cultural fiesta hosted by the local artists who travel from all over the state, and make you dance to their tunes of beautiful folk music.
  • Go on a solo ride on a Desert Patrol vehicle amid the desert for an adventurous feeling.
  • Try the desert safari which is equally loved by the adults as well as the kids.
  • Hot air balloon in Kutch is another must-try experience to have an aerial view of the colorful hues on the white sand that the festival creates.
  • Fill your bags with what-nots available in the fair. You will be spoiled for choices among Gujarati textile, handicrafts, leather products, silverware, Kutch embroidery (must buy), and beautifully crafted ornaments.
  • When attending the festival, don’t miss out on the food to devour on. You will have your belly full with so many options available.
  • Don’t miss the sunset view from Mandvi Beach – this is something that would remain in your mind forever.
  • The highest point in Kutch is Kalo Dungar, from where you can enjoy the whitewashed landscape taking it to a different level of experience.
How to reach?

  • Bhuj airport is 86 km from Dhordo Tent City. Once you reach Bhuj, you can take a cab or a rented car to reach the spot.
  • Bhuj is the nearest railway station, and you will get bus, cab, rented car and local transport facilities from there.
  • Bhuj and other major cities of Gujarat is well connected with metropolitan cities by state-run transport buses.
  • Traveling from Mumbai is easiest. Take the Kutch expressway that takes you to Gandhi Dham which is 135 km from Dhordo.

Rann Utsav in Kutch is nothing like anything else in the country, or in the world. It showcases extravagance of culture, color, tradition, adventure and festivity in the most unique way of celebration. You have to visit and experience the feel to get what it means to be there – on white sand, under starlit sky, amid music and inhaling pure oxygen.

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