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Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

The festival of sair in North East India.

The festival of sair in North East India.

The festival of Sair is a festival that is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh in a place called Shimla. This festival is celebrated to mark the end of the harvest of crops and to prepare for the long and harsh winter ahead. This time of the festival is also known for its belief that the gods return from the earth to heaven at this time of the festival.

About the festival:
About the festival:

This festival is celebrated in the mid of September and is a centuries-old festival which is mainly celebrated heavily in the interior parts of Shimla every year. The day in which it is to be celebrated differs according to certain places. In some places, it is celebrated on Tuesday whereas in other places it is celebrated on Wednesday. The main highlight of the festival is the bullfight that is organized in front of many people. It is quite similar to various other festivals that are celebrated in Spain or Portugal. Many people come to see this spectacle from all around the country. Even the bullfights are organized in only specific areas during the festival.

According to various sources, it is also said that through the onset of many years, the festival seems to have lost the original essence of the festival however the local people still with great enthusiasm celebrate the festival every year. At the festival, the people indulge themselves in specially prepared meals and also adorn themselves with new clothes and get new utensils and kitchen appliances. There is a tradition where the younger members of the family offer sacred grass called Dhruv which is a dry fruit to the elder members of the family. The bulls that are used in the bullfights are reared by the locals and are used during the festival.

Before the festival starts, the bulls are usually drugged in order to get them charged up during the festival. In many festivals, the people give offerings to the gods. The offerings consist of harvested crops so that the next cropping season will be a successful one. They also blow drums and trumpets during the offerings that are made as a sign of giving a warm welcome to the deities as they return to the heavens. As you walk around the area, you can see the elderly people trying to ward off any evil from their family and the houses to protect them from any accidents. The local people in the communities have legends surrounding local demigods that have been present for a long time now and they live according to these legends.

As per the tradition, the festival is celebrated to mark the end of the summer season and the beginning of the long winter season. As this festival is celebrated to people, prepare themselves to start stocking up on the food grains and the firewood that is going to be needed during the winter days.

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