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shekhawati festival



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Rajasthan, India

The perfect heritage site to witness the Indian rural art and culture.

The perfect heritage site to witness the Indian rural art and culture.

Organized by the State Department of tourism, district administrator of Sikar, Churu, Jhunjuhnu, and the M.R Moraka – GDC Rural search foundation Shekhawati is known for its cultural magnanimity which hosts a lot of traditional art forms, games, havelis and other cultural programs. Initially, the purpose of this festival was to promote the Rajasthan tourism but now, with the kind of appreciation, its rural artworks, and wall paintings have gathered, it has become a way to showcase and promote the rural art forms. The very famous palaces and forts of this place are adorned with the age-old wall paintings, which are a beautiful combination of artistic brilliance and labour. Apart from the frescoes, the mural paintings, and other artworks which are specific to the indigenous population of this place are displayed for the people.

The festival is known throughout the country and is admired for its cultural affluence and initiative. Apart from displaying the beautiful art paintings, it also hosts a number of cultural programs, fun activities and new things, which are sure to push you deeper into the layering of Indian culture and its different beliefs. Some of these activities are noted down below,

  • Organic food court – Every year, during the month of February, the festival inaugurates an organic food court to promote and spread awareness regarding it. Each and every performer and participant is given organic food. This is perhaps the only festival in India which has taken this beautiful initiative.
  • Safari/jeep rides – You get to explore the different parts of this region on a safari ride. Well, known for its experienced drivers who are all lined up for the tourists to give them a ride and help them explore the un-treaded parts of different desserts of Rajasthan.
  • Matka daud racing competition – Specific to this part of the country, this competition is the most famous of all. Women carry a big earthen pot onto their heads and participate in a race competition. Its part of their cultural heritage and the winner is presented with cash prizes and other tokens of appreciation.
  • Kavvi sammelan – Poets, writers, and even singers gather around to participate in this poetic carnival wherein they share their literary pieces and enjoy the writings. From ghazals to poetry, you get to experience the young talent of Rajasthan.
  • Mehendi and rangoli competitions – Henna, an important cultural emblem of this heritage and thousands of women get down to participate in the henna and rangoli competitions. The splurge of different colours often makes it tough for the judges to choose one.

Well, if you are an admirer of art and appreciate artistic sensibility, then the Shekhawati festival might introduce you into the rural and the ancient frescoes and paintings of India. Apart from the artistic splurge, the activities and the vibrant environment of this place is sure to leave a footprint on your mind and heart.

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