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theyyam festival kerala



Start Date: 09-03-2024 End Date:    14-03-2024


Kerala, India

Let your soul dance to the rhythm of the divine.

Let your soul dance to the rhythm of the divine.

Kerala is an extremely beautiful state with a vivid culture and a greater preserved wealth of the cultural traditions. Kerala has a rich history of rituals, traditions, and an array of fairs and festivals. This attracts tourists from all across the globe to fly down to this land of gods and experience the divine and grand celebrations.

The religious and the ritualistic dance-drama, the popular ritual form of worship to God, Theyyam, is an exceptional festival. Theyyam literally means God is a combination of ritual, theatrical and lived culture.

When and where
When and where

Theyyam is generally celebrated in the dry season of the year. The Theyyam season lasts from November to March, predominantly from the end of the winter harvest season to the beginning of monsoon.

Theyyam is popularly celebrated in the Northern Malabar region of Kerala. This festival has no specific place or time of celebration; it has a complete season of its own and is celebrated in more than 1200 temples in North Kerala.

The festivities and the rituals
The festivities and the rituals

Theyyam lasts for two days and is majorly celebrated in the nighttime. Theyyam is an ancient Dravidian culture and is a part of the tribal culture of Kerala. It is one of the most common forms of worship in North Kerala and the Theyyam trees, plants and animals are worshipped along with the Hindu deities.

As mentioned Theyyam means God and the dancers here at the festival are costumed as Theyyam. The exotic makeup and the extravagant costumes bring more vigor and liveliness to the festival. The Theyyam performer is called ‘Kolam,’ which represents the divine spirit.

It is said that the artist performing the Theyyam possesses the spiritual soul of the deity and is considered as God b the devotees.

The Theyyam is capable of curing the illness and shower the devotees with blessings.
This performance is held in temples or the courtyards of old houses also known as Kavus.
Although while visiting you should keep these things in mind;

  • The Theyyam performances don’t take place in all the temples of the North region.
  • Some temples or Kavus celebrate this festival once every two years.
  • The peak time to visit is December-March, here you will have more temple options to visit for the holy blessings and a chance for the better experience of the festival altogether.

This ritual has been celebrated for more than 800 years now and being carried on like a legacy by the people of is also one of the most visually impressive forms of rituals on Hindu devotion.

People who visit this festival get to experience the lively colors the spirit of celebrating the divine and the willingness to carry the ancient rituals among the people of North Kerala.

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