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Ajmer, India

Witness the power of faith and belief at the Urs Festival in Ajmer.

Witness the power of faith and belief at the Urs Festival in Ajmer.

The sixth day of the Urs is seen as the most sacred and special. It is called the “Chhati Sharif”. It is celebrated on the 6th Rajab before 1.30 pm from 10 am. Inside the Mazaar Sharif, Shirja is read by duty bound Khadims of MoinuddinChisti and there are prayers too.

Badhaawawhich involves recitation of prayers is played on the occasion. There is no other musical instrument used herein and it is accompanied only by sounds of clapping from the people who are present there. The composition of Badhaawa was done by Syed BehlolChishti, who is an ancestor of the community of Khadims. After the recitation of Badhaawa, the ceremony of the Qu'l comes to its conclusion, and the Fatiha is recited.


Dargah Sharif Ajmer is situated at a barren hill’s foothold where the Sufi saint KhawajaMoinuddinChisti’s last rites were performed on his mortal remains. The tomb of the Sufi saint known as “Dargah” has a beautiful marble dome , located amidst the courtyard and has a border of silver platform.

One can see a beautiful arena of Muslim fairs with rosaries, silver ornaments, books and embroidered carpets. It is believed here that your dreams can turn into reality if prayed with pure hearts. Every year, this festival is celebrated to the saint's oneness with God.

The festival gets the glimpse of over five lakh devotees paying tributes to the Sufi Saint from every unique castes, creed and religious faiths. The people give offering to the brave Saint in the form of jasmine and rose flowersto the Khawaja on that day to get his blessings.


The devotees gather in one place despite the diversified caste , creed or religion at Ajmer near the holy Saints Dargah and as a tribute offers Chadar , Ghilaph and Neema to the Tomb. The rituals also involve distribution of sweet pudding called “Kheer” or “ Tabarruk” among the devotees. It is the blessed food of the festival.

Preparation and Celebration

KhwajaMoinuddinChishti is also known as the Gareeb Nawaz as he had the golden hurt to stand staunchly against the poverty and the needy. He dedicated all his life to be a server of the mankind . In his memory, Urs Festival is grandly celebrated, and this day is considered to be a really lucky day for the devotees who participates in the even from all across the globe.

The famous qawwalis are the central attraction of the festival during Urs Ajmer festival. The qawwalis, mehfils and prayers termed as fatihas are arranged on that day to propagate harmony and peace. People from all over the world gather at Ajmer during the Urs to pay their homage, irrespective of their religion or caste. The whole atmosphere of the place is religious and one can not help but feel at peace at the occasion.

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