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03 Days | Peru Holiday Package

03 Days |

Peru Holiday Package

Peru holiday Package
Nazca y Paracas


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Day 01 Lima / Nazca

Once you each Lima, you will be transferred to the bus terminal, from where you will board a bus to Nazca, along the Pan-American Highway. The journey will take about 7 hours. The overnight stay is in Nazca.

Day 02 Nazca / Paracas

In the morning, you will catch a flight to visit the famous Nazca Lines and printed designs of the Pampa San José (30 minutes by air). You will view different huge geometric figures from the sky, including animals, plants, birds, and straight lines across the desert over many miles in all cardinal directions. Though the true origin of these lines and figures is unknown, it is believed that these were made by aliens. Another study indicated that these were formed to mark religious rituals on important dates for the people of Nazca.

You will leave for Paracas in the afternoon. The overnight stay will be in Paracas.

Day 02 Paracas / Lima

You will have an excursion of the Ballestas Islands (about 2 and half hours). During the tour, you will see the diverse marine life such as Humboldt penguin, birds like pelicans and flamingos. You will also find sea lions resting on the rocky beaches.

On the way back, you can spot the famous Paracas Candelabra, a geoglyph in an area of 120 m, looking like the Trident.

Afterward, you will return to Lima on a bus.


Peru Holiday Package

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