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Tour overview

Witness the beauty of India with All India Travel Packages.

Tired of your monotonous life? Are you looking for a way to change your mood and take a holiday to a place that would help you get over your tired feelings? Do not fret; All India Travel Package is the perfect way to unwind. Witness the raw beauty and culture of India and find the optimal experience from your travel and tour plans. Deep-rooted with history, from the Indian rulers of various areas to the Mughals who ruled the country for centuries and the freedom fight from the British rulers, India offers you the perfect vacation plan!

India is globally known as one of the most vibrant and beautiful countries in the world. With beauty in every corner, India’s diverse culture, beauty and the festivals are known across the world. Wonderful flora and fauna, as well as the country’s diverse culture, have been a tourist magnet for people across the world. Known for its hospitality, beautiful scenic beauty and changing landscapes India offers you the classic vacation vibe.

For your All India Travel Package, you will be travelling to cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and many other iconic cities in the country. All of these cities are rich in culture, beauty and will help you find exactly what you are looking for in a long and refreshing trip.

Tour highlights

On your 23-day All India Travel Package with us, you will visit various cities in India and immerse yourself in the true beauty of the country. Here is what you will find with our travel package:

  • You will visit the capital of the country and visit the various tourist attractions in the city including the wonderful monuments that speckle Delhi.

  • Your 23-day tour package with us will even include a visit to the city of Agra, where you will view the magnificent monument of love, the TajMahal.

  • Your tourism package will help you go through India’s long and colourful history

  • Our package will help you view the attractions, monuments and the natural sights of every city in the country.

  • From Delhi to Kolkata, you will cover various areas of the country on your travel and tour package with us.


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Day 01 Arrive at Delhi

When you arrive at Delhi, you will be greeted by our representative and will be transferred to your hotel. Once ready, you will be taken to visit Old Delhi, established by Shah Jahan. This will be followed by a visit to Raj Ghat as well as the museum that was created in the memory of India’s father, Mahatma Gandhi. After that you will pass by Red Fort & Chandni Chowk and visit the iconic Jama Masjid. Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest and the busiest markets in Delhi. Enjoy the authentic food and shop for souvenirs and local handicrafts from the shops here. Post that, Qutub Minar, India’s highest minaret awaits you. The minaret was built in the year 1192 and took 75 years to finally reach completion. View the magnificence of the minaret and then move on to Humayun’s Tomb. It is a beautiful mausoleum made in the honour of King Humayun. Conclude your day by a visit to India Gate, built in the memory of unknown soldiers who laid their lives during First World War. On your way back to the city, you will drive past the Parliament House, President’s House and various other government secretarial houses. You can also visit the Lakshminarayan Temple. Once at the hotel, stay the night at the hotel and sleep tight.

Highlights: Delhi - Visit Raj Ghat, Jama Masjid, Qutab Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Laxmi Narayan Temple & drive past Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, President House, Parliament. etc.

Day 02 Travel from Delhi to Agra (By road)

After your breakfast in the morning, the beautiful city of Agra awaits you. The former capital of the Mughals is situated on the banks of the holy river Yamuna. Once in Agra, you will visit the various monuments that Agra is known for. First, we will take you to Taj Mahal, the incredible monument symbolizing love, is made of white marble. The monument was commissioned in 1632 by emperor Shah Jahan and took 20 years to complete, with the help of 20,000 workers. Post the visit, you can continue to visit Agra Fort. At the Agra Fort, you will be taken on a tour to visit Diwan-e-Aam and Diwan-e-Khas and the beautiful gardens of the monument. The afternoon here will be spent touring other places of interest, eating various delicacies and for shopping. Agra is famous for its in-lay marble work, which you can see for yourself. After your day, you will be transferred to the hotel where you will stay overnight.

Highlights: Agra – Visit Taj Mahal & Agra Fort.

Day 03 Travel from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri to Jaipur (by road)

After your breakfast, on this day, be prepared to travel to city of palaces, Jaipur and visit FatehpurSikri en route. FatehpurSikri was built by Emperor Akbar and is dotted with many beautiful historical structures, dating back to the 16th century. With Jama Masjid, BulandDarwaza, Tomb of SalimChishti and five storied PanchMahal for you to see and revel in, this city has a lot for its tourists to offer. Other points of attraction are the IbadatKhana, Mariam-ul-Zamani’s palace, NaubatKhana and Birbal’s House.

Post a visit to FatehpurSikri, we will take you to the pink city- Jaipur. Being the capital city of Rajasthan, the city truly reflects the grand royalty and culture that India has seen and still represents. Built by Maharaja Jai Singh in the year 1727, the city is dotted by amazing forts and historical sites. The day can be spent by exploring the local markets and the colourful streets. You will have access to your vehicle for utmost comfort. Stay at the hotel for the night and prepare for the next day with the best travel and tour of India.

Highlights: Visit Fatehpur Sikri.

Day 04 Sightseeing at Jaipur

After breakfast, you will visit the iconic places of Jaipur. You will visit the Amer Fort, which is a magnificent red-stone palace, built by Raja Man Singh. Diwan-e-Khas and Diwan-e-Aam, Sheesh Mahal and Sukh Niwas, situated inside the fort, are an incredible sight. The fort can be reached by way of jeeps, walking or on the back of an elephant.

Post that, on the way to the city, you will be taken to Maharaja City Palace, which consists of seven storeys and is known to have an architectural style which is a blend of Mughal, Rajput and European styles. You will also be taken to visit Jantar Mantar, an observatory which is renowned all over the world.

You will also visit Hawa Mahal, Pink Rose Garden and other various attractions of the city. The city of Jaipur offers you a beautiful look at the ancient architecture of the various monuments. You can also indulge in shopping- you could buy various artefacts, silk clothing as well as other things Jaipur is famous for. Once you are done travelling, you will be transported to your hotel, where you can rest and sleep tight.

Highlights: Jaipur - Visit Amer Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar & drive past Hawa Mahal.

Day 05 Travel from Jaipur to Mumbai (by flight)

After your breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport from where you will board your flight to Mumbai. Mumbai is one of the largest cities and the financial capital of India. It is also known for Bollywood cinema, Gateway of India and the beautiful beaches. You will land in Mumbai and will be transported to the hotel. Once you check in, you can enjoy your time be relaxing or visiting the nearby places. Overnight stay is in the famous star struck city, Mumbai.

Day 06 Enjoy sightseeing in Mumbai

After breakfast, you will begin your Mumbai sightseeing. With beautiful beaches, your day will begin with a visit to the Hanging Gardens and the Kamla Nehru Park which offers you a panoramic view of the Chowpatty beach. Then will take you to the iconic Marine Drive, and continue your tour. Post that, visit the Museum of Prince of Wales, Mani Bhawan, Flora Fountain, the Gateway of India and the Dhobi Ghat. Your afternoon will be at leisure, or you could take the optional tour to ElephantaCaves. The caves are located on the Arabian Sea and are known for their beauty. Once you are done with your visit to various attractions of the city, you will return to your hotel to spend the night.

Highlights: Mumbai - Visit the Hanging Gardens, Kamla Nehru Park, Mani Bhawan, Prince of the Wales Museum, Gateway of India, Dhobi-Ghat and drive through Marine Drive, Flora Fountain & Crawford market.

Day 07 Travel from Mumbai to Bangalore by Flight and to Mysore by road.

After your breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport from where you will board your flight to Bangalore. Once in Bangalore, you will be directly transferred to Mysore. The ancient city of Mysore offers you various attractions and scenic beauty with an essence so beautiful that puts any other kind of beauty to shame. In Mysore, you will be taken to your hotel for the night.

Day 08 Enjoy the day in Mysore

After your breakfast, you will take a trip around the city of Mysore. Known for its perfect amalgamation of various religions and cultures, there is a lot to see. From the various forts in the city to various important temples, you will see it all. You will be taken to the Chamundi hill where you will visit the iconic Chamundeshwari Temple, which also offers you a panoramic view of the city of Mysore. On your way back, you will also view the Nandi Bull. You can also visit the Krishnarajasagar dam and the Brindavan Gardens. You will be taken to your hotel for an overnight stay.

Highlights: Mysore - Visit the Mysore palace, art gallery, Chamundi hill, Nandi bull, etc.

Day 09 Travel from Bangalore to Kochi (by flight)

After your breakfast on your 9th day with our, you will be transferred to Kochi via flight from Bangalore. The city of Kochi was put on the map by Vasco-de Gama and is known to be one of the oldest trading cities in India. The name of Kochi comes from a Malayalam term that means lagoon. You will be taken to your hotel on arrival and will spend the night there.

Day 10 Enjoy sightseeing in Kochi

The city of Kochi is filled with fun and new experiences. After your breakfast, you will be taken to view the various attractions of the city, which include various religious places. You can also witness the use and operation of the Chinese Fishnets by the fishermen here. Apart from this, the visit to Kochi will also include visits to Cherai Beach, Kochi International Marina, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Hill Palace, Kochi Palace and many more attractions. Then you will be taken to your hotel for the night under your travel package.

Highlights: Kochi - Visi the Portuguese churches, mosques, temples and a Jewish synagogue.

Day 11 Travel from Kochi to Thekkady (by road)

After your morning breakfast, you will be taken to Thekkady or Periyar National Park. The day at the national park is at leisure, and you can do whatever you like. This park is known to be one of the largest elephant reserve. There are various other animals in the park, and you could spend your time enjoying the scenic beauty of the place and observe various animals here. You could also indulge in a soft trek around the place in the hills. You will stay here for an overnight stay.

Highlights: Periyar - Boat ride (common boat) on the lake Periyar to watch the wildlife.

Day 12 Travel from Periyar National Park to Madurai (by road)

On your 12th day, you will be transferred to Madurai via road. One of the oldest cities in the country, this city is known for its beauty and religiousness. You can visit the Rani Mangamma palace, which has been converted to Gandhi Memorial Museum, and the Meenakshi Temple. You will be transferred to your hotel for your overnight stay.

Day 13 Sightseeing in Madurai

Madurai is known for its various temples, after breakfast, you will visit the iconic temples in the city. Meenakshi Temple, TiruparaKundran Rock temple, TirumalaNayak Palace and Alagar Hills are some of the places that you will visit here. The main attraction of the city is the Meenakshi Temple, which has various architectural attractions to view. With musical pillars and life-like figures on the pillars, you can find the perfect way to finish your day-tour of the city. After this, you will be taken to your hotel for the night mentioned in your famous places travel in India package.

Highlights: Madurai - Visit Meenakshi Temple, Tirumala Nayak Palace, Alagar Hills and Tirupara Kundran Rock temple.

Day 14 Madurai to Tanjore (by road)

After your breakfast, you will be transferred to Tanjore. In Tanjore, you will visit the various places that served the Chola dynasty. Famous for Tanjore paintings and Bharatnatyam dance, this city offers you a lot to view. You will then visit Brihadeeswara Shiva Temple, built by King Raja Raja Chola. The temple is magnificent in various aspects. Then you will visit Thanjavur Maratha Palace, Saraswati Mahal Library, and the Raja Raja Chola art gallery. Once you are done with your visit to various places, you will be transferred to your hotel for an overnight stay.

Highlights: Tanjore - visit the Brihadeeswara Shiva Temple, Thanjavur Maratha Palace, Saraswati Mahal Library and the Raja Raja Chola art gallery.

Day 15 Travel from Tanjore to Pondicherry (by road)

After your breakfast, you will be transferred to Pondicherry via road. The city of Pondicherry is known for its beautiful British Colonial architecture and churches. View the systematically planned French Avenues, colonies and other attractions of the city. With beautiful beaches, such as the Serenity Beach, Auroville Beach, Paradise Beach and much more, you can find a way to relax here. You will be transferred to your hotel and will stay overnight.

Day 16 Travel from Pondicherry to Mamallapuram (by road)

After your breakfast, you will visit the various areas of the city. After you visit the main attractions of Pondicherry, you will be taken to Mamallapuram via road. Known as the city of "Seven Pagodas" since ancient times. The city has been one of the most popular port cities since ancient times and finds references in various epics of the country. After your trip around the city, you will be transferred to the hotel, where you will stay the night under your budget tour package of India.

Highlights: Pondicherry - visit the French Quarters, Sri Aurobindo Ashram & Lord Ganesha Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple.

Day 17 Sightseeing at Mahabalipuram

After your breakfast, you will visit Mahabalipuram, which is also known as Mamallapattana. Here you will visit the various kinds of temples and mandapams that offer you pictorial representations of various Hindu legends and mythologies. With Arjuna's Penance, chariots carved out of stone as well as various other things; you will witness the best attractions of India. You will also visit the Shore Temple before you retire for the night at your hotel.

Highlights: Mamallapuram - Visit the Shore Temple, The bas relief Arjuna's Penance, The five chariots, etc.

Day 18 Travel from Mahabalipuram to Kanchipuram to Chennai (by road)

After your breakfast, you will be transferred to Kanchipuram. Kanchipuram was the capital of the Pallavas. The city is speckled with various religious temples. Our All India tour package takes you to the various temples and will help you witness the beauty of these ancient temples. Sri Kailasanathar Temple, Ekambareswara temple, the Sri Vardaraja Perumal Temple, etc. are some of the temples that you will visit here. After that, you will be transferred to Chennai by road, where you will stay at the hotel for an overnight.

Highlights: Kanchipuram - Visit Siva, Ekambareswara, Sri Kailasanathar, Sri Vardaraja Perumal, Sri Kamakshiamman Temples.

Day 19 Sightseeing at Chennai

After your breakfast at the hotel, you will be taken out to sightsee the various attractions in Chennai. The capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the most important cities of South India. With various temples, museums and other attractions, you will see Chennai at its best with us. You will visit the Government Museum, which was built in 1857 and has many galleries. After that, you will drive past the various areas of the city, including the Flower and Fruit Market, High Court, Marina Beach and many other places. You will then be transferred to your hotel for an overnight.

Highlights: Chennai - Visit the Government Museum, San Thome Basilica etc. Drive through the Flower and Fruit market, High court, Marina Beach.

Day 20 Travel from Chennai to Kolkata

After your breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport. From there you will board a flight to Kolkata. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is one of the most vibrant cities in the country. Popular worldwide for its select selection of sweets and food, the city is speckled with greenery and monuments. On arrival at Kolkata, you will be transferred to the hotel. You could relax or do some local sightseeing of your own to enjoy your trip. At night, you will return to the hotel the night under your travel and tour package.

Day 21 Visit Kolkata and then board a train to Varanasi

After your breakfast, this day will take you to the beautiful Jain temple dedicated to Lord Parasvanath., the 23rd Jain Tirthankara. You can explore the 4 temples inside the complex dedicated to different gods. Post that, proceed to visit Victoria Memorial, built in 1906 with white marble, in the honour of then Queen of England, Queen Victoria. Today, it is a museum housing valuable paintings, first copies and rare manuscripts.

After an enriching experience at Victoria Memorial, you will drive past the various icons of the city including Dalhousie Square Howrah Bridge, Secretariat Building Fort Williams, and Old Court House Street. Your visit here will also take you to the Raj Bhawan, St. John’s Church and other places of interest.

After checking-out of the hotel at 12 noon, look forward to an interesting train journey to Varanasi. The night will be spent on the train.

Highlights: Kolkata - Visit the Jain Temple, Victoria Memorial (Closed on Mondays & National Holidays), drive past Howrah Bridge, Dalhousie Square, Fort Williams, Secretariat Building and Old Court House Street.

Day 22 Travel to Varanasi

On your arrival at the city’s railway station, you will be taken to the hotel. You can spend the day at your own will and purpose. A stroll through the streets and ghats will make up for an interesting day out in the city. Benaras is said to be one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back to atleast 5000 years. You can experience the warmth of the city and also shop for handicrafts and souvenirs. The evening can be spent at the ghats watching the incredible Ganga Aarti. For the night, return to the hotel as per your tour package.

Day 23 Fly from Varanasi to Delhi

After your breakfast, you are in for an incredible boat excursion on the river Ganges. We will take you to the famous Manikarnika and Harishchandra ghats for the ride. These ghats are famous amongst Hindu devotees for the holy dip and cremation purposes. It is believed that whoever dies in Varanasi and is cremated on the banks of River Ganga, achieves salvation and is released from the cycle of birth and death.

Post that, you shall check-out from the hotel at Varanasi and get transferred to Varanasi airport, for your flight to New Delhi. From there, you can board a flight to your home. This concludes the India Tours Package, creating unbelievable memories and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Highlights: Varanasi - Boat ride on the River Ganges visiting the Manikarnika and Harishchandra ghats.

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Market Visit & Cooking Class followed by Meal

Duration :3 – 3.5 hours

Cooking Class followed by Meal

Duration :2 -2.5 hours

Indian Family Meal Experience

Duration :1.5 - 2 hours

Delhi Shopping Tour

Duration :4 hours

Yoga at famous Lodhi Garden In Delhi

Duration :2 hours

Zangoora at Kingdom of Dreams (Temporarily closed)

Duration :3 hours

Jhumroo at Kingdom of Dreams

Duration :3 hours

Sound and Light Show at Red Fort in Delhi

Duration :1 hours


Mohabbat The Taj Show

Duration :80 minutes

Traditional Indian Welcome

Duration :15-20 minutes

Tonga Ride

Duration :05-10 minutes

Agra Walk

Duration :90 minutes

Agra Food Trail

Duration :1-2 hours

Cooking Demonstration and Family Dinner

Duration :2 hours


Elephant orphanage to understand this animal

Duration :3-4 hours

Local Art & Craft Workshops

Duration :3 hours

Block Printing Workshops

Duration :3 hours

Yoga & Meditation

Duration :1.5 hours

Indian Symbolic Wedding

Duration :5 hours

Indian Cooking Family Dinner & Haveli Dinner

Duration :3 hours

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari In Jaipur

Duration :2.5 hours

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari In Ranthambore

Duration :2.5 hours

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari In Pushkar

Duration :2.5 hours

Culture Walk

Duration :5 hours


Dharavi Tour

Duration :2-3 hours

Bollywood Tour

Duration :4-5 hours

Kanheri Caves

Duration :7 hours

Karla Caves

Duration :6-7 hours

Full day Khandala/Lonavala

Duration :8 hours

Two days Khandala/Lonavala/Karla/Bhaja


Shirdi Tour

Duration :10-12 hours

Wine Tour

Duration :6-7 hours

Spice Market Tour

Duration :3 hours

Dawn Tour

Duration :4 hours

Bicycle Tour

Duration :4 hours

Discover Sailing

Duration :4 hours

Worli Village Tour

Duration :3-4 hours

Discover Mumbai including local transport

Duration :3-4 hours

Culinary Tour

Duration :2-3 hours

Rural Tourism in Karjat

Duration :12 hours

Magical Mumbai by Lights

Duration :4 hours

Amchi Mumbai

Duration :8 hours

Jewish Tour

Duration :8 hours


Sound and Light Show in Mysore Palace

Duration :2 hours


Kathakali Dance Show in Cochin

Duration :2-3 hours


Forest trek with local naturalist in Periyar

Duration :2.5 hours

Regular shared boat cruise in Periyar

Duration :2 hours

Spice plantation tour with local naturalist in Periyar

Duration :2-3 hours

Kalaripayattu Martial Art Show in Periyar

Duration :2 hours


Vanakkam Madurai (Namaste India walking tour)

Duration :2 hours


Sarnath tour

Duration :3 hours

Varanasi Photographic tour

Duration :3 hours

Walking tour in Varanasi

Duration :3 hours

Varanasi Morning Sunrise Boat tour

Duration :3 hours

Dasawamedh Ghat tour

Duration :4 hours

Yoga and Meditation in Varanasi

Duration :1 hours

Heritage walk in Varanasi

Duration :3-4 hours

Spritual Varanasi Tour

Duration :3 hours

Witness Varanasi Evening Prayer ceremony with private boat

Duration :3-4 hours

Varanasi Tuk Tuk Tour

Duration :2 hours


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