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Gujarat Tour Packages from Mumbai

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Gujarat Tour Packages from Mumbai







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Tour Overview

Revitalize yourself at the peaceful destinations at the Gujarat Tour Packages from Mumbai.

Gujarat is also known as the “Land of Lions and Legends”. The state comprises of vivid art, culture, and history within it. Notable leaders ranging from Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel left behind beautiful wonders to ponder upon. Make this trip your best at this exotic package.

Through the tour,you get to step into the land where once Lord Krishna is known to spend most of his life. Not just Lord Krishna, even Mahatma Gandhi works are present in this wondrous land. Get to witness forts, ramparts, palaces, courtyards, hills, temples, museums, and that are unimaginable.

At this Gujarat Tour Packages from Mumbai,you will start your journey at Mumbai from where you will be transferred to Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Lothal, Velavadar, Bhavnagar, Palitana, Wankaner, Bhuj, Banni, Tunda Vandh, Mundra, and Mandvi. Enjoy this vacay with your friends and family.

Tour highlights

The trip highlights include:

  • Visiting Chhatrapati Shia vaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai’s biggest museum.

  • Visiting the Sabarmati Ashram, an iconic place that marks independence struggle and patriotism shown by father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Visiting the Shatrunjaya, an exquisite hill comprising Palitana Jain temples.


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Day 01 Arrive at Mumbai. Tour of important places in Mumbai.

Upon your arrival at Mumbai, you will be transferred to your grand and luxurious hotel. This wondrous city is renowned for a lot of things. The first train in India traveled from Mumbai to Thane. It was also the first city to start bus service. The world’s most expensive house Antilia is located in this city. The house belongs to the business tycoon Mukesh Ambani.

The first stop at the Mumbai tour will be the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. It is Mumbai’s biggest museum. It is built with a fusion of Islamic, Hindu, and British architecture. It is built by George Wittet. It comprises of numerous Indian exhibits, Buddhist sculptures, terracotta art, paintings, weapons, and armory. Then, you will be taken to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It holds the city’s largest lakes Vihar and Tulsi. It is home to several tigers, lions, and langurs, flying foxes, spotted deer, sambar deer, crocodiles, and much more. It also has a Jain temple within it that has three idols of 30 feet in height. Then, you will be taken to the Siddhivinayak Temple. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh. It has a gold plated roof on the interiors. It also has carved doors and enormous,intricate details. Post-tour overnight is at Mumbai.

Day 02 Arrive at Ahmedabad.

Today, you will be transferred to Mumbai airport for your flight to Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad is also known as the “Manchester of the East” or “Boston City of India.” It is one of the largest cities in India. It is linked to numerous business and entertainment. It was once called Karnavati. However, it was changed to Ahmedabad by the Sultan Ahmed Shah. It was once the capital of Gujarat. The city lies on the bank of river Sabarmati. The place is filled not just with rich culture but also with kite flying enthusiasts as well. It is a vegan and dry city. Overnight is at Ahmedabad.

Day 03 Tour of important places at Ahmedabad.

Wake up to some healthy breakfast at your hotel and get transferred for a wondrous tour at the glorious city. The first stop will be at the Sabarmati Ashram. It is located on banks of river Sabarmati. It is mainly known for the work of Mahatma Gandhi, father of the Indian nation. It was the home of the respected leader. It is now a great source of inspiration, glory, and honor to India. Then, you will be visiting the Adalaj Stepwell. It was built in 1499 by Queen Rudabai. It is five storey stepwell. The environment inside the well is six degrees cooler. It is made up of Indo-Islamic architecture. Then, you will be taken to the Sidi Bashir Mosque. This mosque was constructed by Sidi Bashir, a slave to Sultan Ahmed Shah. It is now damaged. However, still, it has beautiful minarets, stairs, and galleries. Then, you will be taken to the Bhadra Fort. It is a 15th-century fort that comprises of palaces, mosques, towers, and courtyards that form a complex. Post-tour, overnight at Ahmedabad.

Day 04 Arrive at Vadodara.

Today, you will be taken to Vadodara from Ahmedabad by road. Upon your arrival, you will be transferred to your new hotel where you will relax.

Vadodara was previously called Baroda. It is also the largest industrial city of Gujarat. The city has its own cricket team, unlike other cities. The Moon of Baroda, a diamond was discovered in this city. It is also the first city to conduct an international marathon. It was also initially the only city in India to have a well-planned drainage system. Post-tour, overnight at Vadodara.

Day 05 Tour of important places at Vadodara.

Wake up to some yummy breakfast and head out for a tour across the city of Vadodara. The first stop is at the Laxmi Vilas Palace. This palace is four times larger than Buckingham Palace in London. It has 170 rooms built for 2 royal family members. The palace was built by Major Charles Mant, who killed himself fearing that the palace would collapse. It is named after Rani Laxmibai, wife of Maharaja Sayaji Rao III. Then, you will visit the Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery. It is an old museum featuring the history of the city. It has numerous weapons, arms, sculptures, paintings, and texts preserved. Then, you will visit the Sursagar Lake. This is a modern lake that consists of a 120-foot tall statue in the middle of the lake. Then, you will be taken to Hazira Maqbara. This mausoleum comprises of the grave of Qutb-ud-din Mohammad Khan and his son. It has five arches and Mughal tombs. It also has an underground chamber. It is famed for its sacred texts, Marlon design, domes, and stepwell. Post-journey, overnight at Vadodara.

Day 06 Tour of Lothal. Tour of important places at Velavadar. Arrive at Bhavnagar.

Today, you will be taken to Lothal and Velavadar and then get transferred to Bhavnagar.

The first location is Lothal. It is also called the “City of Dead.” It is one of the famous cities of the Indus Valley Civilization. People here worship the fire god. It is also known for its expansive dockyard. The town also has a warehouse and an acropolis that signifies the ancient Harappa history. There is also a row of private baths that were once used by its people. An old dried well is also situated in the city. The city was excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India. It is now in consideration as World Heritage Site under the UNESCO.

Then, you will arrive at Velavadar. This town consists of the Blackbuck National Park. This park is a vast grassland that is home to numerous blackbucks. Apart from blackbucks it also homes to bustards, hyenas, jackals, wolves, foxes, pigs, rabbits, rats, nilgai, and much more. Post-tour, you will be taken to Bhavnagar. Overnight is at Bhavnagar.

Day 07 Tour of important places at Palitana.

Today, you will spend an entire day at Palitana. It is a hill city that consists of several history deep-rooted within it. It is a symbolic city for Jainism culture.

The first stop will be at the Shatrunjaya. It is a sacred hill that is consists of several Jain temples. It is situated on banks of river Shetrunji. It is also called as “Pundarik” after the person who attained salvation in these hills. Then, you will visit the Shri Vishal Jain Museum. It is an old museum featuring a collection of idols, sculptures, artifacts, manuscripts, and much more. It also provides a rich insight into the life of Lord Mahavira. Then, you will visit the Palitana Temples. These are lined temples with Jain idols and culture. It is located on the hill. It is also the world’s largest temple complex. These temples are also made up of marble. Post-tour, overnight at Bhavnagar.

Day 08 Arrive at Wankaner. Tour of the Wankaner Palace.

Today, you will be driven to Wankaner from Bhavnagar. It was under the rule of Rajput rulers of the Jhala dynasty for a long period of time. Wankaner was one of the princely states. It was founded by four friends. The city is near the Machhu River. Here, you will be visiting the Wankaner Place. It is an iconic palace that has a beautiful structure. The interiors have intricate and explanatory details. It also has several stuffed toys that were hunted by the kings in the past. It also has a large pair of elephant tusks as well. The tour of this palace is offered by the Royal Oasis a heritage hotel. Overnight is at Wankaner.

Day 09 Tour of Bhujodi. Tour of Dhamdka. Arrive at Bhuj.

Today, you will be taken to Bhujodi and Dhamdka; and later you will get transferred to Bhuj.

The first location will be the Bhujodi. It is a small town located at the southeast of Bhuj. It is an essential textile center of Kutch. It has the Vande Mataram Memorial that displays sacrifices of leaders, independence struggles, and patriotism. The Ashapura Crafts Park is a nonprofit park that sells several products made by artists and weavers. While the Shrujan allows women to sell their products.

The second location you will be covering is Bhuj. It is a crucial center for block-printing technique. However, due to an earthquake, several artisans have relocated to its nearby city, Ajrakhpur. Around 2000 people live in a small area currently. There are small temples such as Kalu Dada Temple and Dharmeshwar Mahadev Mandir. Then, you will be transferred to Bhuj. Overnight is at Bhuj.

Day 10 Tour of important places at Bhuj.

Today, you will head out for an enjoyable tour at Bhuj. Bhuj is a small city located in Gujarat. It is between Rann and Gulf of Kutchh. The first stop in this city will be the Aina Mahal. This is an 18th-century palace built by Rao Lakhpatji. It is now a museum that features several preserved archaic and antique royal pieces. However, this palace was damaged in an earthquake. However, it was restored. Then, you will head out for the Prag Mahal. This palace was also destroyed in the earthquake, but it was restored as well. It has a museum inside that showcases rich history. The palace was built with an Italian Gothic architectural style. Then, you will visit the Bhuj Chhatedi. It is a famed place for architectural history. Many funerals of Maharajas of Kutchh took place here. It has several ancient ruins with marvelous details and exotic carvings. Post-journey overnight is at Bhuj.

Day 11 Tour of Banni Villages.

Today, you will be taken across the Banni villages where you spend exquisite time. The Banni villages comprise of 40 villages within the area. The village Dhorodo is known for famous handicrafts made by the artisans. The embroideries done by the craftsman are expensive and extremely fine. Their works are so popular that they have been acknowledged through national awards. Samrasar, Nirona, and Meghawal villages are also known for embroidery. The villages are also known for mud works such as earthen pots. Post-tour overnight is at Bhuj.

Day 12 Tour of Tunda Vandh. Tour of important places at Mundra.Tour of important places at Mandvi.

Today, you will spend the day at Tunda Vandh, Mundra, and Mandvi.

The first stop is at the Tunda Vandh. It is a Rabari village. It has Kachchii huts that showcase beautiful colors and art. It is a small village consists about 3100 families living in it. The village is led by the Sarpanch and is known to be 84% illiterate.

Then, you will head for Mundra. It has a Mundra Port which is the largest private port in India. Here you will visit the Mundra Fort. It is a high walled fortress that was under Devkaran Seth. Later, it was given to Dosal Ven. Several attacks took place to capture the fort. Ultimately it was under last by Muhammad Sota. Then, you will be taken to Mahadev temple. It is a temple with memorials of sailors.

Then, you will be covering Mandvi. It is a small town that once an essential port. It was a summer chill place for rulers of the place. Here, the first stop will be the 72 Jinalaya, an iconic temple. It is also known as the Bounter Jinalaya. It was built in the memory of Gun Sagar Suriswarji. Then, you will be visiting the Vijay Vilas Place. It is a royal palace that has several gardens, fountains, pillars, and domes. The palace is famed for stone carvings, stained glass, and porches. Then, you can stop across the Rukmavati Bridge. It was built in 1883 by Vishram Karman Chawda. Post-journey overnight is at Bhuj.

Day 13 Departure.

Today, you will be transferred to Bhuj airport to board your flight for Mumbai from where you will carry on your onward journey.


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Gujarat Tour Packages from Mumbai

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