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Jewish Tour Package India

Jewish Tour Package India






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Tour Overview

Our 10-day Jewish pilgrimage tour allows you to connect with yourself and find spirituality in India. India is known as a secular country and the various synagogues in India help you see the same. We will help you travel through cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Agra, and Ahmedabad. We will stop at each of the cities, and help you explore them.

Apart from helping you to visit various Jewish heritage religious sites, we also help you to explore and visit some of the most important attractions of these cities.

Tour highlights

With our 10-day long Jewish Tour Package, you will experience the following:

  • Visit different cities in India.

  • Explore and pay a visit to various Jewish Synagogues in India.

  • Visit and view some of the most important attractions of the city.

  • Apart from this, you will be able to visit Taj Mahal as well, one of the seven new wonders of the world.


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Day 01 Arrival at Mumbai
  • Our tour will start from Mumbai. When you arrive in Mumbai, one of our representatives will come to greet you. Once you meet our representatives, we will help you and take you to your pre-booked hotel in the city. Mumbai is a hub for businesses and the capital of films in the country. With Bollywood here, this city is one of the largest cities in the country.

Today, after you relax, you will visit KnessethEliahou Synagogue, also known as Knesset Eliyahoo, in Mumbai. This is located in downtown Mumbai and is the second oldest Jewish Church in the city. The structure of KnessethEliahou Synagogue is influenced by British as well as Indian styles of architecture. It is also known as Fort Jewish Synagogue and was established in 1884 by Mr. Jacob Sasson for his memory. After a visit, you will go back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Accommodation is in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

Day 02 Visiting Mumbai

On your second day, after breakfast, explore the city of Mumbai by visiting some of the most interesting and popular tourist attractions in the city of Bollywood. Our visit includes a visit to the Gateway of India, which was built to commemorate the landing of the Queen and the King in India, Marine Drive, which is also known as the Queen's Necklace and is located in South Mumbai, Hanging Gardens, which is a botanical garden famous for its beautiful gardens and for various species of plants, National Gallery of Modern Art, which is famous for exhibits, and many other places.

After a look at some of the most famous places in Mumbai, we will help you find your way to the Gate of Mercy Synagogue. The Gate of Mercy Synagogue is also known as Juni Masjid. This place was established 1796 by SamajiHasajiDivekar, also known as Samuel Ezekiel. Located on Samuel Street, service here starts as early as 6 AM. In 1896, this Synagogue celebrated its centenary. After this, the synagogue was renamed as Shaar-Ha-Rahamim. After your visit to the Gate of Mercy Synagogue, we will help you get back to the hotel for an overnight stay. Accommodation is in the city of Bollywood, Mumbai.

Day 03 Travel from Mumbai to Pune

In the morning, on your third day, we will help you to travel to the railway station. From here, we will help you catch a train to Pune. Pune is one of the most comfortable cities in India to live in. This city is also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Once we get to the city, our representatives will help you find your way to your pre-booked hotel. Pune was once the capital of Peshwas Empires. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 04 Pune to Ahmedabad (via train)

After your breakfast, you will visit the Ohel David Synagogue. The Ohel David Synagogue, also known LalDeval or LalDeul, was built by David Sasoon. This place is known for its wonderful architecture. After this, we will help you to SuccathShelomo Synagogue, which was established in 1921. The SuccathShelomo Synagogue is a bit smaller than other types of Synagogue. At one point, the prayers were held in a rented prayer hall on Rasta Perth instead of being held inside the synagogue.

After this, we will help you to travel to the railway station, from where you will be able to find a train to Ahmedabad.

Day 05 Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities in the state of Gujarat. The river Sabarmati runs through the center of the city. Ahmedabad is known as Manchester of India thanks to its vast textile industries. Once we get to Ahmedabad, we will take you to your pre-booked hotel. You will have the day at leisure; you can relax or visit the nearby local markets in the city to have a look at what the city actually looks like.

Overnight stay at the hotel in the city of Mahatama Gandhi, Ahmedabad.

Day 06 Visiting Ahmedabad

On your 6th day with us, you will to explore the city of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad was established in 1411 by Ahmed Shah. The city has seen a fair share of changes in rulers, and the remains of the same can be seen throughout the city. By 1600 AD, this city was known to be one of the finest cities to live in, until Delhi came to prominence.

Today, you will visit Magen Abraham Synagogue in Ahmedabad, which is the only Jewish synagogue in the state of Gujarat. This synagogue was built by 1933 by Dr. Solomon with the help of donations. After the visit to the synagogue,you will return to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 07 Travel from Ahmedabad to Delhi

After your breakfast, you will take a tour of the capital city, Delhi. Known as the city of cities, Delhi has seen many empire rise and fall. The seat of the Indian government, the capital of India, offers you a lot of places to visit and explore.

We will help you to get to the airport and assist you to board your flight to Delhi. Once you get to Delhi,our representative will be present to welcome you and guide you your way to your pre-booked hotel. The rest of the day is at leisure, you can spend time relaxing,or you could visit some nearby places in the city f mixed cultures. Overnight is in the capital of India, Delhi.

Day 08 Visiting Delhi

Once we get to Delhi, you will visit and explore the majestic city of Delhi. Delhi offers you a perfect amalgamation of different types of architectural styles. We will help you travel through the busy Delhi roads, help you see some of the secretarial buildings, Old Delhi, which is the oldest living part of the city, the Indian Parliament and many other things.

After this, we will help you visit the Judah Hyam Hall, which is the only synagogue in Delhi. The Judah Hyam Hall was established in 1956 thanks to the small Jewish community in New Delhi. This hall is located on the Humayun Road, right next to the Khan Market. This synagogue is also attached to a cemetery. The synagogue serves as the center for Jewish and interfaith studies.

Overnight stay at the hotel

Day 09 Delhi to Agra

On your 9th day with us, you will travel to Agra, which is barely 200 kilometers away from Delhi. Agra is known for its beautiful monument, the TajMahal and for the intricate inlay work. We will help you visit the TajMahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This beautiful monument was built by Emperor Shah Jahan, in the memory of his late wife, MumtazMahal. With stretching lawns, gardens and fountains on the premises, this monument is located on the banks of River Ganges.

After this, you will visit the Agra Fort, which is a replica of Red Fort. Agra Fort was also built by Shah Jahan and is known for its expansive and well-kept gardens. This fort includes various halls, spacious apartments,and the iconic Mughal-styled arched gateways.

After visiting Agra Fort, you will go to your pre-booked hotel for an overnight stay. Accommodation is in the city of love, the city of royals, Agra.

Day 10 Travel from Agra to Delhi, Departure

On your final day, you will travel from Agra to Delhi via car. Once we get to Delhi, we will help you to find your way to the international airport, from where you will be able to catch a home bound flight.

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Dharavi Tour

Duration :2-3 hours

Bollywood Tour

Duration :4-5 hours

Kanheri Caves

Duration :7 hours

Karla Caves

Duration :6-7 hours

Full day Khandala/Lonavala

Duration :8 hours

Two days Khandala/Lonavala/Karla/Bhaja


Shirdi Tour

Duration :10-12 hours

Wine Tour

Duration :6-7 hours

Spice Market Tour

Duration :3 hours

Dawn Tour

Duration :4 hours

Bicycle Tour

Duration :4 hours

Discover Sailing

Duration :4 hours

Worli Village Tour

Duration :3-4 hours

Discover Mumbai including local transport

Duration :3-4 hours

Culinary Tour

Duration :2-3 hours

Rural Tourism in Karjat

Duration :12 hours

Magical Mumbai by Lights

Duration :4 hours

Amchi Mumbai

Duration :8 hours

Jewish Tour

Duration :8 hours


Market Visit & Cooking Class followed by Meal

Duration :3 – 3.5 hours

Cooking Class followed by Meal

Duration :2 -2.5 hours

Indian Family Meal Experience

Duration :1.5 - 2 hours

Delhi Shopping Tour

Duration :4 hours

Yoga at famous Lodhi Garden In Delhi

Duration :2 hours

Zangoora at Kingdom of Dreams (Temporarily closed)

Duration :3 hours

Jhumroo at Kingdom of Dreams

Duration :3 hours

Sound and Light Show at Red Fort in Delhi

Duration :1 hours


Mohabbat The Taj Show

Duration :80 minutes

Traditional Indian Welcome

Duration :15-20 minutes

Tonga Ride

Duration :05-10 minutes

Agra Walk

Duration :90 minutes

Agra Food Trail

Duration :1-2 hours

Cooking Demonstration and Family Dinner

Duration :2 hours


Jewish Tour Package India

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