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Vegetarian Holiday Package India

Vegetarian Holiday Package India





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Tour Overview

One of the strongest advocates of vegetarianism was Mahatma Gandhi, the man who is known as the “Father of the Nation” as a tribute to his colossal battle of ahimsa or non-violence against the British and Colonial Rule. His opinion towards vegetarianism was extremely well pronounced. A strict vegetarian, Gandhi not only practiced vegetarianism on a regular basis, but also professed it to the world to follow. He had famously vowed to never consume milk, but was compelled upon doing so during one occasion in order to recover from a serious ailment. In the following food journey, you shall have the opportunity to explore some of the finest hand picked vegetarian delights which the Indian subcontinent has to offer to the world. The journey is done by following the footsteps of one of the nation’s most pronounced advocates of vegetarianism, Mahatma Gandhi. This Holiday Package trip of Vegetarian Delights of India is a gastronomic expedition that is clubbed with sightseeing and getting to better understand some of the key cities of India.

Tour highlights

  • Visit Sabarmati Ashram and Adalaj Stepwell in Ahmedabad while feasting upon Gujarat’s flavorful platter.

  • Explore enchanting temples of Palitana

  • Visiting Takhteshwar Temple in Bhavnagar while enjoying yet some more of Gujarat’s marvelous recipes.

  • Visiting Mahatma Gandhi’s childhood home in Rajkot

  • Exploring the magnificent palaces of Bhuj followed by a hearty Gujarati lunch.


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Day 01 Ahmedabad Arrival

In a journey where following the footsteps of Gandhi is key, Ahmedabad is one of the most important cities to stop by. It is the city, which shaped Gandhi into Mahatma Gandhi and transformed him into the fierce freedom fighter and national leader, which he raised up to, become during India’s colossal struggle against British Imperialism. On your arrival at Ahmedabad, check in to your hotel and fresh up. Your day shall start with a hearty veggie breakfast from the heartland of Gujarat. A scrumptious platter of Khamam Dhokla. Be it anytime of the day, a plate of Dhokla is always ideal and serves as the perfect meal to satiate the hunger. The second meal of the day is followed by a trip to Sabarmati Ashram, Gandhi’s very first ashram in India after his return from South Africa. Get to explore the grounds of the establishment which Gandhi himself had set up to function as headquarters for all of his core work regarding truth and non-violence (ahimsa) and leading the country towards independence. For a hearty lunch, we shall serve you delicious platters of Bardoli ki Khichdi. A filling meal which consists of fragrant rice along with spices, peas, daal, potatoes and raw mangoes. This refreshing meal is a Gujarati delight which is a must try! For the next sight, you can head over to the Adalaj Stepwell. Built in 1498, the stepwell was built in memory of Rana Veer Singh by his wife, Queen Rudadevi. It is one of the finest examples of Indian architecture available in the subcontinent. You can spend your evening by enjoying some local snacks and relaxing after the hectic day earlier. Enjoy some locally made tea along with Fafda, a local delight which is a traditional flaky snack made from gram flour, carom seeds and turmeric. Its crispiness and wafer like texture makes it the perfect snack to bite into with some delicious chai. As the night deepens, head over for dinner and enjoy a light and delicious Gujarati meal. Enjoy a platter of Methi ka Thepla, one of the most popular dishes in the heartland of Gujarat. This flavorful bread is made from wheat flour and kneaded with chilies, yogurt, herbs, sugar and methi. Complement the bread with some yogurt! Overnight stay at the hotel in Ahmedabad.

Day 02 Ahmedabad- Bhavnagar

This morning after having a filling vegetarian breakfast, head for a drive towards Bhavnagar. Founded in the year of 1724 by Bhavsinhji Gohil, Bhavnagar was the capital of Bhavnagar State, a Princely State before getting merged into the Indian Union. Once you are in the city, you will be immediately taken to your hotels where you can freshen up from the long trip, load off your luggage and get ready to enjoy some specialty food of Gujarat.

Handvo is one of the classic Gujarati preparations, which makes for a sumptuous dish. It is made from an assortment of eclectic ingredients such as lentils which are protein full, buttermilk, bottle gourd and buttermilk. After enjoying a hearty breakfast, you can head over to Takhteshwar Temple, one of the prime sights in the city. This architectural masterpiece has been crafter out of white marble on a high plinth in the year of 1893. The prime deity in this temple is Lord Shiva. Next up, you can visit the Nilambag Palace, the residence of the present Maharaja of Bhavnagar and his family. It also happens to be a heritage palace hotel. Find yourself amidst sheer and tasteful opulence, exquisite architecture and a place that symbolizes true grandeur. Head over for lunch. Enjoy cooked rice along with Gujarati Kadhi. This wonderful curry consists of sweet undertones and is a common dish amongst several Gujarati households. This is one of the best meals to have in order to escape the heat. Finish off the meal with a refreshing serving of Aam Shrikhand with Mango Salad, a soothing dessert made from hung curd along with the King of fruits, Mango! You can spend the evening by Bortalav Lake, a serene view to sit by and enjoy a relaxed evening. We shall complement the views and calm with servings of Khandvi, a popular Gujarati snack.

As the night falls, head over for a delicious dinner. Enjoy a sumptuous preparation of Dal Dhokli along with Chapati or Parantha. Overnight stay at the hotel in Bhavnagar.

Day 03 Bhavnagar – Palitana - Rajkot

Today early morning after breakfast, check out from your hotel and start your journey to Palitana. Palitana is one of the main pilgrimage centers for Jains. This incredible hill top temple complex in Gujarat is rich in culture and heritage situated at an elevation of 7,200 feet, which involves climbing of over 3,500 stone steps. Palitana is also the first of the two vegetarian cities in the world. It is also the only mountain in the world, which consists over nine hundred temples, thus making it the world’s largest temple complex. Visit Shri Adishwar, which was the first tirthankara. It is the most important temple and has ornate architectural motifs. Next you can explore Choumukh which is an even more ornately decorated temple. The temples are exquisitely crafted out of marble along with prayers in stone. For lunch, you can enjoy a delicious preparation of Panki, a delicate pancake placed between banana leaves before being lightly fried. Finish it off with some Shrikhand, a dessert delicacy from Gujarat. Later on, come down at the roadside to get in your car and drive to Rajkot. Rajkot is the fourth largest city in Gujarat, Rajkot that is a predominantly vegetarian state. There are several landmarks in the city which you can explore. On your arrival, check-in at the hotel. Evening get a foot massage and light dinner before you go for early sleep. Overnight stay at the hotel in Rajkot.

Spend the entire afternoon at leisure.

Day 04 Rajkot

For breakfast this morning, you can enjoy a preparation of Patra, which is made from Colacasia leaves. After having a scrumptious Gujarati breakfast, prepare yourself for an adventure filled day ahead. You can plan your first stop is at Kaba Gandhi No Delo, Mahatma Gandhi’s childhood home which has now been turned into a museum. This quaint nineteenth century home is where Gandhi spent his childhood at. Next, you can head over to Watson Museum, which consists of one of the best collections of artefacts in Rajkot.

For lunch, you can enjoy some Batata Poha which is one of the most popular preparations. Post filling your tummy you can head over to the Rotary Dolls Museum, a one of a kind collection of figures and puppets from around the world. Amidst all the touring, grab an evening snacks. You can have a Gujarati Samosa along with some delicious chai. Later on, you can enjoy your dinner with preparations of Suran Khichdi made from grated elephant yam and peanuts. Overnight stay at the hotel in Rajkot.

Day 05 Rajkot – Bhuj

This morning after having a filling breakfast, start your journey towards Bhuj. The land of Bhuj is brimming with culture, heritage and history. On your arrival check-in at the hotel. This holiday package trip of vegetarian delights of India will further take you to Great Rann of Kutch, which consists of the world’s largest salt desert. Visit Kala Dungra, which offers a wide panoramic view of saltpans. On the way back stop by at some of the finest tribal villages of artisans doing block printing. Overnight stay at the hotel in Bhuj.

Day 06 Bhuj – Home

This morning, once you have enjoyed a classic Gujarati breakfast of Khichu, made from rice, dough and flour along with a dash of spices, head off for local sightseeing tour. You can start by visiting, the Aina Mahal or Palace of Mirrors which is surrounded by a fortified courtyard built back in the eighteenth century. Nearby, you can also visit the Prag Mahal or New Palace which was built in the nineteenth century, both of which are extraordinary examples of exquisite architecture and incredible wealth of heritage, history and wonder. Later, you can feast on Makai No Chevdo or Gujarati Corn Chivda, a popular dish and can finish it off with a dash of Shrikhand for dessert. Later on drive back to the local airport after finishing this holiday package trip of vegetarian delights of India. Board the flights back home or your onward destination.


Vegetarian Holiday Package India

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