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What are the benefits of hiring a tour guide ?

  • India Tours
  • 28 Jun 2019

Tour guides are of utmost importance during a trip as they are capable of catering to all your needs. Besides, they make the tour hustle-free as with their help, you get everything organized. In order to have a really enjoyable trip, one must take the services of a tour guide. The benefits of hiring a tour guide are numerous. Here we list a few of them to mark the importance of a tour guide during a trip.

According to our point of view, inability to communicate is the biggest hurdle in tourism. If a person does not speak the particular language of the region, communication all of a sudden becomes way easier because the tour guide speaks the language and can translate the said thing very quickly.

A tour guide can give you a lot of suggestions for the rest of your journey that are personalized according to your interests and needs, often saving a tourist, hours of research. It can be helpful in terms of what to do and how to do in case a person visits a particular region for the first time and is unaware about the intricacies.

A tour guide takes the traveler to the places not mentioned in tourist brochures or guide books and provides local context from having been part of that place for too long. A local guide lives and breathes the place continuously and can tell the tourist how it has changed over time and share the slight nuances that make all the difference in an experience-highlighted by Charles Schwalbe of

When a person travels, thousands of questions pop up in his/her mind about the specificities of a new place, local culture, political situation, traditions, or about some objects of everyday life that surprise him/her, or local food, and with a private tour guide, all their questions are answered. If a person likes to learn intensively about a new country and get the maximum information from the locals perspective, a tour guide can be of great help. In addition, the private guide can show unique, hidden places that only locals know and helps to immerse into the local culture-Mentioned by Alexandra Naslin of

If a tourist is interested in travelling to off the beaten path destinations and having authentic local experiences, working with a tour guide can save him/her a lot of time and money, while providing opportunities that a traveler simply could never organize on his/her own. Local guides have developed years of insider knowledge and positive relationships that can take any trip to the next level, said by Carly Mann of

After going through the valuable opinions of all these people, it can be said that a trip without a tour guide is like a fish out of water as it is only with the assistance of a tour guide that a tourist gets the essence of the tour.

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