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GoAir is expanding its reach with new flights

  • India Tours
  • 08 Aug 2019

Low-budget airline carrier GoAir has introduced a night flight between Delhi and Patna. The flight will be in effect from15 August 2019. According to the GoAir officials, the flight will operate on the Patna-Delhi-Hyderabad-Kolkata-Hyderabad-Delhi-Patna route till the beginning of the winter schedule (October 26). It will arrive at Patna at 10:50 pm, will take a break of eight hours and depart the following day at 6:30 am.

The airline is also expanding its international network as recently, it announced the daily direct flights to Bangkok from Delhi and Mumbai. The fares for the newly introduced flights are Rs. 8, 199 and Rs. 8, 499 respectively. As per the information provided by the carrier, the discounts are applicable on flights to and from Bangkok on or before 30 September 2019 only.

The Mumbai – Bangkok flight will depart from Mumbai at 1:45 pm and will reach at 7:55 pm in Bangkok. Similarly, the flight will take off at 8:55 pm from Bangkok and will land in Mumbai at 11:30 pm. The Delhi – Bangkok flight will take off at 7:15 am from Delhi and will land at 1 pm in Bangkok. On the contrary, the Bangkok – Delhi flight will depart from Bangkok at 2 pm and will arrive at 4:25 pm in Delhi.

Hence, the small aviation company is doing its best to connect more domestic as well as international destinations.

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