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Services International team celebrated Holi

  • India Tours
  • 28 Jun 2019

The entire staff of Services International Ltd. celebrated the festival of Holi with great pomp and show on 20th March 2019. Holi is the festival of colors, which is observed on an annual basis in India and some neighboring countries like Nepal. This festival marks the victory of good over evil and is symbolic of the ending of winter season and arrival of the spring. On the occasion, all the staff members were present and everyone smeared gulal over the faces of each other. A kind of small get-together was arranged where everyone assembled and enjoyed the snacks.

The event was organized around 4 pm in the office premises. The entire celebration was a brief affair where everyone enjoyed a lot. And as everyone was in frolic mood, the office was dispersed early as compared to the regular days.

Thanks! Team (powered by Services International Ltd)


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